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The following table contains the titles that have been published in the book series Critical Studies on History by Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht .


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Comments: For qualification theses , the dissertation or habilitation thesis , the university and the year are given. If the title differs, it will also be mentioned.

tape author title year ISBN
1 Wolfram Fischer Economy and society in the age of industrialization.
Articles, studies, lectures.
1972 ISBN 978-3-525-35951-8
BSB 00048869
2 Wolfgang Kreutzberger Students and Politics 1918–1933.
The case of Freiburg i. Br.
1972 ISBN 978-3-525-35952-5
BSB 00050568
Dissertation. University of Freiburg i. Br. 1970
3 Hans Rosenberg Political currents of thought in the German pre-March. 1972 ISBN 978-3-525-35935-8
BSB 00050569
4th Rolf Engelsing On the social history of German middle and lower classes. 1973 ISBN 978-3-525-35954-9
BSB 00048604
5 Hans Medick State of nature and natural history of civil society.
The origins of bourgeois social theory as a philosophy of history and social science in Samuel Pufendorf, John Locke and Adam Smith.
1973 ISBN 978-3-525-35955-6 Dissertation. University of Erlangen 1971
6th Heinrich August Winkler (Ed.) The great crisis in America.
Comparative studies on political social history 1929–1939.
1973 ISBN 978-3-525-35957-0
BSB 00049098
7th Helmut Berding Napoleonic rule and social policy in the Kingdom of Westphalia 1807–1813. 1973 ISBN 3-325-35958-6
BSB 00049097
Habilitation thesis. University of Cologne 1972
8th Jürgen Kocka Class society at war.
German social history 1914–1918.
1973 ISBN 978-3-525-35959-4
BSB 00048636
9 Heinrich August Winkler (Ed.) Organized Capitalism.
Requirements and beginnings.
1974 ISBN 978-3-525-35960-0
BSB 00057007
10 Hans-Ulrich Wehler The rise of American imperialism.
Studies on the development of the Imperium Americanum 1865–1900.
1974 ISBN 978-3-525-35736-1
11 Hans-Ulrich Wehler (Ed.) Social history today. 1974 ISBN 978-3-525-35962-4
BSB 00048635
Festschrift for Hans Rosenberg on his 70th birthday
12 Wolfgang Koellmann Population in the industrial revolution.
Studies on the population history of Germany.
1974 ISBN 978-3-525-35963-1
BSB 00048890
13 Elisabeth Fehrenbach Traditional society and revolutionary law.
The introduction of the Code Napoléon in the Confederation of the Rhine.
1975 ISBN 978-3-525-35964-8 Dissertation. University of Giessen 1973
14th Ulrich Kluge Soldiers' councils and revolution.
Studies on military policy in Germany 1918/19.
1975 ISBN 978-3-525-35965-5
BSB 00049095
Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1972
(partial print)
15th Reinhard Rürup Emancipation and Anti-Semitism.
Studies on the “Jewish question” in civil society.
1975 ISBN 978-3-525-35966-2
BSB 00052480
16 Hans-Jürgen Puhle Political agrarian movements in capitalist industrial societies.
Germany, USA and France in the 20th century.
1975 ISBN 978-3-525-35967-9
BSB 00050347
Habilitation thesis. University of Münster 1974
17th Siegfried Mielke The Hansa Federation for Trade, Commerce and Industry 1909–1914.
The failed attempt at an anti-feudal collection policy.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35968-6
BSB 00052460
Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1972
18th Thomas Nipperdey Society, culture, theory.
Collected essays on modern history.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35969-3
19th Hans Heinrich Gerth Bourgeois intelligentsia around 1800.
On the sociology of early German liberalism.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35970-9
BSB 00052463
Dissertation. University of Frankfurt am Main 1935
( The social-historical situation of the bourgeois intelligentsia at the turn of the 18th century. A contribution to the sociology of early German liberalism )
20th Carsten Küther Robbers and crooks in Germany.
The organized gang system in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35971-6 Dissertation. University of Munich 1976
( Organized crooks and robbers in the 18th and early 19th centuries. )
21st Hans-Peter Ullmann The Federation of Industrialists.
Organization, influence and politics of small and medium-sized industrialists in the German Empire 1895–1914.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35972-3
BSB 00050348
Dissertation. University of Cologne 1975
22nd Dirk Blasius Civil society and crime.
