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Russian Federation
Rossiyskaya Federazija
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World Cup record scorer : Jelena Fomina and Olga Letjuschowa (3 each)
World Cup record player: 5 players (6 each)
Rank : 15th
Balance sheet
8 World Cup games
4 wins
0 draws
4 defeats
16:14 goals
First World Cup game Russia 1: 2 Norway Foxborough ( USA ); September 20, 1999
RussiaRussia NorwayNorway
Biggest World Cup victory Russia 5-0 Japan Portland ( USA ); June 23, 1999
RussiaRussia JapanJapan
Biggest World Cup defeat Russia 1: 7 Germany Portland ( USA ); October 2, 2003
RussiaRussia GermanyGermany

World Championship
Participation in the finals 2 ( first : 1999 )
Best results Quarterfinals ( 1999 , 2003 )
Best placements in the countries that host the FIFA World Cup
Russia Women's World Cup placements.PNG
(As of June 2018 )

The article contains a detailed account of the Russian national soccer team for women at world championships . The Russians succeeded the USSR in 1992, but they did not take part in the first World Cup finals. After that, Russia was the only one of the teams that emerged from the USSR to qualify for the women's World Cup and has participated twice so far. In the all-time table, the Russians occupy the 15th place as the second best team with only two participations.

The national team at world championships


year Host country Participation until ... opponent Result Trainer Comments and special features
1991 People's Republic of China not participated Part of the USSR, whose team did not take part in the 1991 European Championship and therefore could not qualify for the World Cup.
1995 Sweden not qualified In the quarterfinals of the European Championship 1995 in Germany failed.
1999 United States Quarter finals People's Republic of China 5. Yuri Bystritsky Out against the later vice world champion
2003 United States Quarter finals Germany 8th. Yuri Bystritsky 1: 7 defeat against eventual world champions
2007 People's Republic of China not qualified In the qualification of Germany failed.
2011 Germany not qualified Failed in the qualification against Switzerland , which could not qualify either
2015 Canada not qualified In the qualification of Germany failed.
2019 France not qualified In the qualification of England and Wales failed.


(Information incl. 2019: eight world championships)

  • not participated: once (12.5%; 1991)
  • not qualified: five times (62.5% or 71.4 & of the attempts)
  • qualified: twice (25%; 1999 and 2003)
    • Quarter-finals: twice (25%; 1999 and 2003)

The tournaments

World Cup 1991 in the People's Republic of China

Until 1992 Russia was part of the USSR, which only started international matches after qualifying for the European Women's Football Championship in 1991 .

World Cup 1995 in Sweden

Four years later, the Russian team took part in the qualification for the European Championship in 1995 as the successor to the women's national soccer team of the USSR . Opponents were Romania , Ukraine and Poland . Russia qualified for the quarter-finals with four wins and two draws, but failed with two defeats to defending champions Germany and was therefore not qualified for either the World Cup or the first women's football tournament at the 1996 Olympic Games in which only the eight best teams in the World Cup could participate.

World Cup 1999 in the USA

For the third World Cup, UEFA scheduled qualifying matches for the first time . To date, UEFA is the only continental association that holds separate World Cup qualifiers. Russia met Denmark , Portugal and Belgium . Russia lost both games against Denmark, which also won everyone else and qualified directly for the World Cup. With four wins against the other two group opponents, the Russians finished second in the group and met Finland in the playoffs of the group runners-up . With two 2-1 victories, Russia qualified for the World Cup finals.

In the USA, they met defending champions Norway in their first World Cup game on June 20, 1999 in Foxborough and lost 2-1. Galina Komarowa scored the first World Cup goal for the Russians with the goal to make it 1: 2. In the second game against Japan the first win in a World Cup game was achieved with a 5-0 win and the last game against Canada was won, this time with 4-1. Russia moved into the quarter-finals as second in the group. There they lost 2-0 to the People's Republic of China , which then advanced to the final and only failed there on penalties against the hosts. Although ranked fifth in the FIFA statistics, the team did not take part in the women's football tournament at the 2000 Olympic Games , which, along with Australia, featured the seven best teams from the World Cup. Instead, Germany took part, which is only ranked 8th in the FIFA statistics for the 1999 World Cup.

2003 World Cup in the USA

The 2003 World Cup should actually take place again in the People's Republic of China . Because of the SARS epidemic, the tournament was moved to the USA at short notice. This was the second time that the World Cup took place in the USA. Russia met Iceland, Spain and Italy in qualifying . With three wins, two draws and only one defeat, Russia qualified as group winners directly for the World Cup, Iceland failed in the play-offs of the group runners-up to England , which failed in the play- off finals to France , with which France qualified for the first time.

At the World Cup, the Russians met Australia in their first game and won 2-1. After a 3-0 win against Ghana , Russia had already qualified for the quarter-finals. The final 0-1 defeat against vice world champions China could actually be coped with. However, the Russians met European champions Germany in the quarter-finals . While Russia could stay on the west coast in Portland , Germany had to travel from the east coast from Washington, DC . Nevertheless, the Russians went down 7-1 - their highest defeat until September 21, 2013. Even after that, Germany was unbeatable and became the first country to become soccer world champions for women and men. Russia, on the other hand, said goodbye to the World Cup for at least 16 years.

