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Udo Degener (* 23. November 1959 in Nordhausen ) is a German poet and writer of literature and tasks in chess . He is the grand master of chess composition .

Chess composition

From 1977 Degener published his first chess compositions in the magazine Schach and in the Chemnitz regional daily newspaper Freie Presse . At the end of 2011 he had composed 900 published assignments. 530 of them were awarded, over 190 tasks received a prize. With the 1998–2000 FIDE album , Degener fulfilled the norm for the grandmaster title for chess composition, which he was awarded in September 2005.

Degener has been looking after the Albrecht collection since 1994 . This database is named after Hermann Albrecht , who created it in 1933, and contains over 156,000 orthodox two-migrants. Since 1991 Udo Degener has been editing a chess column in the puzzle magazine Troll and since the beginning of 2000, as the successor to Manfred Zucker, the section Problems and Studies in the magazine Schach . In March 2015 he handed this section over to Franz Pachl .

Udo Degener
318th harmony , 1996/97
1st prize
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8th Chess ndt45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg 8th
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4th Chess --t45.svg Chess pdt45.svg Chess plt45.svg Chess blt45.svg Chess rlt45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg Chess --t45.svg 4th
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  a b c d e f G H  
Self-mate in 5 moves

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1. Rd5! with the silent threat 2. Rb5 !! What to 4. 3. Te 3 + Kxd4 T d3 + Lxd3 matt is nothing to do more. 2. Rc5? however, fails when the rook hits the rook after 3. Re3 + Kxd4 4. Rd3 + Kxc5!

1. ... Nb6 (or Sc7) 2. Lc5 + Nxd5 3. Td4 + Ke3 4. Tg4 + Kf3 5. LE 4 + Lxe4 matt

1 ... e6 2. Te2 + exf5 3. Be3 + Ke4 4. Bg5 + Kf3 5. T d3 + Lxd3 matt

The task demonstrates battery change .


Degener studied cultural studies in Leipzig from 1983 to 1988 . In 2007 he founded a small publishing house that mainly publishes chess compositional and lyric works. He lives in Potsdam .



  • Poetry album 244 , Berlin 1988
  • Shadow places of memory , Edition Schwarzdruck, Berlin 2008, ISBN 978-3-935194-25-9
  • high cow , poem box , ZAKK , Düsseldorf, May 2009

Poetry in magazines and anthologies (selection)

Chess composition


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