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Location of the endangered world heritage sites

The Red List of World Heritage in Danger is maintained by UNESCO . It is based on the World Heritage Convention signed by 193 countries. Of those cultural and natural monuments that are on the World Heritage List , UNESCO uses this Red List to highlight those whose existence and validity are threatened by serious and specific dangers such as damage, destruction or disappearance. UNESCO calls for extraordinary conservation efforts for these sites.


Western Wall and Old City of Jerusalem , which is on the Red List. In 2007 UNESCO had to intervene in the dispute over the ramp to the Dung Gate (right).
The Iguaçu National Park in Brazil was on the Red List from 1999–2000. The pressure resulted in a street running through the park not being reopened.

There are many reasons for threats. Land development, urbanization, natural disasters, armed conflicts, clearing, poaching, vandalism, neglect and extensive tourism can endanger World Heritage sites . Threats can already be identified, as if buildings have been demolished, or only possible, as if there is no legal basis for protection.

An inclusion in the Red List is always an appeal to the international community. The application is submitted by UNESCO or the country concerned. The decision is adopted by the World Heritage Committee with a two-thirds majority. In this case, the “community of states” should participate financially, technically and politically in the protection and rescue. The World Heritage Committee also has its own funds from which aid measures can be financed. The World Heritage Committee sometimes threatens to add a site to the Red List against the will of the affected state. This announcement alone can initiate significant conservation efforts in some countries.

"[...] the Committee is of the view that its assistance in certain cases may most effectively be limited to messages of its concern, including the message sent by inscription of a property on the List of World Heritage in Danger and that such assistance may be requested by any Committee member or the Secretariat. "

“[…] The Committee believes that, in certain cases, its assistance may most appropriately be limited to communications of concern, including notification of an item being inscribed on the World Heritage List in Danger, and that such assistance may be from anyone Member of the committee or the secretariat can be requested. "

- Implementing provisions for the World Heritage Convention, Item 177

After the entry, the World Heritage Committee formulates a program for remedial measures and creates the schedule, preferably coordinated with the state concerned, if necessary against its will. The measures to protect the site are checked, the processes are determined and it is checked when the condition that gave rise to the registration will be eliminated. A site can only be removed from the Red List when the cause of the threat to entry has been eliminated. If the hazard is not eliminated and the outstanding importance of the site is irretrievably destroyed, the site or part of it can also be removed from the World Heritage List, although this rarely occurs (see Former World Heritage ).

Entries in the red list

In July 2019, 53 of the 1113 World Heritage sites were on the Red List.

