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Music year 1708
The happy Florindo
The happy Florindo

Title page of the libretto

Georg Friedrich Händel's third opera The Happy Florindo premieres in January at the Theater am Gänsemarkt in Hamburg.

The transformed Daphne
The transformed Daphne

Title page of the libretto

Handel's fourth opera Die gewandelte Daphne will be performed for the first time in the Hamburg Theater am Gänsemarkt in February .


Johann Sebastian Bach

  • February 4th : Johann Sebastian Bach's church cantata Gott ist mein König (BWV 71) is premiered on the occasion of the change of council in the Free Imperial City of Mühlhausen . It is the only printed cantata from this period .
  • June: Bach travels to Weimar in connection with the completion of the renovation work on the organ there and plays for Duke Wilhelm Ernst . He offered him the position of court organist and chamber musician with a salary of 150 guilders plus natural produce.
  • June 25th : A big fire in the city made living costs more expensive, so that Bach - barely a year after taking office in Mühlhausen - asks for his dismissal as organist of the Divi Blasii Church . His successor is Johann Friedrich Bach, son of Johann Christoph Bach . Johann Sebastian Bach remains connected to the city of Mühlhausen: In the two following years he also received orders for council change cantatas, which were also printed at the city's expense, but have been lost.
  • June 26th : Bach justifies his request for dismissal from service in Mühlhausen with the reference to his "end purpose, namely a regulated church music in God's honor".
  • First half of July: Bach moves to Weimar with his pregnant wife, moves into the house where the composer and violinist Johann Paul von Westhoff lived until 1705 and becomes organist and concert master at the Weimar court.
  • December 29th : Maria Barbara Bach's and Johann Sebastian Bach's first daughter Catharina Dorothea Bach (1708–1774) is baptized.

Arcangelo Corelli

georg Friedrich Handel

Alessandro Scarlatti

  • Alessandro Scarlatti , who stayed mainly in Rome from April 1703 to 1708, returns to Naples.
  • December 1 : After the end of Spanish rule in Naples, Scarlatti is reappointed Kapellmeister of the Cappella Reale by the Austrian viceroy, Cardinal Vincenzo Grimani (1655–1710).

Georg Philipp Telemann

Other events

World premieres

Stage works

  • George Frideric Handel - La Resurrezione
Further stage works
  • George Frideric Handel - Aci, Galatea e Polifemo

Instrumental music

Chamber music

  • Tomaso Albinoni - Sonate da chiesa, op.4 (also called pseudo-op.4), Amsterdam
  • Johann Mattheson - XII Sonates à 2-3 flutes sans basse , Amsterdam
  • Johann Christoph Pepusch - 6 Solos for the Flute with a thorough Bass for the Bassoon, Bass-Flute or Harpsicord , Op. 2 (London, 1709)

Keyboard music


Vocal music


  • Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre - Cantates françoises sur des sujets tirez de l'Ecriture, livre I (Paris, 1708), therein:
    • Esther
    • Le passage de la Mer rouge
    • Jacob et Rachel
    • Jonas
    • Suzanne et les vieillards
    • Judith


  • André Campra - Trois livres de cantates


  • John Baptist Walsh - Lyra Davidica
  • Isaac Watts - Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Instrument making


Christian Siegmund love


John Blow

Exact date of death unknown

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