On the social history of Prussia in the Vormärz.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35974-7
BSB 00052441
Habilitation thesis. University of Düsseldorf 1974
23 Gerhard A. Ritter Labor movement, parties and parliamentarism.
Essays on German social and constitutional history in the 19th and 20th centuries.
1976 ISBN 978-3-525-35976-1
BSB 00052440
24 Horst Müller-Link Industrialization and foreign policy.
Prussia-Germany and the Tsarist Empire from 1860–1890.
1977 ISBN 978-3-525-35977-8
BSB 00052462
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1975
( foreign trade and domestic politics in German-Russian relations from 1860 to 1890. )
25th Jürgen Kocka Employees between fascism and democracy.
On the political and social history of employees: USA 1890–1940 in an international comparison.
1977 ISBN 978-3-525-35978-5
BSB 00052464
Habilitation thesis. University of Münster 1972
26th Hans Speier The employees before National Socialism.
A contribution to understanding the German social structure 1918–1933.
1977 ISBN 978-3-525-35979-2
BSB 00052432
27 Dietrich Geyer Russian imperialism.
Studies on the connection between domestic and foreign politics 1860–1914.
1977 ISBN 978-3-525-35980-8
BSB 00052433
28 Rudolf Vetterli Industrial work, worker consciousness and union organization.
Shown using the example of Georg Fischer AG (1890–1930).
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35981-5
BSB 00048880
29 Volker Hunecke Workers and the Industrial Revolution in Milan 1859–1892.
On the history of the origins of Italian industry and the labor movement.
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35983-9
BSB 00048643
Dissertation. University of Göttingen 1976/1977
30th Christoph Kleßmann Polish miners in the Ruhr area 1870–1945.
Social integration and national subculture of a minority in German industrial society.
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35982-2 Habilitation thesis. University of Bochum 1976
31 Hans Rosenberg Power elites and economic booms.
Studies on recent German social and economic history.
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35985-3
BSB 00049121
32 Rainer Bölling Elementary school teacher and politics.
The German Teachers' Association 1918–1933.
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35986-0
BSB 00049104
Dissertation. University of Münster 1977
33 Hanna Schissler Prussian agricultural society in transition.
Economic, social and political transformation processes from 1763–1847.
1978 ISBN 978-3-525-35988-4
BSB 00049138
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1977
34 Hans Mommsen Labor Movement and the National Question. 1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35989-1
BSB 00049164
35 Heinz Reif Westphalian nobility 1770–1860.
From the ruling class to the regional elite.
1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35991-4
BSB 00050352
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1977
36 Toni Pierenkemper The Westphalian heavy industrialists 1852–1913.
Social structure and business success.
1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35993-8
BSB 00048877
Dissertation. University of Münster 1976/1977
37 Heinrich Best Interest politics and national integration 1848/49.
Trade policy conflicts in early industrial Germany.
1980 ISBN 978-3-525-35994-5
BSB 00048899
Dissertation. University of Cologne 1977
38 Heinrich August Winkler Liberalism and Anti-Liberalism.
Studies on the political social history of the 19th and 20th centuries.
1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35995-2
BSB 00048351
39 Emil Lederer
Jürgen Kocka (Ed.)
Capitalism, class structure and problems of democracy in Germany 1910–1940. 1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35996-9
BSB 00052459
40 Norbert Horn , Jürgen Kocka (Eds.) Law and Development of Large Businesses in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries.
Economic, social and legal history studies on industrialization in Germany, France, England and the USA.
1979 ISBN 978-3-525-35992-1
BSB 00050354
41 Richard H. Tilly Capital, State and Social Protest in German Industrialization. 1980 ISBN 978-3-525-35997-6
BSB 00051640
42 Sidney Pollard (Ed.)
Lucian Hölscher (participation)
Region and industrialization.
Studies on the role of the region in economic history over the past two centuries.
1980 ISBN 978-3-525-35998-3
BSB 00048471
43 Wolfgang Renzsch Artisans and wage workers in the early labor movement.
On the social basis of trade unions and social democracy in the decade that the Reich was founded.
1980 ISBN 978-3-525-35700-2
BSB 00048356
Dissertation. University of Göttingen 1978/1979
44 Hannes Siegrist From a family business to a managerial company.
Employees and industrial organization using the example of Georg Fischer AG in Schaffhausen 1797–1930.