  • Natural heritage sites are marked with an “ N ” and cultural heritage sites with a “ K ”.
  • Monuments that belong to both the world cultural and the world natural heritage bear a " K / N ".
Red list since site Country Type World Heritage since reasons
1982 Old City and City Walls of Jerusalem not assigned to any state K 1981 Given the unclear legal status of Jerusalem, the preservation of the Old City is a particular problem. Most recently, work on the ramp to the dung gate was controversial. Siur wikipedia in Jerusalem 080608 52.JPG
1986 Ruined city of Chan Chan PeruPeru Peru K 1986 The ruins are exposed to increasingly severe damage due to climate changes , rising groundwater levels and illegal settlements on the site. Chanchan fishnet ruins.JPG
1992 Strict nature reserve Mount Nimba Ivory CoastIvory Coast Ivory Coast , Guinea
N 1981 Iron ore mining is planned in Guinea , rebels are in control in Ivory Coast and refugees have set up camps in the park. Mont Nimba landscape.jpg
1992 Aïr and Ténéré nature reserves NigerNiger Niger N 1991 The uprisings of the Tuareg led to the acceptance, the various political upheavals and insufficient involvement of the government have prevented it from being removed from the list. Fachi-Bilma-Dunes.jpg
1994 Virunga National Park Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1979 A wave of refugees entering the region after the genocide in Rwanda threatened the park's tree population. Armed groups are still operating in the region. Nyiragongo2004.jpg
1996 Garamba National Park Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1980 The white rhinos were almost wiped out by poaching. The unclear politico-military situation speaks against removing the park from the list anytime soon. Garamba National Park overhead.jpg
1997 Kahuzi-Biéga National Park Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1980 The population of the mountain gorillas is endangered, the lower-lying regions of the park are used by a Rwandan rebel group as a base of operations. Kahuzi gorilla.jpg
1997 Okapi game reserve Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1996 Deforestation through slash and burn for agriculture and commercial hunting for the sale of game meat, as well as the mining of gold and coltan threaten the reserve. Epulu Okapi Reserve.jpg
1997 Manovo-Gounda Saint Floris National Park Central African RepublicCentral African Republic Central African Republic N 1988 Organized poaching has massively reduced the park's animal population.
1999 Salonga National Park Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1984 The general breakdown of law and order in the region resulted in the looting and desertion of some of the park guards. La rivière Lulilaka, parc national de Salonga, 2005.jpg
2000 Medina of Zabid YemenYemen Yemen K 1993 The historical souq is no longer used, and many buildings have been replaced by modern concrete structures.
Mosque in Zabid.jpg
2001 Early Christian ruins of Abu Mena (Monastery of St. Menas) EgyptEgypt Egypt K 1979 Rising groundwater as a result of an irrigation project destroys the foundations.
Abu Mena Ancient Monastery 04.JPG
2002 Minaret and archaeological finds from Jam AfghanistanAfghanistan Afghanistan K 2002 The minaret threatened to be washed away by the river and is no longer vertical. There are no structures to protect the site yet. Jam Minaret decoration1.jpg
2003 Cultural landscape and archaeological sites of the Bamiyan Valley (e.g. Buddha statues of Bamiyan ) AfghanistanAfghanistan Afghanistan K 2003 After the statues were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, their niches threatened to collapse. Landmines still lie in parts of the valley . Small Buddha.jpg
2003 Aššur IraqIraq Iraq K 2003 The excavation sites threatened to be flooded by the construction of the Makhul Dam. Although the project has been abandoned, the general security issues remain. Flickr - The US Army - (218) .jpg
2005 Old town and port of Coro VenezuelaVenezuela Venezuela K 1993 Severe storms in 2004/05 wreaked havoc on the city.
2006 Medieval monuments in Kosovo : Dečani Monastery , Patriarchal Monastery Peć , Gračanica Monastery and Church of the Virgin of Ljeviša SerbiaSerbia Serbia
( Kosovo )KosovoKosovo 
K 2004/2006 The security situation is unstable. Visoki Dečani, exterior view (Julian Nyča) .jpg
2007 Archaeological sites of Samarra IraqIraq Iraq K 2007 The dome and minarets of the Al-Askari shrine were destroyed by bomb attacks. Al-Askari Mosque 2006.jpg
2007 Niokolo-Koba National Park SenegalSenegal Senegal N 1981 The park suffers from poaching and a dam construction project in the Gambia could prevent the regular flooding of the grasslands. River Gambia Niokolokoba National Park.gif
2010 Everglades National Park United StatesUnited States United States N 1979 Increasing environmental pollution and interventions in the water balance threaten the park.
The park was already on the red list from 1993 to 2007.
Everglades Mangroves 01.jpg
2010 Kasubi Tombs , tombs of the Buganda kings UgandaUganda Uganda K 2001 Was partially destroyed by fire.
Kasubi tombs.JPG
2010 Atsinanana rainforests MadagascarMadagascar Madagascar N 2007 Illegal logging and hunting of the endangered lemurs of the natural heritage site
Indri indri 001.jpg
2011 Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve HondurasHonduras Honduras N 1982 Illegal logging, slash and burn , increasing pressure from agriculture, a planned hydropower plant and inadequate management endanger the forests.
