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Andreas Khol (2006)

Andreas Khol (born July 14, 1941 in Bergen auf Rügen , Pomerania , Germany ) is a former Austrian politician of the ÖVP . From 2002 to 2006 he was President of the Austrian National Council . He ran as a candidate for the federal presidential election in Austria in 2016 .


Khol was born as the son of South Tyrolean parents on the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen and grew up in Gossensaß and Sterzing in South Tyrol. There he also attended elementary school until the family followed his father to Innsbruck in Tyrol in 1946 . He was expelled from Italy in 1945 due to his conscientious objection to military service .

His family has been documented on Ritten near Bozen since the 9th century , where the Kholhof is still located today. Until 1848 the Kholens were hereditary judges of the Renon and represented him in the state parliament, thus the right to carry a coat of arms and the peasant nobility was connected. In 1949, Andreas Khol was granted Austrian citizenship , but he did not do military service due to his being unfit .

After graduating from the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck in 1959, Andreas Khol studied law at the University of Innsbruck and Paris ; he received his doctorate in 1963 (Dr. iur.). He is a member of the student association AV Raeto-Bavaria Innsbruck in the ÖCV . In 1969 he completed his habilitation with Felix Ermacora at the University of Vienna (constitutional law, international organizations), where he was appointed associate professor in 1980.

During his studies, Khol worked as a tour guide in Tyrol . He met his future wife from Carinthia, who also worked as a tour guide. The marriage in 1965 resulted in six children.

In 1966, Khol became secretary at the Austrian Constitutional Court and at the same time general secretary of the Austrian Society for Foreign Policy. 1969–1973 he was an international official in the Secretariat of the Council of Europe . There he worked in international human rights protection. In 1971 he was elected by the officials of the Council of Europe as their representative, who negotiated a labor constitution for the officials of the Council of Europe. As a result, he was elected 1st President of the new staff council. In 1974 he took up a position at the head of the Political Academy of the ÖVP , which he headed as director until 1993. He was the founding executive secretary of the European Democratic Union in 1978, which was founded by Josef Taus as party chairman with Helmut Kohl , Margaret Thatcher and Jacques Chirac as an International of Christian Democrats and Conservative Parties - as a counterweight to the Socialist International . He held this office until 1994 and made it an important tool for the integration of Austria into the European Union and the incorporation of the new like-minded parties into the new democracies after the fall of the Iron Curtain .

Between May 19, 1983 and October 30, 2006, Khol was a member of the National Council . From 1994 to 1999 and from 2000 to 2002 he was club chairman of the parliamentary group of the ÖVP . In the debate about the successor to Erhard Busek as party chairman after the National Council election in 1995 , Khol was considered the candidate of the conservative party wing. However, the new party leader was Wolfgang Schüssel . He was soon joined by a close political community. With Schüssel, Elisabeth Gehrer and Wilhelm Molterer , he prepared the coalition with Jörg Haider's FPÖ and was part of the ÖVP's “ kitchen cabinet ”. Because when the ÖVP officially conducted coalition negotiations with the SPÖ in December 1999 , which became increasingly narrow-minded, the ÖVP negotiated in parallel with the FPÖ in Khol's apartment in Vienna-Hietzing. From December 20, 2002 to October 30, 2006 Andreas Khol was (First) President of the National Council. During this time he acquired the Palais Epstein for the parliament and repaired it with the BIG , at the same time he extensively rebuilt the parliament building. Above all, Parliament received a modern visitor and press center . The number of visitors tripled to 160,000. He also reformed the Rules of Procedure and introduced Europe Days. He was also chairman of the South Tyrol Commission in the National Council. In addition, he held functions as a board member and board member of the ÖVP and as federal chairman of the ÖVP senior citizens' association . Khol continues to exercise these functions after his retirement from active politics.

Since 2006

Election poster during the presidential election in Austria 2016 in Sooss

After the 2006 National Council election , in which the ÖVP lost its relative mandate majority, he announced on October 11, 2006 that he would not make use of his mandate. Khol was then chairman of the senior citizens' union of the ÖVP until January 2016. As a member of the party executive committee and commentator in the daily newspaper Die Presse , he is still in public. In addition, as since 1976, he continues to publish the standard work Austrian Yearbook for Politics . Together with ÖVP politicians like Erhard Busek and Herbert Kohlmaier , he founded a Catholic lay alliance that calls for the abolition of celibacy in the Roman Catholic priesthood and the ordination of women as deacons .

On January 10, 2016, Khol was presented as an ÖVP candidate for the federal presidential election in Austria 2016 . After his electoral defeat in the first ballot (he only reached fifth place out of six applicants), Khol announced that he would withdraw from politics.


His youngest son Julian (* 1979) studied painting in Vienna with Christian Ludwig Attersee and in Düsseldorf with Herbert Brandl . Since 2012 he lives as a freelance artist in Cologne and Vienna and has been with the RTL presenter Nazan Eckes married.


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