List of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue according to ICD-10

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The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10) classifies diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue in Chapter XIII according to the key below.

M00-M25 arthropathies

M00 – M03 Infectious arthropathies

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M00 Purulent arthritis Purulent arthritis (bacterial arthritis), pyarthrosis , joint empyema , coxitis arthritis
M01 * Direct joint infections in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere Meningococcal arthritis , tuberculous arthritis , Lyme disease arthritis, leprosy arthritis, localized salmonella arthritis, abdominal or paratyphoid typhoid arthritis, gonococcal arthritis, rubella arthritis, mumps arthritis, O'Nyong-nyong fever arthritis , Arthritis in mycoses
M02 Reactive arthritis Reactive arthritis , arthritis after intestinal bypass , Postenteritische arthritis, arthritis by vaccination , Reiter's disease
M03 * Post-infectious and reactive arthritis in diseases classified elsewhere Post- meningococcal arthritis , post- infectious arthritis in syphilis , Clutton syndrome , post- infectious arthritis in enteritis from Yersinia enterocolitica ( Yersinia arthritis ), post-infectious arthritis in viral hepatitis

M05 – M14 Inflammatory polyarthropathies

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M05 Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis Seropositive chronic polyarthritis ( rheumatoid arthritis ), Felty's syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis
M06 Other chronic polyarthritis Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis , bursitis in rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid nodules , Inflammatory polyarthropathy
M07 * Arthritis psoriatica and arthritis in basic gastrointestinal diseases Psoriatic arthritis , arthritis mutilans , psoriatic spondylitis , arthritis in Crohn's disease , arthritis in ulcerative colitis -
M08 Juvenile arthritis Juvenile idiopathic arthritis , juvenile polyarthritis , juvenile ankylosing spondylitis , Still's disease , juvenile chronic arthritis -
M09 * Juvenile Arthritis in Diseases Classified Elsewhere Juvenile arthritis in psoriasis , juvenile arthritis in Crohn's disease , juvenile arthritis in ulcerative colitis -
M10 gout Gout , Idiopathic gout , gouty bursitis , tophi of the heart, lead gout , drug-induced gout , gouty by renal dysfunction gout
M11 Other crystal arthropathies Crystal arthropathy , apatitrheumatism , familial chondrocalcinosis , chondrocalcinosis -
M12 Other specified arthropathies Chronic post rheumatoid arthritis ( Jaccoud arthritis ), Kashin-Beck disease , villonodular synovitis ( pigmented synovitis ), palindromic rheumatism , intermittent hydrops , traumatic arthropathy , transient arthropathy , coxitis fugax -
M13 Other arthritis Polyarthritis , unspecified; Monarthritis , not elsewhere classified; Allergic arthritis , inflammatory arthropathy -
M14 Arthropathies in other diseases classified elsewhere Gout arthropathy in Lesch-Nyhan syndrome , gout arthropathy in sickle cell disease , Crystal arthropathy in hyperparathyroidism , diabetic arthropathy , Multicentric Histiocytosis , lipoic dermatoarthritis , arthropathy in amyloidosis , arthropathy in acromegaly , arthropathy in pituitary gigantism , arthropathy in haemochromatosis , arthropathy with hyperthyroidism , arthropathy in hypothyroidism , neuropathic arthropathy , Charcot-arthropathy , tabetic arthropathy , neuropathic arthropathy with diabetes mellitus ( diabetic osteoarthropathy , Charcot foot ), arthritis in erythema multiforme , arthritis in erythema nodosum , arthritis in sarcoidosis , arthritis in Whipple- illness Arthropathy