1981 ISBN 978-3-525-35702-6
BSB 00048357
Dissertation. University of Zurich 1976
(partial print)
45 Reinhard Neebe Big industry, the state and the NSDAP 1930–1933.
Paul Silverberg and the Reichsverband der Deutschen Industrie in the crisis of the Weimar Republic.
1981 ISBN 978-3-525-35703-3
BSB 00048404
Dissertation. University of Marburg 1980
46 Barbara Greven-Aschoff The bourgeois women's movement in Germany 1894–1933. 1981 ISBN 978-3-525-35704-0
BSB 00052495
Dissertation. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 1976
47 Wacław Długoborski (Ed.) Second World War and Social Change.
Axis powers and occupied countries.
1981 ISBN 978-3-525-35705-7
48 Neithard Bulst , Joseph Goy, Jochen Hoock (Eds.) Family between tradition and modernity.
Studies on the history of the family in Germany and France from the 16th to the 20th century.
1981 ISBN 978-3-525-35706-4
BSB 00049096
49 Toni Pierenkemper , Richard H. Tilly (Eds.) Historical labor market research.
Origin, development and problems of the marketing of labor.
1982 ISBN 978-3-525-35707-1
BSB 00063638
50 Knut Borchardt Growth, crises, scope for economic policy.
Studies on the economic history of the 19th and 20th centuries.
1982 ISBN 978-3-525-35708-8
BSB 00052494
51 Werner K. Blessing State and Church in Society.
Institutional Authority and Mental Change in Bavaria during the 19th Century.
1982 ISBN 978-3-525-35709-5
BSB 00052447
Dissertation. University of Munich 1976
( The mental influence of the state and the churches ... )
52 Hans-Werner Hahn Economic integration in the 19th century.
The Hessian states and the German Customs Union.
1982 ISBN 978-3-525-35710-1
BSB 00048631
Dissertation. University of Giessen 1979
53 Norbert Finzsch The gold diggers of California.
Working conditions, standard of living and political system around the middle of the 19th century.
1982 ISBN 978-3-525-35711-8
BSB 00048472
Dissertation. University of Cologne 1980
54 Hans-Gerhard Husung Protest and repression in the March.
Northern Germany between restoration and revolution.
1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35712-5
BSB 00048473
Dissertation. Technical University of Braunschweig 1978/1979
55 Hartmut Kaelble Social Mobility and Equal Opportunities in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
Germany in an international comparison.
1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35713-2
56 Carsten Küther People on the street.
Vagging lower classes in Bavaria, Franconia and Swabia in the 2nd half of the 18th century.
1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35714-9
BSB 00048464
57 Barbara Vogel General freedom of trade.
The reform policy of the Prussian State Chancellor Hardenberg (1810–1820).
1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35716-3 Habilitation thesis. University of Hamburg 1981
58 Dieter Kruger Economists in Wilhelmine Germany. 1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35717-0
BSB 00048632
Dissertation. University of Marburg 1981
( German economists in politics and society in the late German Empire 1900–1918. )
59 Ulrich Heinemann The repressed defeat.
Political Public and War Guilt Question in the Weimar Republic.
1983 ISBN 978-3-525-35718-7
BSB 00051638
Dissertation. University of Bochum 1981
60 Gerald Donald Feldman From World War to Great Depression.
Studies on German economic and social history 1914–1932.
1984 ISBN 978-3-525-35719-4
BSB 00048633
Festschrift for Hans Rosenberg
61 Wolfgang Hunter Historical research and political culture in Germany.
The 1914–1980 debate about the outbreak of the First World War.
1984 ISBN 978-3-525-35720-0
BSB 00052493
Dissertation. University of Giessen 1983
62 Ute Frevert Illness as a political problem 1770–1880.
Social lower classes in Prussia between the medical police and state social insurance.
1984 ISBN 978-3-525-35721-7
BSB 00052449
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1982
63 Michael Grüttner Working world at the water's edge.
Social history of the Hamburg port workers 1886–1914.
1984 ISBN 978-3-525-35722-4
BSB 00052501
Dissertation. University of Hamburg 1983
64 Josef Mooser Rural class society 1770–1848.
Farmers and lower classes, agriculture and trade in eastern Westphalia.
1984 ISBN 978-3-525-35723-1
BSB 00052450
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1978
65 Wolfgang Jacobmeyer From forced laborer to homeless foreigner.
The Displaced Persons in West Germany 1945–1951.