Rio platano.jpg
2011 Tropical rainforests of Sumatra : Gunung Leuser National Park , Kerinchi-Seblat National Park and Barisan Selatan National Park IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesia N 2004 Illegal logging and increasing pressure from agricultural use, as well as poaching and plans for roads through the area.
Orangutan bukit lawang 2006.jpg
2012 Fortifications on the Caribbean coast in Panama: Portobelo - San Lorenzo PanamaPanama Panama K 1980 Environmental factors, poor maintenance and uncontrollable urban development threaten the fortresses, once a splendid example of 17th and 18th century military architecture on the Caribbean coast.
Portobelo Ruins and bay.jpg
2012 Timbuktu mosques , mausoleums and cemeteries MaliMali Mali K 1988 The Malian government asked for the protection of the world heritage sites in the north of the country, which is affected by an armed conflict .
Sankore Mosque in Timbuktu.jpg
2012 Askia tomb MaliMali Mali K 2004 The Malian government asked for the protection of the world heritage sites in the north of the country, which is affected by an armed conflict.
2012 Historic port city of Liverpool United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom K 2004 Endangerment from a planned new building project that would destroy the historic character of the docks.
Liverpool Pier Head.jpg
2013 Aleppo old town SyriaSyria Syria K 1986 All world heritage sites are threatened by the civil war in Syria . It is also intended to draw attention to the risks to which they are exposed.
2013 Old town of Bosra SyriaSyria Syria K 1980
2013 Old Damascus SyriaSyria Syria K 1979
City of Damascus pictured from Mt Qasioun.jpg
2013 Dead cities in northern Syria SyriaSyria Syria K 2011
Jerada, tower.jpg
2013 Krak des Chevaliers and Qal'at Salah ed-Din SyriaSyria Syria K 2006
Crac des chevaliers syria.jpeg
2013 Palmyra ruins SyriaSyria Syria K 1980
Diocletian's camp and Qasr Ibn Maʿan.jpg
2013 East Rennell Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands Solomon Islands N 1998 Deforestation of island forests, sea level rise due to climate change, mining activities, commercial fishing and lowering of the water table associated with the ingress of sea water
STS088-706-64 indispensable.PNG
2014 Potosí BoliviaBolivia Bolivia K 1987 Mining and industry cause the groundwater level to drop and endanger the stability of the city's subsoil
2014 Selous Game Reserve TanzaniaTanzania Tanzania N 1982 Organized poaching has almost wiped out the reserve's wildlife.
Selous Game Reserve-Girraffes.jpg
2014 Battir Cultural Landscape Palastina autonomous areasPalestine Palestine K 2014 Drought and changes in land use endanger the character of the original landscape
Beitar Ilit IMG 7983.JPG
2015 Ruins of the Parthian city of Hatra IraqIraq Iraq K 1985 Damage caused by armed groups
Hatra ruins.jpg
2015 Old City of Sanaa YemenYemen Yemen K 1986 Destruction and exposure to armed conflict
2015 Old town and city wall of Shibam YemenYemen Yemen K 1982 Potential exposure to armed conflict
Shibam details Wadi Hadhramaut Yemen.jpg
2016 Old towns of Djenné MaliMali Mali K 1988 Due to the unstable location in the region, the world heritage site can no longer be adequately protected.
Great Mosque of Djenné 1.jpg
2016 Historic center of Shahrisabz UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan K 2000 The demolition of old buildings and the construction of hotels and other modern structures in the vicinity of the medieval old town have led to an irreversible change in the historical cityscape.
Kok-gumbaz mosque shahrisabz.jpg
2016 Leptis Magna archaeological site LibyaLibya Libya K 1982 Since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, Libya has been extremely unstable. The presence of armed groups in the immediate vicinity of the World Heritage sites has already caused damage. Further destruction is to be feared.
Leptis Magna market place April 2004.jpg
2016 Sabratha archaeological site LibyaLibya Libya K 1982
Sabratha - forum area.jpg
2016 Cyrene archaeological site LibyaLibya Libya K 1982
2016 Rock paintings by Tadrart Acacus LibyaLibya Libya K 1985
Tadrart Acacus 1.jpg
2016 Old town of Ghadames LibyaLibya Libya K 1986
Ghadames old town alley.jpg
2016 Nan Madol Micronesia, Federated StatesMicronesia Micronesia K 2016 Danger from silting up the waterways and overgrowth by the mangroves
Nan Madol 2.jpg
2017 Historic center of Vienna AustriaAustria Austria K 2001 Endangerment from a planned 66 meter high new building on Heumarkt . IMG 0252 - Vienna - Belvedere Palace.JPG
2017 Old town of Hebron / al-Chalil Palastina autonomous areasPalestine Palestine K 2017 In an emergency application, the Palestinians campaigned for protection status, as they complain of increasing destruction in the old town, which they blame the Jewish settlers. 16-03-31-Hebron-Altstadt-RalfR-WAT 5716.jpg
2018 National parks on Lake Turkana KenyaKenya Kenya N 2018 The biotope is threatened by a dam. LakeTurkanaSouthIsland.jpg
2019 Islands and reserves of the Gulf of California MexicoMexico Mexico N 2005 The heritage site was put on the Red List because of concerns about the imminent extinction of the endemic vaquita , which have an outstanding share in the inclusion as a World Heritage site. Golfo 001.JPG