M15-M19 osteoarthritis

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M15 Polyarthrosis Polyarthritis , primary generalized osteoarthritis ( primary generalized OA ), Heberden's node (with arthropathy), Bouchard osteoarthritis (with arthropathy), multiple Secondary osteoarthritis , post-traumatic polyarthrosis , Erosive arthritis ( erosive osteoarthritis ), Generalized osteoarthritis ( Generalized osteoarthritis ) arthrosis
M16 Coxarthrosis Coxarthrosis ( osteoarthritis of the hip joint ), primary coxarthrosis , coxarthrosis as a result of dysplasia ( dysplastic coxarthrosis ), post-traumatic coxarthrosis , secondary coxarthrosis
M17 Gonarthrosis Gonarthrosis ( arthrosis of the knee joint ), primary gonarthrosis , post-traumatic gonarthrosis , secondary gonarthrosis
M18 Rhizarthrosis Rhizarthrosis ( arthrosis of the thumb saddle joint ), primary rhizarthrosis , post-traumatic rhizarthrosis , secondary rhizarthrosis
M19 Other osteoarthritis Arthrosis , primary arthrosis , post-traumatic arthrosis , secondary arthrosis , cubital arthrosis

M20 – M25 Other joint diseases

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M20 Acquired deformities of the fingers and toes Buttonhole deformity , gooseneck deformity , hallux valgus , ball of the foot , hallux rigidus , hallux varus , hammer toe -
M21 Other acquired deformities of the extremities Knee deformity , valgus deformity , varus deformity , flexion deformity , case, hand , foot drop , flatfoot ( pes planus ), clawed hand , clubhand , claw foot , clubfoot , Different limb length , leg length discrepancy , coxa Vara , coxa valga -
M22 Diseases of the patella Habitual dislocation of the patella ( habitual patellar dislocation ), habitual subluxation of the patella , diseases in the patellofemoral area , chondromalacia patellae -
M23 Internal damage to the knee joint (internal derangement) Meniscus ganglion , disc meniscus , basket handle tear , meniscus tear , free joint body ( joint mouse ) in the knee joint, chronic instability of the knee joint ( knee joint instability ), snapping knee -
M24 Other specified joint damage Free joint body , other joint cartilage damage ( joint cartilage damage , chondropathy ), weak ligaments , pathological dislocation , pathological subluxation , habitual dislocation , habitual subluxation , joint contracture , flexion contracture , equinus , ankylosis of a joint, protrusio acetabuli , irritated hip -
M25 Other joint diseases, not elsewhere classified Hemarthrosis , Gelenkfistel , Schlotter joint instability of joint ( joint instability ), joint effusion , joint pain , joint stiffness , osteophyte , arthropathy -

M30 – M36 Systemic diseases of the connective tissue

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M30 Panarteritis nodosa and related conditions Panarteritis nodosa , panarteritis with lung involvement, allergic granulomatosis ( Churg-Strauss granulomatosis ), juvenile panarteritis , mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome ( Kawasaki disease ), polyangiitis overlap syndrome Vasculitis
M31 Other necrotizing vasculopathies Hypersensitivity , Goodpasture's syndrome , thrombotic microangiopathy , thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (Mosch Kowitz), Lethal midline granuloma , Wegener's granulomatosis ( necrotizing granulomatous disease of the respiratory tract ), aortic arch syndrome ( Takayasu's arteritis ), giant cell arteritis with polymyalgia rheumatica , Necrotizing vasculopathies , Hypocomplementemic vasculitis ( Urticarial Vasculitis )
M32 Systemic lupus erythematosus Systemic lupus erythematosus , drug-induced systemic lupus erythematosus -
M33 Dermatomyositis polymyositis Juvenile dermatomyositis , other dermatomyositis , polymyositis -
M34 Systemic sclerosis Systemic Sclerosis , Scleroderma , Progressive Systemic Sclerosis , CRST Syndrome , CREST Syndrome -
M35 Other diseases with systemic involvement of the connective tissue Sicca syndrome ( Sjogren's syndrome ), mixed connective tissue disease ( Sharp syndrome ), Behçet's disease , polymyalgia rheumatica , eosinophilic fasciitis , multifocal fibrosclerosis , recurrent panniculitis ( Pfeifer-Weber-Christian disease ), hypermobility syndrome , familial ligament weakness , Autoimmune disease (systemic) onA, collagen disease onA, vascular disease onA -
M36 * Systemic diseases of the connective tissue in diseases classified elsewhere Dermatomyositis - polymyositis in neoplasms , arthropathy in neoplasms, arthropathia haemophilica , arthropathy in Henoch- Schönlein purpura , system diseases of the connective tissue in hypogammaglobulinemia , system diseases of the connective tissue in ochronosis -

