Furth (Lower Bavaria)

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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Furth
Furth (Lower Bavaria)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Furth highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 35 '  N , 12 ° 1'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Lower Bavaria
County : Landshut
Management Community : Furth
Height : 428 m above sea level NHN
Area : 20.96 km 2
Residents: 3586 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 171 inhabitants per km 2
Postcodes : 84095, 84032
Primaries : 08704, 08708
License plate : LA , MAY , MAL , ROL , VIB
Community key : 09 2 74 132
Community structure: 42 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Am Rathaus 6
84095 Furth
Website : www.furth-bei-landshut.de
Mayor : Andreas Horsche ( FW )
Location of the municipality of Furth in the Landshut district
Adlkofen Aham Altdorf Altfraunhofen Baierbach Bayerbach bei Ergoldsbach Bodenkirchen Bruckberg Buch a.Erlbach Eching Ergolding Ergoldsbach Essenbach Furth Geisenhausen Gerzen Hohenthann Kröning Kumhausen Neufahrn Neufraunhofen Niederaichbach Obersüßbach Pfeffenhausen Postau Rottenburg a.d.Laaber Schalkham Tiefenbach Velden Vilsbiburg Vilsheim Weihmichl Weng Wörth a.d.Isar Wurmsham Landshut Landkreis Dingolfing-Landau Landkreis Erding Landkreis Freising Landkreis Kelheim Landkreis Mühldorf am Inn Landkreis Regensburg Landkreis Rottal-Inn Landkreis Straubing-Bogenmap
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The parish church of St. Sebastian

Furth is a municipality in the Lower Bavarian district of Landshut and the seat of the Furth administrative community .


Community structure

There are 42 parish parts:


Early history

During construction work in 1984, the remains of a ceramic ribbon settlement from around 4500 BC and the Münchshöfen culture around 4000 BC were found.

The place owes its name Furth probably to a road that crossed the wide valley and could have been laid out at the time when the Counts of Ebersberg wanted to create a transport connection between their two domains of Tondorf and Pfeffenhausen. The place is first mentioned in a document with “Marktwart de Furte”, who testifies to the donation of a farm to the Ebersberg monastery around 1030 .


On January 1, 1972, the previously independent municipality of Schatzhofen was incorporated. The community seal also contains the sword of their church patron St. Michael . As one of the oldest parishes in the district, it goes back to at least the 8th century.

Arth joined on May 1, 1978. This place can also look back on a long history. Donation deeds from the years 814 and 822 indicate a manorial rule in this area. Arth is first mentioned in documents in 1028 in the records of the St. Emmeram monastery in Regensburg. The broken wheel of Saint Catherine stands for the old community in the Further coat of arms .


Furth can record a continuous increase in population. The average age is 40 years with a share of under 18s of over 20 percent and a large birth surplus. Furth is considered the youngest municipality in the Landshut district.

According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics , the population figures developed as follows on December 31 of each year:

was standing Residents
1960 1614
1970 1678
1980 1980
1990 2386
1995 2696
2000 2959
2005 3261
was standing Residents
2006 3272
2007 3257
2008 3299
2009 3317
2010 3354
2011 3432
2012 3469
was standing Residents
2013 3459
2014 3491
2015 3529
2016 3494
2017 3510
2018 3619

Since 1972, the year of the municipal reform, the population has increased by 1,854 people until 2015. This corresponds to a growth of 110.69 percent. In the last ten (five) years the population grew by 7.85 (2.83) percent.

Age structure of the population of Furth according to the 2011 census
Age Residents by age
younger than 18 20.9%
18 to 29 11.9%
30 to 49 30.9%
50 to 64 19.4%
older than 65 16.9%


The Marist monastery with its many international contacts is of great importance for the community .


Local election 2014
Turnout: 64.24%
(2008: 69.8%)
Gains and losses
compared to 2008
 % p
+ 0.6  % p
-0.8  % p
+ 0.4  % p

Eight months after the end of the Second World War , the first local elections (municipal council elections) took place in the districts of Bavaria on January 27, 1946. In April and May 1946 the first elections for mayors, district administrators and district assemblies followed. In 2006 the 60th anniversary was celebrated.

The community is a member of the following special-purpose associations:

  • Water maintenance association Landshut-Kelheim-Dingolfing-Landau
  • Regional planning association Landshut
  • Furth School Association
  • Local authority association for municipal traffic monitoring in Southeast Bavaria
  • Water supply association for the Pfettrach group
Administrative community in Furth
local community coat of arms Area
December 31, 2019
PE density
PE per km²
above sea level
Coat of arms of Furth (Lower Bavaria) .svg
000000000000020.970000000020.97 000000000003586.00000000003,586 000000000000171.0000000000171 000000000000428.0000000000428
DEU Obersüßbach COA.svg
000000000000023.580000000023.58 000000000001742.00000000001,742 000000000000074.000000000074 000000000000472.0000000000472
Weihmichl coat of arms.svg
000000000000032.160000000032.16 000000000002513.00000000002,513 000000000000078.000000000078 000000000000440.0000000000440

The administrative community in Furth provides 304 different administrative services.

The community of Furth is the first German model community of the European Commission for Renewable Energies .