Deletions from the Red List

The following world heritage sites were on the red list in the past, but have since been deleted. The deletions from the Red List listed here were due to the removal of the reason for inclusion in the Red List. For indirect deletions from the Red List as a result of the deletion of the endangered site from the list of World Heritage sites, see Former World Heritage .

Red list from ... to site Country Type World Heritage since reasons
1979-2003 Bay and Kotor region MontenegroMontenegro Montenegro K / N 1979 The cities in the bay were destroyed by an earthquake in 1979. In the 1990s, uncontrolled construction threatened integrity. Kotorstarigrad.JPG
1984-1988 and 2000-2006 Djoudj bird sanctuary SenegalSenegal Senegal N 1981 1984: Dams built on Senegal threatened the water balance in the delta. 2000: An invasive swimming fern was out of control. CormoransDjoudj.JPG
1984-1989 Ngorongoro Nature Reserve TanzaniaTanzania Tanzania N 1979 The game population in the park was threatened by poaching and encroaching agriculture. Ngorongo struisvogels.jpg
1984-1992 Garamba National Park Congo Democratic RepublicDemocratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo N 1980 The white rhinos in the national park have been almost wiped out by poaching. After being deleted since 1996, it has been on the red list again, see above . Northern White Rhinoceros Angalifu.jpg
1985-2007 Abomey Royal Palaces BeninBenin Benin K 1985 In 1984 a tornado caused severe damage in Abomey. Inadequate protective measures prevented the deletion for a long time. Abomey Royal Palace2.jpg
1988-2004 Bahla Fortress OmanOman Oman K 1987 Due to the lack of conservation efforts, the earthen buildings were regularly damaged by rainfall. Bahla Fort.jpg
1989-1998 Wieliczka Salt Mine PolandPoland Poland K 1978 High humidity in the tunnels threatened to damage sculptures and tunnels. Salt mining.Wieliczka.jpg
1990-2005 Mosques, mausoleums and cemeteries of Timbuktu MaliMali Mali K 1988 The erection of modern buildings threatened the cityscape. In 2003 a flood destroyed a number of late medieval buildings.
Since 2012 on the red list again, see above .
Djingareiber cour.jpg
1991-1998 Old town of Dubrovnik CroatiaCroatia Croatia K 1979 The city was badly damaged in the Battle of Dubrovnik in 1991. Dubrovnik-1.JPG
1992-1997 Plitvice Lakes National Park CroatiaCroatia Croatia N 1979 The armed conflicts between Croats and Serbs in the area of ​​the park are considered to be the trigger for the establishment of the Republic of Serbian Krajina and led to destruction. HR - Plitvice (Plitvička Jezera) 1.JPG
1992-2003 Srebarna Biosphere Reserve BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria N 1983 With the construction of a dam at the Iron Gate , the area began to dry out and threatened the population of the Dalmatian pelicans . Srebarna-lake-Svik.jpg
1992-2004 Angkor , Roluos and Banteay Srei Archaeological Parks CambodiaCambodia Cambodia K 1992 At the time of enrollment, Cambodia was under UN administration and there was no monument protection legislation. With the steadily increasing number of visitors in the following years, it took a long time for protective and restoration measures to take effect.
1992-2005 Sangay National Park EcuadorEcuador Ecuador N 1983 The construction of a road threatened the integrity of the park. Sangay2.jpg
1993-2007 Everglades National Park United StatesUnited States United States N 1979 The effects of Hurricane Andrew, along with increasing environmental pollution and disruptions to the water balance, threatened the park.
On the red list again since 2010, see above .
Everglades Mangroves 01.jpg
1995-2003 Yellowstone National Park United StatesUnited States United States N 1978 Various interventions and negative influences (shooting down of bison to control diseases, mining in the peripheral regions, construction of tourist facilities, too liberal granting of hunting and fishing permits) threatened the park.
Norris Geyser Basin 04.jpg
1996-2006 Ichkeul National Park TunisiaTunisia Tunisia N 1980 The water balance of the wetland was damaged by dam construction and it threatened to become too salty. Parcichkeul3.jpg
1996-2007 Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve HondurasHonduras Honduras N 1982 Deforestation, expansion of agriculture and the intrusion of foreign animals and plants together with the plans for a dam threatened the tropical rainforest.
Since 2011 on the red list again, see above .
Rio platano.jpg
1996-2017 Simien National Park EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia N 1978 Shrinking of the extremely small Ethiopian Ibex population and increasing human settlement in the park area. Semien Mountains 02.jpg
1997-2005 Butrint ruins AlbaniaAlbania Albania K 1992 Due to general neglect, the ruins were in poor condition. Butrint, Albania.jpg
1999-2001 Iguaçu National Park BrazilBrazil Brazil N 1986 Reopening a previously closed road would have split the park in half. Toco toucan foz.jpg
