Paperback Writer

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Paperback Writer
The Beatles
publication May 30, 1966
length 2 min 18 s ( stereo version)
2 min 26 s ( mono single version)
Genre (s) skirt
Author (s) Lennon / McCartney

Paperback Writer ( English paperback writer ) was the twelfth single of the Beatles . It was published on May 30, 1966 in the USA and on June 10, 1966 in Europe. The B-side of the single is the title Rain .


The song Paperback Writer , largely written by Paul McCartney , was recorded on April 13-14, 1966 at Abbey Road Studios . The song is under the copyright of Lennon / McCartney , which was common in Beatles times . McCartney played in the recordings for the first time a Rickenbacker - Bass Model 4001 . During the mixing, the drums were split into the stereo spectrum ( snare and cymbals on the left, tom toms in the middle, bass drum on the right). Echo effects were added to the voices. It was the Beatles' first single hit with the Artificial Double Tracking (ADT) audio effect developed at Abbey Road Studios .

Characteristic of this piece is the background choir, which testifies to the play instinct and the love of quotation of the two composers. They used the first verse of the children's song Frère Jacques , which underlines the main melody harmonically and rhythmically.


For the first time since She Loves You , a Beatles single did not reach number 1 on the hit parade immediately after its release, but “only” entered number 2 and only reached the top position a week later. It was the group’s eleventh single that made it to the top of the charts in a row. The record sold more than 500,000 copies in the UK and more than a million in the US.

In order to promote the sales of the single, two films were shot especially. This was basically the birth of the music video .


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