Table tennis world championship 1979

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Table tennis Table tennis world championship
1977 EnglandEngland World Cup 1979 1981 Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia
date 25.4. - 6.5.1979
venue Korea NorthNorth Korea Pyongyang
Single (♂) JapanJapan Seiji Ono
Single (♀) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Ge Xinai
Double (♂) Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Antun Stipančić Dragutin Šurbek
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia
Double (♀) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Zhang Deying Zhang Li
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China
Doubles (mixed) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China Liang Geliang Ge Xinai
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China
Team (♂) HungaryHungary Hungary
Team (♀) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China

The 35th table tennis world championship took place from April 25th to May 6th 1979 in Pyongyang (North Korea).

The winners

The Hungarian team, trained by Ferenc Sidó and headed by multiple world champion István Jónyer, sensationally dethroned the Chinese defending champions with a 5-1 victory in the final. Hungary had already won 5-2 against China in the group matches. It was crucial that the Hungarian players cope best with the Chinese serves. In addition, both István Jónyer and Gábor Gergely had their style of play approached to that of Tibor Klampár, acted closer to the table and placed the emphasis on the aggressive, fast-paced and less spin-oriented topspin.

The men's singles were won by the Japanese Seiji Ono against the high favorite Guo Yuehua , who gave up the final due to injury.

In the men's doubles, the Yugoslav Antun Stipančić / Dragutin Šurbek won a purely European final against the 1971 world champions István Jónyer / Tibor Klampár .

Cutting off the Germans

Team competition

The men won against the USA and France, then lost to North Korea, Yugoslavia, China, Hungary and England and finally defeated Australia. The women won against the CSSR, USA, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Romania. They lost to England, USSR, Yugoslavia and North Korea.

Men's singles

All of the German men reached the third round. Here Jochen Leiß lost against the Chinese Guo Yuehua (after victories over Martti, FIN and Carlsson , SWE), Peter Stellwag against the eventual world champion Seiji Ono (after bye and victory against Boggan, USA), Hans-Joachim Nolten against Tibor Klampár (after Wins against Van Slobbe, NED and Patrick Birocheau , FRA), Engelbert Hüging against the later third Li Zhenshi from China (after wins against Knapp, AUS and Gheorghe, ROM) and Ralf Wosik against the later fourth Liang Geliang from China (after wins against Zoran Kalinić , YUG and Ricky Seemiller, USA).

Men's doubles

Hüging played with the Russian Igor Solopov and lost in round 3 to the Chinese Wang Huyuan / Li Zhenshi . Nolten and Wosik were eliminated in the first round against Appelgren (SVE) / Böhm (ROM). The most successful were Leiß / Stellwag , who advanced to the quarter-finals and were beaten by the Hungarians Jonyer / Klampar .

Ladies singles

Monika Kneip-Stumpe only had to qualify for the main round in a qualifying round, but this failed. Kirsten Krüger was eliminated in the first round against Pak Yong-ok from North Korea. Only Ursula Hirschmüller survived round 1 by defeating Ferenczi (ROM), but then failed to Ilona Uhlíková (CSR).

Ladies doubles

The two doubles with German participation were eliminated in the first round: Hirschmüller / Krüger against the eventual vice world champions Ge Xinai / Yan Guili from China and Kneip-Stumpe / Stevenson (ENG) against Uhliková / Silhanova (CSR).


Three German couples competed in this competition, but they all failed in the first round: Leiß / Kneip-Stumpe against Fabri / Jurcic (YUG), Nolten / Krüger against Secretin / Bergeret (FRA) and Wosik / Hirschmüller against Cho Yong Ho / Pak Yong-ok (North Korea).


North Korea refused entry to Israel and South Korea teams. Considerations of the other participants to boycott the world championship or to downgrade it to a "world tournament" did not find a majority.

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competition rank winner
Team men 1. Hungary ( János Takács , Tibor Kreisz , Gábor Gergely , István Jónyer , Tibor Klampár )
2. China ( Guo Yuehua , Huang Liang , Li Qiwei, Li Zhenshi , Liang Geliang )
3. Japan (Hideo Gotoh, Hiroyuki Abe, Masahiro Maehara, Norio Takashima, Seiji Ono )
11. Germany ( Engelbert Hüging , Jochen Leiß , Hans-Joachim Nolten , Peter Stellwag , Ralf Wosik )
22nd Austria ( Erich Amplatz , Gottfried Bär , Walter Frank, Günter Müller, Franz Waldhäusl )
25th Switzerland ( Thomas Busin , Laszlo Földy , Martin Hafen, D.Huber)
Team women 1. China ( Zhang Li , Zhang Deying , Cao Yanhua , Ge Xinai )
2. North Korea (Song Suk Li, Pak Yung-sun , Pak Yong-ok , Gil Soon Hong)
3. Japan (Kayoko Kawahigashi, Shoko Takahashi, Yoshiko Shimauchi, Kayo Sugaya)
9. Germany ( Ursula Hirschmüller , Monika Kneip-Stumpe , Kirsten Krüger )
29 Austria ( Dolores Fetter , Brigitte Gropper )
31. Switzerland ( Franziska Weibel-De Thum , Renate Wyder )
Men's singles 1. Seiji Ono - JPN
2. Guo Yuehua - CHN
3. Li Zhenshi - CHN
3. Liang Geliang - CHN
Ladies singles 1. Ge Xinai - CHN
2. Song Suk Li - PRK
3. Zhang Deying - CHN
3. Tong Ling - CHN
Men's doubles 1. Antun Stipančić / Dragutin Šurbek - YUG
2. István Jónyer / Tibor Klampár - HUN
3. Guo Yuehua / Liang Geliang - CHN
3. Wang Huiyuan / Li Zhenshi - CHN
Ladies doubles 1. Zhang Deying / Zhang Li - CHN
2. Ge Xinai / Yan Guili - CHN
3. Song Suk Li / Jong Suk Ro - PRK
3. Eržebet Palatinuš / Gordana Perkučin - YUG
Mixed 1. Liang Geliang / Ge Xinai - CHN
2. Li Zhenshi / Yan Guili - CHN
3. Wang Huiyuan / Zhang Deying - CHN
3. Jacques Secrétin / Claude Bergeret - FRA

Medal table

 rank  country gold silver bronze total
1 China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 4th 4th 7th 15th
2 HungaryHungary Hungary 1 1 0 2
3 JapanJapan Japan 1 0 2 3
4th Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Yugoslavia 1 0 1 2
5 Korea NorthNorth Korea North Korea 0 2 1 3
6th FranceFrance France 0 0 1 1
Total 7th 7th 12 26th

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