1999-2004 Ruwenzori Mountains UgandaUganda Uganda N 1994 Between 1997 and 2001, the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group operated from the Ruwenzori Mountains . This led to the collapse of the management of the park. Ruwenpflanze.jpg
1999-2006 Temple district of Hampi IndiaIndia India K 1986 The construction of a bridge and an industrial park would have directed larger flows of motorized traffic into the protected area. Hampi-Old-And-New.jpg
2002-2006 Ruined city Tipasa AlgeriaAlgeria Algeria K 1982 Insufficient protection has led to vandalism, illegal settlements and constant disputes over property. In addition, there was not enough staff to deal with the erosion damage and deliberate destruction. Tipasa.jpg
2003-2007 Kathmandu valley (e.g. Kathmandu , Bodnath , Patan , Bhaktapur and Pashupatinath / expanded in 2006) NepalNepal Nepal K 1979 The population pressure and the rapid urban development led to new buildings in the vicinity of the protected sites, which threatened their traditional appearance. IMG 0483 Kathmandu Pashupatinath.jpg
2003-2009 City of Baku with the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower AzerbaijanAzerbaijan Azerbaijan K 2000 After being damaged by an earthquake in 2000, uncontrolled building activity accelerated in the old town.
Baku Maiden Tower.jpg
2003-2017 Comoé National Park Ivory CoastIvory Coast Ivory Coast N 1983 The civil war in Ivory Coast had increased poaching. National Park Comoe4.jpg
2004-2006 Cologne cathedral GermanyGermany Germany K 1996 The visual integrity of the cathedral and the skyline of Cologne were endangered by the high-rise plans on the opposite side of the Rhine from the cathedral.
Cologne Cathedral.jpg
2004-2013 Bam and its cultural landscape IranIran Iran K 2004 Bam was destroyed by an earthquake in 2003. BAM IR2726.JPG
2004-2014 Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara TanzaniaTanzania Tanzania K 1981 Lack of measures to stop the ruins from falling into disrepair. Kilwa Kisiwani Fort.jpg
2007-2010 Galapagos Islands EcuadorEcuador Ecuador N 1978 Increasing tourism and unauthorized settlement mean that more and more alien species are being introduced. The illegal settlers have been forcibly relocated to the mainland, and tourism is being more strictly controlled. Darwin's Arch, Galapagos.jpg
1992-2011 Manas National Park IndiaIndia India N 1985 After an attack by a Bodo separatist group, the park was largely destroyed. The recovery and stabilization of the animal population is proceeding slowly. Capped langur in manas.jpg
2000-2012 Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens in Lahore PakistanPakistan Pakistan K 1981 Two of the three cisterns that water the gardens were destroyed in favor of the construction of a road. Ali Imran-Shalamar Garden June6 2004 (8) .jpg
2001–2012 Rice terraces in the Filipino Cordillera PhilippinesPhilippines Philippines K 1995 With the decreasing interest of the Ifugao in their traditional culture, the rice terraces were also increasingly neglected. Banaue rice terraces 1.jpg
2009-2015 Los Katíos National Park ColombiaColombia Colombia N 1994 Illegal logging has resulted in deforestation within and around the park's edges.
Significant improvements in the management of the national park led the World Heritage Committee to remove the park from the red list.
2009-2016 Historical monuments in Mtskheta GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia K 1994 The masonry and frescoes clearly showed signs of destruction. At the 40th meeting of the WHC it was decided to remove the world heritage site from the list. This takes into account Georgia's efforts to improve the protection and management of the monuments.
Jvari მცხეთა Mtskheta.jpg
2009-2018 Barrier Reef Nature Reserve of Belize BelizeBelize Belize N 1996 Mangroves have been cut down on a large scale. Great Blue Hole.jpg
2010-2017 Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi GeorgiaGeorgia Georgia K 1994 The entry in the list of endangered world heritage was due to renovation work on the Bagrati Cathedral , which greatly changed the character of the site. In 2017 the Bagrati Cathedral was removed from the World Heritage Site. The remaining Gelati Monastery is no longer on the red list.
Kutaisi - Bagrati.jpg
2012-2019 Birthplace of Jesus Christ: Church of the Nativity and Pilgrimage, Bethlehem Palastina autonomous areasPalestine Palestine K 2012 The roof tiles of the church have not been renewed since the 19th century. Penetrating rainwater damages the load-bearing elements as well as wall mosaics and paintings.
Nativity Church15.jpg
2005-2019 Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works ChileChile Chile K 2005 Almost fifty years after the works were abandoned, the desert winds and thefts wreaked havoc. Some of the buildings are in acute danger of collapsing. Humberstone.jpg

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