M40 – M54 Diseases of the spine and back

M40 – M43 Deformities of the spine and back

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M40 Kyphosis and lordosis Kyphosis , lordosis , flat back -
M41 Scoliosis Scoliosis , kyphosis , idiopathic scoliosis , Adoleszentenskoliose , thoracic scoliosis-related , Neuromyopathische scoliosis , scoliosis to cerebral palsy , Friedreich's ataxia , poliomyelitis and other neuromuscular diseases Secondary scoliosis Scoliosis
M42 Osteochondrosis of the spine Juvenile osteochondrosis of the spine ( juvenile osteochondrosis of the spine ), osteochondrosis of the spine ( osteochondrosis intervertebralis ), Scheuermann's disease , vertebra plana ( Calvé's disease ) -
M43 Other deformities of the spine and back Spondylolysis , spondylolisthesis , other vertebral fusion , ankylosis of a vertebral joint , habitual atlanto-axial subluxation , other habitual vertebral subluxation , torticollis , curvature of the spine onA -

M45-M49 spondylopathies

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M45 Ankylosing spondylitis Ankylosing spondylitis ( Bechterew's disease ) Spondylopathy
M46 Other inflammatory spondylopathies Spinal enthesopathy , sacroiliitis , vertebral osteomyelitis (see osteomyelitis ), disc infection ( spondylodiscitis ), discitis , infectious spondylopathy , inflammatory spondylopathy
M47 Spondylosis Spondylosis ( spondylosis ), osteoarthritis of the spine ( osteoarthritis of the spine , osteoarthritis of the spine ), artery spinal anterior compression syndrome , vertebral artery compression syndrome , Lumbosacral spondylosis , Thoracic spondylosis , cervical spondylosis , chondrosis
M48 Other spondylopathies Spinal stenosis ( spinal stenosis ), spondylitis hyperostotica ( diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis-Ott , Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis , DISH ), Baastrup syndrome , traumatic spondylopathy, fatigue fracture ( stress fracture ) of a vertebra, vertebral compression , wedge vertebrae , ossification of the ligamentum posterior longitudinal. ( OPLL syndrome ), Spondylopathy
M49 Spondylopathies in Diseases Classified Elsewhere Tuberculosis of the spine , Pott-Gibbus , spondylitis brucellosa , spondylitis due to enterobacteria , neuropathic spondylopathy in syringomyelia and syringobulbie , neuropathic spondylopathy in tabes dorsalis , vertebral fracture due to metastasis

M50 – M54 Other disorders of the spine and back

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M50 Cervical disc damage Cervical disc disease with Zervikalneuralgie , cervicothoracic disc disease, cervical disc disease with myelopathy , Cervical disc disease with radiculopathy , cervical disc displacement , cervical disc degeneration , brachialgia Disc herniation , disc protrusion , radiculopathy , back pain
M51 Other disc damage Thoracic, thoracolumbar and lumbosacral disc disease, lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with myelopathy , Lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with radiculopathy , sciatica by disc damage, lumbago by disc displacement, Other specified intervertebral disc degeneration , Schmorl nodules
M52 (not awarded) -
M53 Other diseases of the spine and back, not elsewhere classified Cervicocephalic syndrome , sympathetic posterior cervical syndrome , cervicobrachial syndrome , instability of the spine , coccygodynia
M54 Back pain Back pain , panniculitis , radiculopathy , Brachiale neuritis ( Brachiale radiculitis ), Lumbar neuritis ( Lumbar radiculitis ), Lumbosacral neuritis ( Lumbosacral radiculitis ), Thoracic neuritis ( Thoracic radiculitis ), radiculitis , Zervikalneuralgie , sciatica , sciatica , back pain , lumbar pain , lumbago , congestion in the sacrum , thoracic spine pain , brachialgia

