Joy - anything but ordinary

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German title Joy - anything but ordinary
Original title Joy
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2015
length 124 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director David O. Russell
script David O. Russell,
Annie Mumolo
production John Davis ,
Ken Mok ,
Megan Ellison ,
Jonathan Gordon ,
David O. Russell
music West Dylan Thordson ,
David Campbell
camera Linus Sandgren
cut Jay Cassidy ,
Alan Baumgarten ,
Christopher Tellefsen ,
Tom Cross

Joy - Everything but Ordinary (Original title: Joy ) is an American biopic from 2015 . Directed by David O. Russell , who also wrote the script with Annie Mumolo . The tragic comedy tells the success story of Joy Mangano over four stations , who becomes one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States. The premiere in US cinemas took place on December 25, 2015. The film launch in Germany was on December 31, 2015 and in Austria on January 1, 2016.


At the beginning of the film, Joy Mangano works at the Long Beach Airport, taking care of her family. Her father Rudy separates from his girlfriend and moves back into the basement of Joy's house, where her ex-husband Tony also lives. Joy's mother, who takes refuge in soap operas and hardly ever leaves her bed, Joy's children and her grandmother also live in the house .

The young woman has long since said goodbye to the dreams and inventiveness of her childhood, which she is increasingly aware of. When she had the idea for a new mop that would make the annoying wringing out by hand superfluous, she stubbornly pursued the realization of her invention. Joy receives a loan from her father's new friend, the wealthy entrepreneur widow Trudy. On the advice of Trudy's lawyer and her family, Joy pays a patent fee to a Texas entrepreneur because a similar mop is said to be already patented. The entrepreneur also becomes the producer of the parts required for the new mop. Critical inquiries from Tony whether such a situation is common are turned off by Joy's family.

After completing the “Miracle Mop”, Joy came across the teleshopping channel QVC while looking for sales opportunities . The station boss Neil Walker takes Joy's mop into the program and she has 50,000 copies pre-produced for it. To cover the cost, Joy has to take out a second mortgage on her house. The television presentation by an unmotivated salesperson turns into a disaster. Joy then persuades Neil to be able to present the mop himself on television again. The product becomes a bestseller.

But only a short time later, Joy had to take several setbacks. Her grandmother dies, and other business problems ensue. The producer of her mop keeps sending inflated bills, which Joy's half-sister pays without her permission. Joy travels to California to speak to the production manager. In the factory she discovers that an attempt is being made here to steal her patent. The production manager has Joy arrested for trespassing. It turns out that Trudy's attorney is barely familiar with patent law and that Joy's back payments made by her sister mean that there is virtually no possibility of taking legal action against the infringement of her patent.

Her family is pushing her to file for bankruptcy. But afterwards Joy discovers that the Texas entrepreneur cheated on her from the start. The existing patent on another mop bears no resemblance to her own and the inventor of the other mop is also unaware that Joy has paid a patent fee. She confronts the entrepreneur in Texas and obtains a repayment plus interest and the return of her plans and forms. Joy walks down the street triumphantly and the film shows her future as a successful entrepreneur.


In January 2014, director David O. Russell was in initial talks with 20th Century Fox for a film about the remarkable life story of American inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano . He played the leading role with Jennifer Lawrence , the screenplay is by Annie Mumolo . It is the third collaboration between Russell and Lawrence after Silver Linings (2012) and American Hustle (2013). In a November 2014 interview, Russell said he saw it as "a great opportunity" to do something that neither he nor Lawrence had done before.

The casting lasted from November 2014 to February 2015. Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper , with whom Russell had also worked on his previous two films, were hired for the other roles . The younger version of the main character was cast by the young actress Isabella Cramp , known from the ABC series The Neighbors . The shooting began in February 2015, Boston and lasted until April 2015. Other locations in Massachusetts were Wilmington , North Reading , Winchester , Lynn and Haverhill .

The premiere in US cinemas took place on December 25, 2015. On the opening weekend, the film took in more than 17 million US dollars, taking third place in the box office after Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Daddy's Home . With a film budget of $ 60 million, total revenue by early January 2016 is nearly $ 41 million, of which over 38 million comes from the United States. The film launch in Germany was on December 31, 2015 and in Austria on January 1, 2016.


The Film & TV sync in Berlin was the setting in order. Alexander Löwe wrote the dialogue book, Joachim Tennstedt directed the dialogue.

role actor Voice actor
Joy Mangano Jennifer Lawrence Maria Koschny
Rudy Mangano Robert De Niro Christian Brückner
Tony Miranne Édgar Ramírez Carlos Lobo
Mimi Diane Ladd Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif
Carrie Virginia Madsen Andrea Aust
Trudi Isabella Rossellini Susanna Bonaséwicz
Neil Walker Bradley Cooper Tobias Kluckert
Jackie Dascha Polanco Maja Maneiro
Peggy Elisabeth Röhm Victoria Storm
Danica Susan Lucci Traudel Sparrowhawk
Clarinda Laura Wright Maud Ackermann
Toussaint Jimmy Jean-Louis François Smesny
young Joy Isabella Cramp Jada Zech
Joan Rivers Melissa Rivers Christin Marquitan


The film received mostly mixed reviews. At Metacritic , the film received a Metascore of 55/100 based on 43 reviews, and at Rotten Tomatoes 59 percent of the 160 reviews were positive. In summary, one writes there that the film is "mainly carried by Jennifer Lawrence , even if director David O. Russell only occasionally succeeds in sparking the main character's emotions".

The German film and media rating awarded the film the rating “particularly valuable” and described the film as “entertainingly moving”. He “very skillfully” combines the tragic with the comic.


Critics' Choice Movie Awards Jan. 2016

  • Nomination in the category Best Comedy
  • Nomination for Best Actress for Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy category for Jennifer Lawrence

Golden Globe Awards 2016

Academy Awards 2016

MTV Movie Awards 2016

  • Best Actress nomination for Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nomination in the Best True Story category

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