World Cup 2007 in the People's Republic of China

Four years later the World Cup took place in the People's Republic of China for the second time . In qualifying , Russia met world champions Germany, against whom both games were lost. All other games against Scotland , Ireland and Switzerland were won. Since this time only the group winners qualified for the World Cup, the World Cup took place without Russia, in which Germany successfully defended the World Cup - as the first team after Brazil in 1962 in the men's category. Russia missed the qualification for the women's soccer tournament at the 2008 Olympic Games , in which only the three best teams from the 2003 World Cup were allowed to participate.

World Cup 2011 in Germany

The qualification for the second World Cup in Europe was then similar. Only this time it was surprisingly Switzerland that ended up ahead of Russia in the group stage. The qualification began with a 2-1 win in Switzerland. But this was the only defeat for the Swiss women, all other games were won. Since Russia only scored 1-1 in the penultimate game in Ireland, it was enough, although all other games - except for the home game against Switzerland - were only won second place ahead of Ireland, Israel and Kazakhstan . Switzerland then failed first in the play-off round of the group winners to England and then to Italy, but that failed to the USA.

2015 World Cup in Canada

Four years later, Germany was again the stumbling block on the way to the World Cup. After the team had qualified for the 2013 European Championships two years earlier , they were assigned to Pot 2 at the time of the draw for qualifying for the World Cup in Canada and were drawn to the group with European champions Germany. But since this time one of the runners-up was able to qualify for the World Cup via playoff games, there was at least the hope of making it this way. But already in the first game on September 21, 2013 in Germany there was a bitter setback: With 0: 9 the Russians conceded their highest defeat. After that Russia was able to win against Slovakia , Slovenia , Croatia , Ireland and again Slovenia, but did not get beyond a goalless draw in the home game against Ireland. Since the home game against Germany was also lost 4-1, the last victories were not enough to reach the playoffs as one of the four best runners-up in the group, as the two points given away in the home game against Ireland were missing.

World Cup 2019 in France

In qualifying , the team met England , for the first time Wales , Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kazakhstan . The Russians started with a 6-0 defeat in England and only had a goalless draw against Wales in their first home game. After two away wins - 6-1 against Bosnia & Herzegovina and 3-0 against Kazakhstan - the home game was lost against England 3-1 and in Wales 3-0. So the Russians no longer had a chance to intervene in the fight for the World Cup ticket. The last two games were won 3-0 each and third place in the group was taken. This means that the Russian team cannot qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games either, as the World Cup finals also serve as Olympic qualification for the European teams. Due to the non-qualification they dropped three places in the all-time table to 15th place and are no longer the best team with only two participations, as they were overtaken by European champions Netherlands.


Russia has played eight World Cup games so far, half of which have been won and half lost. No game ended in a draw. All games were held in the United States . Russia never took part in the opening game and never played against the hosts, but once against the defending champions and once against the eventual world champions. Russia played against teams from all confederations except South America. And apart from the African and South American champions, Russia once played against all continental champions.

Five players played all eight games, Jelena Fomina and Olga Letjuschowa scored the most goals (3 each)

All World Cup games
No. date Result opponent venue occasion Remarks
1 06/20/1999 1: 2 NorwayNorway Norway (TV) Foxborough ( USA ) Preliminary round
2 06/23/1999 5-0 JapanJapan Japan Portland ( USA ) Preliminary round First game against Japan
3 06/26/1999 4: 1 CanadaCanada Canada East Rutherford ( USA ) Preliminary round First game against Canada
4th 06/30/1999 0: 2 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China San Jose ( USA ) Quarter finals
5 09/21/2003 2: 1 AustraliaAustralia Australia Carson ( USA ) Preliminary round
6th 09/25/2003 3-0 GhanaGhana Ghana Carson ( USA ) Preliminary round First game counted by FIFA against Ghana
7th 09/28/2003 0: 1 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China Portland ( USA ) Preliminary round
8th 10/02/2003 1: 7 GermanyGermany Germany Portland ( USA ) Quarter finals

Note: The teams in bold were champions of their confederation at the time of the match.

The Russian team achieved their highest victories against the following countries in World Cup tournaments:

  • AustraliaAustralia Australia 2: 1 (preliminary round 2003)
  • GhanaGhana Ghana 3-0 (preliminary round 2003)
  • JapanJapan Japan 5-0 (preliminary round 1999)
  • CanadaCanada Canada 4: 1 (preliminary round 1999)

The Russian team suffered their biggest defeats at a World Cup tournament against these teams:

  • China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 0: 2 (quarter-finals 1999) - also a 0: 2 in a friendly match and a 1: 3 in the four-nation tournament in 2005
  • The 1: 7 against Germany in the quarter-finals in 2003 was the biggest defeat against Germany until 2013 and overall, then Russia lost with 0: 9 against Germany.


  • The youngest participant to score a goal at a World Cup: Jelena Danilova at the age of 16 years and 96 days at the 2003 World Cup
  • First country to play the first World Cup game against the defending champions: against Norway in 1999.
  • Most newcomer goals in the preliminary round: 10 (1999)

Negative records

  • Biggest defeats in a tournament: 2003 Russia against Germany 1: 7 and Argentina against Japan 0: 6

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