M60 – M79 soft tissue disorders

M60 – M63 Diseases of the muscles

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M60 Myositis Myositis , Infectious Myositis , Tropical Pyomyositis , Interstitial Myositis , Foreign Body Granuloma ( granuloma caused by foreign bodies ) Myositis
M61 Calcification and ossification of muscles Myositis ossificans , traumatic myositis ossificans , myositis ossificans progressiva ( Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva ), myositis ossificans in tetraplegia or paraplegia , myositis ossificans in burns -
M62 Other muscle diseases Muskeldiastase , atraumatic torn muscle , ischemic myocardial infarction ( myocardial infarction ), Immobilitätssyndrom ( Paraplegisches Immobilitätssyndrom ), muscle contracture , muscle wasting , muscle atrophy , disuse atrophy , muscle strain , Muskelhernie , Muskelscheidenhernie -
M63 Muscle Diseases in Diseases Classified Elsewhere Myositis in leprosy , myositis in syphilis , myositis in schistosomiasis , myositis in toxoplasmosis , myositis in trichinellosis , myositis in cysticercosis , myositis in mycoses , myositis in sarcoidosis Myositis

M65 – M68 Diseases of the synovium and tendons

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M65 Synovitis and tenosynovitis Synovitis , tenosynovitis , Sehnenscheidenabszess , infectious synovitis ( Infectious tenosynovitis ), calcifying tendinitis , trigger finger , Tendopathia nodosa , tenosynovitis stenosans ( tenosynovitis stenosans de Quervain ) -
M66 Spontaneous rupture of the synovium and tendons Rupture of a popliteal cyst , rupture of the synovial membrane , rupture of a synovial cyst , tendon rupture -
M67 Other diseases of the synovium and tendons Achilles tendon shortening , Sehnenkontraktur , Sehnenscheidenkontraktur , hypertrophy of the synovial membrane (Synovialishypertrophie) Transient synovitis , Toxic synovitis , ganglion -
M68 Diseases of the synovium and tendons in diseases classified elsewhere Synovitis or tenosynovitis in gonorrhea , syphilis , tuberculosis -

M70 – M79 Other soft tissue disorders

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M70 Soft tissue diseases related to use, overuse and pressure Chronic tenosynovitis crepitans of the hand and wrist; Bursitis of the hand, elbow, knee, hip, os ischii; Olecranon bursitis ; Prepatellar bursitis ; Trochanteric bursitis ; Trochanteric tendinitis -
M71 Other bursopathies Bursopathie , Schleimbeutelabszess , Infectious Bursal Disease , synovial cyst in the popliteal region ( Baker-cyst ), bursa cyst , synovial cyst , bursitis calcarea , bursitis -
M72 Fibromatoses Fibromatosis , fibromatosis of the palmar fascia ( Dupuytren's contracture ), knuckle pads ( Knuckle pads ), fibromatosis the plantar fascia ( Ledderhose contracture ), plantar fasciitis , Pseudosarkomatöse fibromatosis , nodular fasciitis , necrotizing fasciitis , Faszienabszess , fasciitis -
M73 * Soft tissue diseases in diseases classified elsewhere Bursitis gonorrhoica , bursitis syphilitica -
M74 (not awarded) - -
M75 Shoulder lesions Adhesive inflammation of the shoulder joint capsule ( frozen shoulder , Periarthropathia humeroscapular ), lesions of the rotator cuff , rotator cuff tear , rupture of the supraspinatus tendon , supraspinatus syndrome , tendinitis of the biceps , calcifying tendinitis in the shoulder area, bursitis calcarea the shoulder area, impingement syndrome of the shoulder, bursitis in the shoulder area, shoulder lesion -
M76 Enthesopathies of the lower extremity with the exception of the foot Tendinitis of the gluteal tendon , tendinitis of the iliopsoas tendon , bone spur on the iliac crest ( bone spur on the iliac crest ), iliotibial band syndrome ( iliotibial band syndrome ), bursitis in the area of ​​the tibial collateral ligament ( Stieda-Pellegrinitis), tendinitis of the patellar tendon ), tendinitis of the Achilles tendon (tendinitis of the Achilles tendon , Achilles tendon ), bursitis subachillea , tendinitis of the peroneal tendon (tendinitis of the peroneal tendon ), tendinitis of the tibialis anterior (tendonitis of the tibialis anterior ), tendinitis of the tibialis posterior ( Tendinitis of the tibialis posterior muscle ) Enthesopathy
M77 Other enthesopathies Epicondylitis ulnaris humeri , epicondylitis radialis humeri ( tennis elbow ), periarthritis in the area of ​​the wrist, calcaneus spur , metatarsalgia , capsulitis , bone spur , periarthritis , tendinitis
M78 (not awarded) - -
M79 Other soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified Rheumatism , fibromyalgia , fibrositis , myalgia , neuralgia , neuritis , panniculitis , hypertrophy of the corpus adiposum ( hypertrophy of the corpus adiposum infrapatellare , Hoffa-Kastert syndrome ), foreign bodies remaining in the soft tissue -

