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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Schöfweg
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Schöfweg highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 50 '  N , 13 ° 14'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Lower Bavaria
County : Freyung-Grafenau
Management Community : Schoenberg
Height : 772 m above sea level NHN
Area : 19.03 km 2
Residents: 1307 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 69 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 94572
Area code : 09908
License plate : FRG, GRA, WOS
Community key : 09 2 72 145
Community structure: 14 districts
Association administration address: Marktplatz 16
94513 Schönberg
Website :
Mayor : Martin Geier ( Free Voters Schöfweg )
Location of the municipality of Schöfweg in the Freyung-Grafenau district
Landkreis Regen Landkreis Deggendorf Landkreis Passau Schöfweg Waldhäuserwald Schönbrunner Wald Schlichtenberger Wald Sankt Oswald Pleckensteiner Wald Philippsreuter Wald Mauther Forst Spiegelau Graineter Wald Annathaler Wald Zenting Waldkirchen Thurmansbang Spiegelau Schönberg (Niederbayern) Neuschönau Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte Saldenburg Röhrnbach Ringelai Philippsreut Perlesreut Neureichenau Mauth Jandelsbrunn Innernzell Hohenau (Niederbayern) Hinterschmiding Grainet Grafenau (Niederbayern) Fürsteneck Freyung Eppenschlag Schöfweg Leopoldsreuter Wald Frauenberger und Duschlberger Wald Haidmühle Österreich Tschechienmap
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Schöfweg, in the middle the parish church

Schöfweg is a municipality in the Lower Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau and a member of the Schönberg administrative community .


Geographical location

The community is located in the Danube Forest planning region in the Bavarian Forest on the northern slope of the 1016 meter high Brotjacklriegel and bordering the Deggendorf district to the west and the Regen district to the north . Schöfweg is located on the B 533 around 20 km from the A 3 ( Hengersberg exit ), 25 km east of Deggendorf , 22 km south of Regen , 18 km west of Grafenau and 45 km north of Passau .

Community structure

There are 14 districts:

The districts Allhartsmais, Schöfweg and Hilgenreit exist .

Neighboring communities


Until the church is planted

Schwefweg , an early possession of the bishopric of Passau , had in the Passauer arable twelve mid-13th century feudal out. In 1308 it came into the hands of Christian von Urleinsberg. In the Halser Salbuch it is mentioned in 1395 as Scheffweg and at that time it belonged again to the Hochstift. Later it was part of the Haingut Hofmark together with Hilgenreith and other villages .

In 1603, Duke Maximilian I bought the area as part of the winemaker rule . Schöfweg belonged to the Straubing Rent Office and the Diessenstein Regional Court of the Electorate of Bavaria . Around 1808 the exeremit Anton Franz Seraph Flurl built an emergency school in Schöfweg and in 1814 he built his own school house. In the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria , today's municipality was created with the municipal edict of 1818 .

19th to 21st century

The school chapel was built in 1888/89 and, after a further expansion in 1947/48, today's parish church Maria, Mother of Sorrows, a massive granite building. Schöfweg, branch of Innernzell in 1915, has been a parish since 1921. In the years 1884, 1911 and 1913 severe fires struck Schöfweg. The Schöfweg Volunteer Fire Brigade was founded in 1877 . Another club is the Schöfweg 1970 e. V.

Allharts corn

The holiday resort Allhartsmais is a village with about 150 inhabitants. Allhartsmais is called Moas by the locals . They call themselves Moisinga themselves . The area around Allhartsmais was made arable by Abbot Adelhart von Rinchnach . Allhartsmais was named after him. "Mais" comes from maiseln , an old Bavarian word for "clearing". Accordingly, Allhartsmais translates into German as "Das von Adelhart cleared (village)".


In 1945 or 1946, the entire previously independent community of Allhartsmais ( Deggendorf district ) and part of Hilgenreit were incorporated. On April 1, 2013, large parts of the community-free area of ​​Sonnenwald were incorporated.

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018, the community grew from 1,224 to 1,318 by 94 inhabitants or 7.7%.

  • 1961: 1010 inhabitants
  • 1970: 1132 inhabitants
  • 1987: 1174 inhabitants
  • 1991: 1319 inhabitants
  • 1995: 1346 inhabitants
  • 2000: 1344 inhabitants
  • 2005: 1311 inhabitants
  • 2010: 1301 inhabitants
  • 2015: 1306 inhabitants



Honorary first mayor Martin Geier (Free Voters Schöfweg). He has been in office since May 1, 2008 and was re-elected on March 15 in the 2020 mayoral election with 65.5%.

coat of arms

The description of the coat of arms reads: In blue from a sloping silver mountain of three, which is covered with a red sloping bar, growing a silver fir tree, fronted by a golden sun.

Architectural monuments

Economy and Infrastructure

Economy including agriculture and forestry

The municipal tax receipts in 1999 amounted to the equivalent of € 413,000, of which (net) € 14,000 were business tax receipts.

In 1998, according to official statistics, there were 74 employees in the manufacturing sector and 22 in trade and transport at the place of work. In other economic areas 39 people were employed at the place of work subject to social security contributions. There were a total of 441 employees at the place of residence subject to social insurance contributions. There were twelve companies in the manufacturing sector and one company in the main construction sector. In addition, in 1999 there were 52 agricultural holdings with an agriculturally used area of ​​458 hectares, 45 hectares of which were arable land and 413 hectares of permanent green area.


In winter there are three larger ski lifts in the municipality . Winter sports in the Sonnenwald near Langfurth are of particular importance .


There are the following facilities:

  • Schöfweg primary school
In 2005 the primary school was given up, it was assigned to the elementary school in Innernzell.
  • Hedge educational trail: twelve-kilometer educational hiking trail near Allhartsmais

Sons and daughters of the church


Individual evidence

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