1985 ISBN 978-3-525-35724-8
BSB 00052483
Habilitation thesis. University of Hanover 1985
66 Josef Meran Theories in History.
The discussion about the scientific nature of history.
1985 ISBN 978-3-525-35725-5
BSB 00052989
Dissertation. University of Hamburg 1982
( Hypothetical history? )
67 Rudolf Boch Artisan socialists against factory society.
Local professional associations, mass unions and industrial rationalization in Solingen 1870–1914.
1985 ISBN 978-3-525-35726-2 Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1983
68 Claudia Huerkamp The rise of doctors in the 19th century.
From the learned level to the professional expert. The example of Prussia.
1985 ISBN 978-3-525-35727-9
BSB 00051646
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1983
69 Andreas Gestrich Traditional youth culture and industrialization.
Social history of youth in a rural workers' community in Württemberg 1800–1920.
1986 ISBN 978-3-525-35728-6
BSB 00048512
Dissertation. University of Tübingen 1982/1983
70 Rudolf Jaworski Trade and industry in the nationality struggle.
Studies of economic sentiment among Poles in the province of Posen 1871–1914.
1986 ISBN 978-3-525-35730-9
BSB 00042090
Habilitation thesis. University of Tübingen 1984
71 Friedrich Lenger Between the petty bourgeoisie and the proletariat.
Studies on the social history of the Düsseldorf craftsmen 1816–1878.
1986 ISBN 978-3-525-35731-6 Dissertation. University of Düsseldorf 1984/1985
72 Christiane Eisenberg German and English trade unions.
Origin and development up to 1878 in comparison.
1986 ISBN 978-3-525-35733-0 Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1985/1986
73 Jürgen Kocka (Ed.) Max Weber, the historian. 1986 ISBN 978-3-525-35734-7
BSB 00048381
74 Dirk Blasius Divorce in Germany 1794–1945.
Divorce and divorce law from a historical perspective.
1987 ISBN 978-3-525-35735-4
BSB 00051645
75 Hans-Walter Schmuhl Racial hygiene, National Socialism, euthanasia.
From prevention to the destruction of “life unworthy of life” 1890–1945.
1987 ISBN 978-3-525-35737-8
BSB 00052448
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1986
( The synthesis of doctor and executioner. )
76 Norbert Kampe Students and the “Jewish question” in the German Empire.
The emergence of an academic backing of anti-Semitism.
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35738-5
BSB 00048376
Dissertation. Technical University of Berlin 1983
77 Ute Frevert (Ed.) Citizens.
Gender relations in the 19th century.
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35739-2
BSB 00044686
78 Gerhard Th. Mollin Mining corporations and the “Third Reich”.
The contrast between monopoly industry and command economy in German armaments and expansion 1936–1944.
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35740-8
BSB 00048470
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1986
79 Dieter Langewiesche (Ed.) Liberalism in the 19th century.
Germany in a European comparison.
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35741-5
BSB 00048513
80 Hannes Siegrist (Ed.) Civil professions.
On the social history of the liberal and academic professions in an international comparison.
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35742-2
BSB 00048369
81 Tibor Süle Prussian bureaucracy tradition.
On the development of administration and civil service in Germany 1871–1918
1988 ISBN 978-3-525-35743-9
82 Rudiger Hachtmann Industrial work in the "Third Reich".
Investigations into wage and working conditions in Germany 1933–1945.
1989 ISBN 978-3-525-35744-6
BSB 00048361
Dissertation. Technical University of Berlin 1986
83 Sabine Sander Craft surgeons.
Social history of a displaced occupational group.
1989 ISBN 978-3-525-35745-3
BSB 00048366
Dissertation. University of Giessen 1987
84 Ute Daniel Working women in war society.
Job, Family and Politics in the First World War.
1989 ISBN 978-3-525-35747-7
BSB 00044687
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1986
85 Volker Wellhöner Big banks and big industry in the empire. 1989 ISBN 978-3-525-35748-4 Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1988
86 Manfred Hettling Reform without revolution.
Bourgeoisie, bureaucracy and local self-government in Württemberg from 1800 to 1850.
1990 ISBN 978-3-525-35749-1
BSB 00041731
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1988/1989
87 Christoph Hauser Beginnings of civil organization.
Philhellenism and early liberalism in southwest Germany.
1990 ISBN 978-3-525-35750-7 Dissertation. University of Freiburg i. Br. 1988
88 Wolfgang Zollitsch Workers between the Great Depression and National Socialism.
A contribution to social history from 1928 to 1936.