Municipal council

The municipal council consists of 16 members. After the 2014 local elections (for comparison: 2008 local elections ), twelve (13) are men and four (three) women. The election resulted in the following distribution of seats in the municipal council:

In the municipal council election, 2,735 (2,541) citizens were entitled to vote. 1,757 (1,565) of them took part as voters, which corresponds to a voter turnout of 64.2 (69.8) percent. 1,733 (1,518) valid and 24 (47) invalid ballot papers were cast.

The next local elections will take place in 2020.


Mayor is Andreas Horsche ( FW ). In the 2014 local elections , he succeeded Dieter Gewies ( Greens ), who had not run and had previously been confirmed in his office in the 2008 local elections .

Former mayor
Term of office mayor
1996-2014 Dieter Gewies
1972-1996 Alfons Biberger
1948-1972 Xaver cycling player
1946-1948 Sebastian Hagl

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Furth (Lower Bavaria)
Blazon : “Diagonally divided by silver and red; above a striding bear, below a slanted golden sword. "

Partner communities


  • Parish church of St. Sebastian in Furth: The late Gothic building from the 15th century has a four-story north tower. The interior was baroque in 1741 and contains rich stucco and fresco decorations with scenes from the life of St. Sebastian. In the high altar from 1741 there is a linden wood figure of Mary with the child (around 1510–20) with the side figures of St. Barbara and St. Katharina (around 1741).
  • Furth Castle : The rectangular building with a hipped roof from the 18th century is essentially medieval and today houses a Caritas retirement home.
  • Marist monastery Furth : As a result of the expulsion of the local Marist brothers from Belgium at the outbreak of the First World War, the Marist Order looked for locations in Germany. On January 25, 1915, they were able to move into the newly built summer villa with a large park belonging to Baroness Baroness Philomena von Hornstein, who generously made their country estate available to the Order.
  • Filial church St. Katharina in Arth: The baroque building by Hans Widtmann dates from the year 1710.

Economy and Infrastructure

Due to its understanding of sustainability, the community attaches great importance to the supply of regional products, in 2012 a community village shop with this claim was opened on the village square.

As a result of a corresponding assessment of the economic power of the municipality, the key allocations rose by 59.9 percent from 509,888 euros in 2019 to 815,344 euros for 2020.

Key assignments
in euros
Assignments to year
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Furth community 543,692 633.176 796.484 586.908 509,888 815.344

Broadband coverage

As part of the guideline for promoting the development of high-speed networks in the Free State of Bavaria of July 10, 2014, the municipalities have a funding amount of at least 500,000 euros and a maximum of 950,000 euros; for Furth this is 820,000 euros.

Agriculture and Forestry

While there were still 52 farms in 1999, their number had fallen to 30 by 2010.

Farm size structure in agriculture
Farm size in ha Number of establishments
1999 2010
under 5 10 1
5 to under 10 10 7th
10 to under 20 9 5
20 to under 50 19th 8th
50 or more 4th 9
total 52 30th

building and living

Standard land values ​​2011/2012
District Residential
areas designated
building areas
building areas
Furth 165 € 165 € € 85 6 €
Arth 150 € 150 € € 85 6 €
Schatzhofen € 75 6 €
Edlmannsberg 80 € 6 €
Development plan "Entwies" 80 € (each residential area)
Development plan "Enghof" 70 € (each residential area)


The community of Furth is also very well connected to the national transport network. The district of Arth is traversed by the federal highway 299 , which, among other things, represents an important connection axis between the Bavarian chemical triangle and the industrial site between Neustadt an der Donau and Ingolstadt . At the Arther roundabout, the very well developed state road St 2049 branches off from the federal road. It runs through the village of Furth and passes the district of Schatzhofen. The district roads LA 23 and LA 24 also run through the municipality .


With just under 3,500 inhabitants, the small center Furth has an unusually good infrastructure. There is a kindergarten, a primary and secondary school and the Marist grammar school in Furth . A forest kindergarten group is integrated into the kindergarten. Together with the neighboring community of Obersüßbach, the communal adult education center was founded, which has now merged with the Weihmichl adult education center.

Life in Furth

A large number of associations enrich social life, organize leisure time and support the community in its diverse social tasks. In the former Further Castle, the Caritas retirement home enables older citizens to enjoy a secure retirement age .


The sports club DJK SV Furth has already celebrated high levels of success in many areas.

The DJK achieved its greatest successes with the United Stars dance group. The Further became, partly together with some dancers from Taufkirchen , also as "Tanzgemeinschaft United Stars / Showfunken", several times German champions in show dance and could look forward to nine European and one world championships.

But other branches, such as the table tennis department , have already won several titles, also on the southern Bavarian and Bavarian levels.

The " Ju-Jutsu Bayerncamp" is held every year in the summer holidays with great success on the Further Klosterberg.

The "Theaterfreunde Furth" theater group also belongs to the sports club and performs every year in the theater of the Marist monastery.

The soccer , tennis and stick shooting departments were also successful , and some gymnastics courses are also offered.

Ecology and sustainability

In the community of Furth, special emphasis is placed on maintaining and improving the ecological and economic fundamentals in order to continuously improve the quality of life in the village. New ways in the energy supply such as the installation of photovoltaic systems on numerous roofs, a comprehensive sewage concept, the use of own resources for local needs, an environmentally friendly building land designation and business settlement and even further improved leisure opportunities should increase the quality of life. For example, a wood chip heating plant was built in Klosterstrasse a few years ago .

Web links

Commons : Furth  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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