M80 – M94 Osteopathies and Chondropathies

M80 – M85 Changes in bone density and structure

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M80 Osteoporosis with a pathological fracture Osteoporosis with pathological fractures , osteoporotic vertebral body compression , wedge vertebrae , post menopausal osteoporosis with pathological fractures, osteoporosis with pathological fracture after ovariectomy , disuse osteoporosis with pathological fractures, osteoporosis with pathological fracture as a result of malabsorption after surgery, drug-induced osteoporosis with pathological fracture osteoporosis
M81 Osteoporosis without a pathological fracture Postmenopausal osteoporosis , osteoporosis after oophorectomy , inactivity osteoporosis , osteoporosis due to malabsorption after surgery, drug-induced osteoporosis , idiopathic osteoporosis , localized osteoporosis [Lequesne], senile osteoporosis
M82 * Osteoporosis in Diseases Classified Elsewhere Osteoporosis in plasmacytoma , osteoporosis in endocrine disorders
M83 Osteomalacia in adulthood Osteomalacia , osteomalacia in the puerperium , senile osteomalacia , osteomalacia in adulthood due to malabsorption , osteomalacia in adults due to malnutrition or malnutrition , aluminum osteopathy , drug-induced osteomalacia in adults Osteomalacia
M84 Changes in bone continuity Fracture healing in malposition ( fracture healing in malposition ), non-union of the fracture ends ( pseudarthrosis ), delayed fracture healing , stress fracture , pathological fracture -
M85 Other changes in bone density and structure Fibrous dysplasia (monostotic), skeletal fluorosis , hyperostosis , ostitis condensans , solitary bone cyst , aneurysmal bone cyst , other bone cyst -

M86 – M90 Other osteopathies

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M86 Osteomyelitis Osteomyelitis , Acute Haematogenous Osteomyelitis , Acute Osteomyelitis , Subacute Osteomyelitis , Chronic Multifocal Osteomyelitis , Chronic Osteomyelitis with Fistula , Chronic Haematogenous Osteomyelitis , Brodie's Abscess , Bone Infection , Periostitis Osteomyelitis
M87 Bone necrosis Osteonecrosis , avascular bone necrosis , Idiopathic avascular necrosis , osteonecrosis by drugs , bone necrosis due to previous trauma , secondary osteonecrosis Bone necrosis
M88 Osteodystrophia deformans (Paget's disease) Osteodystrophia deformans ( Paget's disease ) Osteodystrophia deformans
M89 Other bone diseases Neurodystrophie ( reflex sympathetic dystrophy , shoulder-hand syndrome , Sudeck's atrophy , sympathetic reflex dystrophy ), stoppage of Epiphyseal , hypertrophy of the bone ( bone overgrowth ), Hypertrophic osteoarthropathy ( Marie-Bamberger syndrome , Pachydermoperiostosis ), osteolysis , Osteopathy after poliomyelitis , infantile cortical hyperostosis , post-traumatic subperiosteal ossification -
M90 * Osteopathies in diseases classified elsewhere Bone tuberculosis , secondary syphilitic periostitis , osteomyelitis by echinococci , osteomyelitis by Gonococci , osteomyelitis by salmonella , syphilitic osteopathy , syphilitic osteochondropathy , bone necrosis at caisson disease , osteonecrosis by hemoglobinopathy , Paget's disease of bone in neoplasms , Paget's disease of bone in malignant neoplasm of bone , bone fracture in neoplastic disease, osteopathy in renal osteodystrophy -

