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This is a list of famous people who died in 1641 . The entries are made alphabetically within the individual data. Animals can be found in the necrology for animals .


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
January 3rd Jeremiah Horrocks English astronomer
January 5th Nicolaus Peträus German Lutheran theologian, superintendent 71
6th January Thomas von Schröer German lawyer and poet 52
January 7th Charles de Condren French Roman Catholic theologian and Second Superior General of the French Oratory 52
11th January Franciscus Gomarus reformed theologian 77
11th January Juan de Jáuregui Spanish poet 57
11th January Gabriel Plautz Hofkapellmeister and composer in Mainz


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
February 4th Johann Georg Vitzthum von Eckstedt Canon of the founders Halberstadt and Naumburg
February 8 Johann Friday German doctor 59
14th of February Severin Binius Vicar General in Cologne
February 24th Philipp Wolfgang Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg 45


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
the 14th of March Adam von Schwarzenberg Advisor to Elector Georg Wilhelm von Brandenburg and Lord Master of the Order of St. John 57
17. March Lucas Norbert Gleixner from Rosenbrunn bohemian pewter caster
March 23 Andries Both Dutch painter
27th of March Heinrich Koehler Mayor of Lübeck 64


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
2nd of April George Duke of the principalities of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, Calenberg and Göttingen 59
April 6th Domenichino Italian painter 59
9th April Johann Palfy from Kanizsay evangelical clergyman
April 27 Wilhelm von Rath German soldier
April 28 Hans Georg von Arnim-Boitzenburg Brandenburg-Electoral Saxon general, diplomat and politician in the Thirty Years War


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
12th of May Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford English politician 48
May 20th Johan Banér Swedish field marshal 44


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
June 1st Carlo Emmanuele Pio di Savoia Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 56
8th June Hans Friedrich Fuchs Land Marshal of the Upper Palatinate 44
June 9th Christoph von Neuenkirchen Council of the Dukes of Pomerania 73
June 19th Johann Wetzel German Lutheran theologian and general superintendent of the General Diocese of Lüneburg-Celle 70
June 27th Michiel van Mierevelt Dutch painter 74
June 30th Jacob Woutersz Vosmaer Dutch painter


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
July 1 Caspar Michael Welsch German lawyer 36
July 6th Louis de Bourbon, comte de Soissons Grand Master of France and Governor of the Dauphiné, Champagne and Brie 37
15th of July Arnoldus Buchelius Dutch humanist, lawyer, antiquarian, genealogist and heraldist 76
21 July Thomas Mun English businessman and economist


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
August 2nd Georg von der Wense German administrative officer 59
4th of August Otto III. Duke of Brunswick-Harburg 69
15th of August Siegmund Otto Dresden councilor and mayor
August 16 Thomas Heywood English playwright
August Guy de la Brosse French doctor and botanist


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
13.september John VI Pfister German Cistercian abbot
September 20th Philipp Sattler Swedish diplomat, officer and councilor of war 46


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
October 7th Levin Zanner German Freireuter (free soldiers, free corps leader) in the Thirty Years War
October 21 Bernhard Schaffalitzky from Muckadell Swedish major general and Württemberg diplomat in the Thirty Years' War 50
October 21 Thomas Störning German merchant and councilor of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck 70
October 24th Balthasar Küchler German painter
October 24th Goswin Merckelbach German Mayor of Soest and Chancellor of Lüneburg 72


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
November 1st Georg Kresse Peasant General of the Thirty Years' War
November 9th Ferdinand of Spain Cardinal and general in the Thirty Years War 32
November 10th Asaf Khan Indian politician
November 12th Philip Ludwig III. Count of Hanau-Munzenberg
November 16 Mukai Shogen Japanese admiral 59
20th November Leonhard von der Borgh German lawyer and syndic of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck
21st November Johann Kaspar von Stadion Grand Master of the Teutonic Order 73
November 23 Johann Wilhelm Neumayr of Ramsla German military historian, travel writer and formerly a national economist
November 26th Hedwig of Denmark Electress of Saxony 60


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
December 7th Albrecht Friedrich Count von Barby and Mühlingen, member of the fruit-bearing society 44
9th of December Anthony van Dyck Flemish painter 42
13th December Johanna Franziska von Chantal Saints of the Catholic Church 69
December 16 Hans Iversen Wandal Danish Lutheran theologian and bishop 62
21st December Maximilien de Béthune, duc de Sully French statesman and minister 81
December 27th François van Aerssen Dutch diplomat 69
30th of December Kaspar Ernst von Knoch Member of the Fruitful Society 59

Date unknown

Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
Bernardo Aldrete Spanish humanist and early Romanist
Eberhard Beckermann General in the Thirty Years War
Horace Cardon French printer and publisher
Levin from Donop German lawyer and politician
Robert Dowland English composer and lutenist
Levinus Eekmans German master organ builder
Juan Bautista de Espinosa Spanish painter
Theodor Höpingk German historian, lawyer and heraldist
Andreas von Kreytzen Official in the Duchy of Prussia
Luis de la Palma Spanish Jesuit, priest, preacher and theologian
Gerard de Malynes English businessman, representative for the Spanish Netherlands, government advisor and official in the field of coinage
Adam van Noort Flemish painter
Caspar von Romberg Westphalian nobleman from the Vom Romberg family
Walenty Roździeński Silesian master blacksmith, manager of the iron and steel works, and writer
Melchior van Santvoort Dutch merchant in Japan
Henry Spelman British historian
Heinrich Spichernagel German Benedictine abbot and President of the Bursfeld Congregation
Sarah Copia Sullam Venetian poet
Pedro Teixeira Portuguese world traveler and explorer
Francesco Usper Italian composer, organist and priest
Martinus Vadovius Polish theologian and philosopher
Jan van de Velde II Dutch painter and engraver
Wazir Khan Governor of Panjab
Arthur Wolffordt Flemish painter
Xu Xiake Chinese geographer and writer