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Basic data
Coordinates: 37 ° 54 '  N , 36 ° 58'  E Coordinates: 37 ° 54 '  N , 36 ° 58'  E
Provincial capital: Kahramanmaraş
Region: Mediterranean region
Surface: 14,327 km²
Population: 1,112,634 (2016)
Population density: 78 inhabitants / km²
Governor: Vahdettin Özkan
Seats in Parliament: 8th
Telephone code: 0344
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www.Kahramanmaras.gov.tr (Turkish)

Kahramanmaraş ( Armenian Մարաշ Marasch , Kurdish Gurgum or Mereş ) is a Turkish province and has 1,112,634 inhabitants (as of 2016). Until the end of the Turkish War of Independence , the province was only called Maraş. In recognition of her resistance, however, she was nicknamed Kahraman (hero) and was called Kahramanmaraş from then on. The provincial capital of the same name Kahramanmaraş alone has 522,775 inhabitants, the second largest town is Elbistan with 135,386 inhabitants. Starting in the north in a clockwise direction, Maraş has the following neighboring provinces: Sivas , Malatya , Adıyaman , Gaziantep , Adana , Osmaniye and Kayseri .


The province of Kahramanmaraş belongs to the two Turkish regions Mediterranean Region and Eastern Anatolia . The terrain is up to 3000 m high and consists of mountains of the Taurus Mountains with plains in between. The province has many rivers but no natural lakes.

Mountains and plateaus

Mountains take up more than half of the province's area. Most of the mountains are foothills of the Taurus Mountains. At 3,081 m, the Nurhak is the highest mountain in the province. Other important mountains or mountains are the Amanos Dağları (also Nur Dağları or Gavur Dağları), the Engizek Dağı (2815 m), the Ahır Dağı (2301 m), Binboğa Dağları (2942 m) and the Delihöbek Dağı (2338 m).

The plateaus , which make up about a quarter of the area, are more in the north of the province at altitudes between 1500 and 2000 m.


The main river in the province is the Ceyhan . The entire province is drained by this river. The Ceyhan rises at an altitude of 2000 m in the district of Elbistan and flows in a meander shape first in a south-westerly direction and then to the south, where it joins the Göksun stream near the village of Ortaklı. After increasing in size, it flows through many valleys and leaves the provincial borders in the southwest. Another important river is the Aksu, which has its source at Engizek Dağı.

The Gavur Gölü swamp was drained. With the damming of the Aksu in 1972, the artificial Kartalkaya reservoir was created. It has a volume of 195 million m³ and irrigates around 27,000 hectares of land.


Kahramanmaraş has been a major city (Büyükşehir belediyesi) since 2012. After an administrative reform in 2014, all districts are directly subordinate to the Lord Mayor of Kahramanmaraş. The former mayors of the municipalities ( Belediye ) were downgraded to the rank of Muhtar . Therefore, the twelve rural districts are also urban districts:


Monument in Syrian Aleppo for the Armenian victims in Marasch 1920, Surp-Kework Church

The majority of the population of Kahramanmaraş Province is made up of Turks. The Kurds make up the largest minority with 20% . Most of the people are of the Sunni faith. There are also numerous Alevis , many of whom emigrated to Adana after the Kahramanmaraş pogrom in 1978 . Until the genocide of the Armenians in 1915, there was also a large Armenian community . Those survivors of the genocide who fled to Armenia founded the district of Nork-Marash in Yerevan .


Maraş is connected to the Adana - Malatya railway line by a branch line . A country road leads via Türkoglu to the O-52 motorway from Adana to Gaziantep. Kahramanmaraş also has an airport located 5 km from the city and owned by DHMI .


The region's specialty is Maraş Dondurması ice cream , which is traditionally made from goat's milk and the snow from Mount Ahır Dağı. This ice cream has a resilient, chewing gum-like consistency until it melts. It made it into the Guinness Book of Records when it was stretched from electric pole to electric pole or frozen to buses and then lifted over the ice with a crane.

Other specialties are Maraş Içli Köfte ( bulgur bags filled with walnuts and meat), Eksili Çorbasi (a salty and sour soup with lots of herbs) and Maraş Tarhanasi . This wheat dough with yoghurt, dried in plates, can be eaten pure or roasted, but it can also be used in soup. The soup Kelle paça made of soft meat is also prepared in the province. The red hot chilli from Maraş and Fıstık Ezmesi (a dessert made from pistachio puree) are also known.


In the center of the provincial capital, a medieval citadel lies above the city. To the south, at Azerbaycan Bulvarı, is an archaeological museum with a collection of Hittite sculptures from the region. There are also some mosques , including the Ulu Cami from the 15th century and Hatuniye and Beyazit from the Ottoman era, Koran schools , of which the Taş Medresesi from the 15th century, and old churches can be seen. The province also has a reservoir, several alpine pastures with lakes, springs, waterfalls and stalactite caves.

In 2009, the late Hittite rock inscription of Tanır from the 9th or 8th century BC was found on the bank of the Hurman Çayı in the Afşin district . Discovered.


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