M91-M94 chondropathies

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M91 Juvenile osteochondrosis of the hip and pelvis Juvenile osteochondrosis of the pelvis ( juvenile osteochondrosis of the pelvis ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the acetabulum , juvenile osteochondrosis of the iliac crest ( Buchmann's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the symphysis ( Pierson's disease ), synchondrosis ischiopubica ( van Neck's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the femoral head ( Perthes-Legg-Calvé disease ), coxa plana , hip deformity due to previous juvenile osteochondrosis, pseudocoxalgia , juvenile osteochondrosis after correction of a congenital hip dislocation Juvenile osteochondrosis
M92 Other juvenile osteochondrosis Juvenile osteochondrosis of the humerus ( juvenile osteochondrosis of the humerus ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the capitulum humeri ( Panner disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the caput humeri ( Hass disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the radius and ulna , juvenile osteochondrosis of the caput radii ( Hegemann's disease ), Juvenile osteochondrosis of the distal Ulnaepiphyse ( Burns's disease ), Juvenile osteochondrosis hand , Juvenile osteochondrosis of the metacarpal heads ( Mauclaire's disease ), Juvenile osteochondrosis of the os of the carpal lunate ( Kienbock disease ), Juvenile osteochondrosis of the patella , Juvenile osteochondrosis of the primary Ossification center ( Köhler's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the secondary ossification center ( Larsen-Johansson disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the tibia and fibula , juvenile osteochondrosis of the medial condyle of the tibia ( Blount's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the tibial tuberosity ( Osgood-Schlatter- tibiae Disease ), juvenile Osteochondrosis of the tibia vara ( Blount-Barber disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the tarsus , juvenile osteochondrosis of the calcaneus ( Sever disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the navicular bone ( Koehler's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the external tibiale ( Haglund's disease ), Juvenile osteochondrosis of the talus ( Diaz's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the metatarsus , Juvenile osteochondrosis of the bowl of the second metatarsal ( Freiberg Köhler's disease ), juvenile osteochondrosis of the bowl of the fifth metatarsal ( Iselin's disease ), Apophysitis calcanei , Apophysitis , Epiphysitis , osteochondritis , osteochondrosis
M93 Other osteochondropathies Epiphyseal capitis femoris (non-traumatic), Kienböck disease in adults, adult osteochondrosis of the lunate bone of the hand , osteochondrosis dissecans , osteochondropathy , chondropathy , apophysitis , epiphysitis , osteochondritis , osteochondrosis , Ahlbäck's disease Chondropathy
M94 Other cartilage diseases Tietze syndrome , panchondritis , recurrent polychondritis , chondromalacia , chondrolysis

M95 – M99 Other diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

code description Names of diseases (synonyms) Review article
M95 Other acquired deformities of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue Acquired Deformity of the Nose , Cauliflower Ear, Acquired Deformity of the Head , Acquired Deformity of the Neck , Acquired Deformity of the Chest, Acquired Deformity of the Ribs , Acquired Deformity of the Pelvis -
M96 Diseases of the musculoskeletal system following medical procedures, not elsewhere classified Pseudarthrosis after fusion or arthrodesis , postlaminectomy syndrome kyphosis after radiation , kyphosis after laminectomy , postoperative lordosis , scoliosis after radiation, bone fracture after insertion of an orthopedic implant , a joint prosthesis or a bone plate , instability of a joint after removal of a joint prosthesis -
M97 (not awarded) - -
M98 (not awarded) - -
M99 Biomechanical disorders, not elsewhere classified Segmental dysfunction , somatic dysfunction , subluxation , subluxation of the spine , Subluxationsstenose of the spinal canal , Bony stenosis of the spinal canal , Connective tissue stenosis of the spinal canal, stenosis of the spinal canal through the intervertebral discs , stenosis of the neural foramina , bony or subluxation; Stenosis of the intervertebral foramina, connective tissue or through intervertebral discs, biomechanical dysfunction -

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