1990 ISBN 978-3-525-35751-4
BSB 00048462
Dissertation. University of Freiburg i. Br. 1986
89 Sylvia Paletschek Women and dissent.
Women in German Catholicism and in the free parishes 1841–1852.
1990 ISBN 978-3-525-35752-1
BSB 00048372
Dissertation. University of Hamburg 1988/1989
90 Clemens Zimmermann From the housing issue to housing policy.
The reform movement in Germany 1845–1914.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35753-8
BSB 00048368
Habilitation thesis. University of Heidelberg 1989/1990
91 Ralph Jessen Police in the industrial area.
Modernization and ruling practice in the Westphalian Ruhr area 1848–1914.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35754-5
BSB 00048506
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1989
( Police in class society. )
92 Josef Ehmer Marriage behavior, social structure, economic change.
England and Central Europe in the Formation Period of Capitalism.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35755-2
BSB 00048505
Habilitation thesis. University of Vienna 1989
( Marriage behavior and the traditions of capitalism. )
93 Arnd Bauerkämper The "radical right" in Great Britain.
Nationalist, anti-Semitic, and fascist movements from the late 19th century to 1945.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35756-9
BSB 00048504
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1989/1990
94 Walter Rummel Peasants, gentlemen and witches.
Studies on the social history of the local and Kurtrier witch trials 1574–1664.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35757-6
BSB 00055352
Dissertation. University of Trier 1988/1989
95 Marlene Ellerkamp Industrial work, illness and gender.
On the social costs of industrialization: Bremen textile workers 1870–1914.
1991 ISBN 978-3-525-35758-3 Dissertation. University of Bremen 1988/1989
( textile workers in the German Empire. )
96 Frank-Michael Kuhlemann Modernization and discipline.
Social history of the Prussian elementary school system 1794–1872.
1992 ISBN 978-3-525-35759-0 Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1989
97 Brigitte Kerchner Profession and gender.
Women's professional associations in Germany 1848–1908.
1992 ISBN 978-3-525-35760-6
BSB 00048503
Dissertation. University of Münster 1990
( women's occupation and interest organization. )
98 Dirk Schumann Bavaria's entrepreneur in society and the state 1834–1914.
Case studies on origin and family, political participation and government awards.
1992 ISBN 978-3-525-35761-3 Dissertation. University of Munich 1992
99 Christian Jansen Professors and Politics.
Political thinking and acting of the Heidelberg university professors 1914–1935.
1992 ISBN 978-3-525-35762-0
BSB 00048511
Dissertation. University of Heidelberg 1989
( On the Mittelweg to the right. )
100 M. Rainer Lepsius Democracy in Germany.
Sociological-historical constellation analyzes. Selected essays.
1993 ISBN 978-3-525-35763-7
BSB 00044577
101 Willi Oberkrome Folk history.
Methodical innovation and national ideology in German history 1918–1945.
1993 ISBN 978-3-525-35764-4
BSB 00052542
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1992
102 Paul Nolte Community citizenship and liberalism in Baden 1800–1850.
Tradition, radicalism, republic.
1994 ISBN 978-3-525-35765-1 Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1992/1993
103 Andreas Gestrich Absolutism and the public.
political communication in Germany at the beginning of the 18th century.
1994 ISBN 978-3-525-35766-8
BSB 00052461
Habilitation thesis. University of Stuttgart 1992
104 Christoph Conrad From old man to pensioner.
The structural change of old age in Germany between 1830 and 1930.
1994 ISBN 978-3-525-35767-5 Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1992
(short version)
105 Andrea Germer Science and life.
Max Weber's answer to a question by Friedrich Nietzsche.
1994 ISBN 978-3-525-35768-2
BSB 00048408
Dissertation. University of Hanover 1993
106 Irmtraud Götz von Olenhusen Clergy and Deviant Behavior.
On the social history of Catholic priests in the 19th century: The Archdiocese of Freiburg.
1994 ISBN 978-3-525-35769-9
107 Marcus Grasses The blocked welfare state.
Lower class youth and child welfare in the Weimar Republic.
1995 ISBN 978-3-525-35770-5
BSB 00048461
Dissertation. University of Frankfurt am Main 1992/1993
108 Charlotte Tacke Monument in the social space.
National symbols of Germany and France in the 19th century.
