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Peter Schiff (born June 27, 1923 in Neustrelitz , † April 16, 2014 in Berlin ) was a German actor and voice actor .


Peter Schiff was born as the son of the director and later artistic director Hermann Schiff and the actress Louise Schulz-Waida. In 1924 the family moved to Stettin , where Schiff grew up. In the spring of 1942 he was called up for military service, but was soon taken prisoner by the Soviets. After the Second World War he learned the acting profession with Marlise Ludwig in Berlin and got his first engagement at the theater in Greiz in 1951 . In addition to numerous appearances on Berlin theater stages, he was seen in many television productions. In the 1960s, Schiff also worked as a speaker for radio play productions and was part of the permanent ensemble of the puppet theaterDie Kullerköpf ”.

The grave of actor Peter Schiff in the Nikolassee cemetery in Berlin.

Schiff also worked as a voice actor in the Germanization of films. In 1968 he lent his voice to the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey . The in no way mechanized, but emphatically gentle and empathetic voice remained friendly and patient even when the spaceship computer was underhanded and deadly decisions. It changed public perception considerably and shaped an image of the technologicalization by computers in the German-speaking area for decades , similar to what the original spokesman Douglas Rain was able to do in the original English version.

After Louis de Funès ' voice actor Gerd Martienzen fell ill, Schiff took on the dubbing for the first time in 1978 for the film Der Querkopf . On television he appeared regularly as a supporting actor in well-known series such as Drei Damen vom Grill (as Otto Krause, known as Ost-Otto) and Liebling Kreuzberg (as a lawyer Dr. Wolter).

In May 2012 he received the honorary award of the audio book and radio play award " Ohrkanus " for his life's work.

Peter Schiff, who fell ill with Parkinson's disease in old age , last lived in Berlin-Zehlendorf , where he died of pneumonia on 2014 at the age of 90. Schiff was buried in the Protestant cemetery Nikolassee , grave site F IV 02.

Filmography (selection)

Synchronous rollers (selection)

Louis de Funès

Harry Carey Junior

Jean Carmet


Douglas Rain



Radio plays

  • 1955: Rudolf Bayr : Agamemnon muss die (Bote) - Director: Hans Conrad Fischer (radio play - SFB )
  • 1964–1978: Various authors: Back then it was - Stories from old Berlin (he had a continuous role in eleven stories with 139 episodes) - Director: Ivo Veit et al. (40 stories in 426 episodes) ( RIAS Berlin)
  • 1968: Moby Dick , narrator / Ismael (Philips)
  • 1973: Kalle Blomquist , narrator (Fontana)
  • 1973: Kalle Blomquist lives dangerously, narrator (Fontana)
  • 1974: Pole Poppenspäler , narrator / Paul Paulsen (Fontana)
  • 1974: Das Sams: A week full of Saturdays as a narrator and Mr Taschenbier (Phonogram GmbH, Hamburg)
  • 1976: Enid Blyton - secret about a hidden room, as village policeman Mr. Grimm (Fontana)
  • 1977: Konrad from the tin can, narrator (Decca)
  • 1977: Karlsson from the roof - Karlsson flies again as Karlsson (Phonogram)
  • 1979: Professor van Dusen - Die nicely with Shakespear (episode 5), as stage manager Paul Elton ( RIAS )
  • 1980: Professor van Dusen - Gamer, Zossen and Zinnober (episode 15), as a banker Süßmilch ( RIAS )
  • 1982: The Sams: On Saturday, the Sams came back as Mr. Taschenbier (Phonogram GmbH, Hamburg)
  • 1982: Der kleine Muck , narrator (Maritime)
  • 1986: Professor van Dusen meets Kaiser Wilhelm (episode 41), as Commissioner Loewe ( RIAS )
  • 1986: Benjamin Blümchen - as Sheriff (episode 50), as Joe
  • 1992: The three ??? - Imminent danger (episode 54), as Firestone (Europe)
  • 1992: TKKG - Spook from the Beyond (episode 82), when Dr. Beinhart Geiser (Europe)
  • 1993: The Sams: New points for the Sams as Mr. Taschenbier (Polygram GmbH, Hamburg)
  • 1997–1998: Tabaluga , first voice of the eagle owl Shouhou
  • 1997: Das Sams: A Sams for Martin Taschenbier as Mr. Taschenbier (Polygram GmbH, Hamburg)
  • 2006–2011: Perry Rhodan - Star Ocean Cycle Radio Play, as Echopage (Lübbe Audio)
  • 2010: Goldagengården - (episodes 1-9), as Nils Edmundson (Magic Moon Audio)
  • 2013: Sherlock Holmes - The New Cases (episode 7 - "The icy death"), as Listcombe (Romantruhe / All Score Media)
  • 1966/2013: Sándor Ferenczy : The gentlemen ask for cash - Director: Sándor Ferenczy (detective radio play - Audio Factory)
  • 2014: Sherlock Holmes - The New Falls (episode 11 - "In the cold fog of the Thames"), as Major William Dawson (Romantruhe / All Score Media)
  • 2014: Sherlock Holmes - The New Cases (Episode 15 - "The Secret of Baskerville Hall"), as Walter Milburn (Romantruhe / All Score Media)


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