1995 ISBN 978-3-525-35771-2
BSB 00044482
Dissertation. University of Florence 1993
109 Jörg Requate Journalism as a Profession.
Origin and development of the journalist profession in the 19th century. Germany in an international comparison.
1995 ISBN 978-3-525-35772-9
BSB 00049946
Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1994
( criticism, propaganda, information. )
110 Étienne François , Hannes Siegrist , Jakob Vogel (Eds.) Nation and emotion.
Germany and France in comparison. 19th and 20th centuries.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35773-6
BSB 00045794
111 Ingeborg Cleve Taste, art and consumption.
Cultural policy as economic policy in France and Württemberg (1805–1845).
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35774-3 Dissertation. University of Tübingen 1993
112 Michael Prince Bread and dividends.
Consumer associations in Germany and England before 1914.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35775-0
BSB 00045663
Habilitation thesis. Bielefeld University 1992
113 Christina von Hodenberg The party of the impartial.
the liberalism of the Prussian judiciary 1815–1848 / 49.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35776-7
BSB 00048459
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1995
114 Winfried Speitkamp Managing the story.
Preservation of monuments and the state in Germany 1871–1933.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35777-4
BSB 00044311
Habilitation thesis. University of Giessen 1994
115 Siegfried Weichlein Social milieus and political culture in the Weimar Republic.
Living environment, club culture, politics in Hesse.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35778-1
BSB 00052481
Dissertation. University of Freiburg i. Br. 1992
116 Otto Gerhard Oexle History under the sign of historicism.
Studies on problem stories of the modern age.
1996 ISBN 978-3-525-35779-8
BSB 00045805
117 Robert von Friedeburg Rural society and government.
Community protest and political mobilization in the 18th and 19th centuries.
1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35780-4
BSB 00040392
Habilitation thesis. Bielefeld University 1994
118 Jakob Vogel Nations in step.
The cult of the “Nation in Arms” in Germany and France 1871–1914.
1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35781-1
BSB 00044422
Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1995
119 Manuel Frey The clean citizen.
Origin and spread of civic virtues in Germany 1760–1860.
1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35782-8
BSB 00040803
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1995
120 Volker Then Railways and Railway Entrepreneurs in the Industrial Revolution.
A Prussian / German-English comparison.
1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35783-5
BSB 00040393
Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1993/1994
121 Marita Baumgarten Professors and Universities in the 19th Century.
On the social history of German humanities and natural scientists.
1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35784-2
BSB 00048629
Dissertation. University of Giessen 1993
122 Olaf Blaschke Catholicism and anti-Semitism in the German Empire. 1997 ISBN 978-3-525-35785-9
BSB 00048625
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1995
123 Christoph year Ordinary soldiers.
Desertion and deserters in the German and British armies 1914–1918.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35786-6
BSB 00045649
Dissertation. Humboldt University Berlin 1996
124 Ute Planert Anti-feminism in the German Empire.
Discourse, social formation and political mentality.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35787-3
BSB 00044389
Dissertation. University of Tübingen 1996
125 Wolfram Fischer Expansion, integration, globalization.
Studies on the history of the world economy.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35788-0
BSB 00040519
126 Svenja Goltermann Body of the nation.
Habit formation and the politics of gymnastics 1860–1890.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35789-7
BSB 00044406
Dissertation. Bielefeld University 1997
127 Philipp Ther German and Polish displaced persons.
Society and policy of expellees in the Soviet Zone / GDR and in Poland 1945–1956.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35790-3 Dissertation. Free University of Berlin 1997
128 Martin H. Geyer Wrong world.
Revolution, inflation and modernity, Munich 1914–1924.
1998 ISBN 978-3-525-35791-0 Habilitation thesis. University of Cologne 1994
129 Ernst Wolfgang Becker Time of revolution! - Revolution of the time?
Experiences of time in Germany in the era of the revolutions 1789–1848 / 49.
1999 ISBN 978-3-525-35792-7
BSB 00040535
Dissertation. University of Tübingen 1997/1998
130 Hannes Siegrist , David Sugarman (Eds.) International comparison of property.
18.-20. Century.
1999 ISBN 978-3-525-35793-4
BSB 00040528
131 Antonia Maria Humm On the way to the socialist village?
On the change in the village world in the GDR from 1952 to 1969 with comparative aspects to the Federal Republic of Germany.
1999 ISBN 978-3-525-35794-1
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