2008 Summer Olympics / Athletics - Javelin Throw (Women)

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Olympic rings
Beijing National Stadium, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.jpg
sport athletics
discipline Javelin throw
gender Women
place Beijing National Stadium
Attendees 54 athletes from 40 countries
Competition phase 19./21. August 2008
gold gold Barbora Špotáková ( CZE ) Czech RepublicCzech Republic 
Silver medals silver Christina Obergföll ( GER ) GermanyGermany 
Bronze medals bronze Goldie Sayers ( GBR ) United KingdomUnited Kingdom 

The javelin throw at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was played on August 19 and 21, 2008. 54 athletes took part.

Olympic champion was Barbora Špotáková from the Czech Republic. The German Christina Obergföll won the silver medal, bronze went to the British Goldie Sayers .

Current titleholders

Olympic Champion 2004 Osleidys Menéndez ( Cuba ) CubaCuba  71.53 m Athens 2004
World Champion 2007 Barbora Špotáková ( Czech Republic ) Czech RepublicCzech Republic  67.07 m Osaka 2007
European Champion 2006 Steffi Nerius ( Germany ) GermanyGermany  65.82 m Gothenburg 2006
Pan American Champion 2007 Osleidys Menéndez ( Cuba ) CubaCuba  62.34 m Rio de Janeiro 2007
2008 Central American and Caribbean Champion Laverne Eve ( Bahamas ) BahamasBahamas  56.36 m Cali 2008
South American Champion 2007 Alessandra Resende ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  57.75 m São Paulo 2007
Asian Champion 2007 Buoban Pamang ( Thailand ) ThailandThailand  58.35 m Amman 2007
Africa Champion 2008 Sunette Viljoen ( South Africa ) South AfricaSouth Africa  55.17 m Addis Ababa 2008
Oceania Champion 2008 Milika Tuivanuavou ( Fiji ) FijiFiji  39.36 m Saipan 2008

Existing records

World record 71.70 m Osleidys Menéndez ( Cuba ) CubaCuba  Helsinki , Finland August 14, 2005
Olympic record 71.53 m Athens Final , Greece August 25, 2004


Like all pushing and throwing disciplines for women at these games, the javelin throw also had its doping case . The Russian Marija Abakumowa - initially second - was proven to have taken Turinabol during follow-up checks on her doping test . The IOC then decided in September 2016 to withdraw her silver medal. The athletes placed after her in the final each moved up one place in the official ranking.

Numerous athletes were affected by this fraud. The South African Justine Robbeson, who was thirteenth in the qualification, would have been eligible for the final after the pronounced disqualification. Of course, more than eight years after the competition was held, that was no longer possible. The British Goldie Sayers, who came up as a medalist, was also disadvantaged because she had to assume for a long time that she had assumed no medals. Finally, the Spaniard Mercedes Chilla, who initially came ninth in the final, would have allowed three more attempts at the final, which might have brought her further forward.


The qualification was carried out in two groups. The qualification distance for direct entry into the final was 61.50 m. Since only eight athletes reached this distance (highlighted in light blue), the final field was filled with the next best athletes from both groups to twelve participants (highlighted in light green). Finally, 60.13 m had to be achieved to take part. However, since the doping offender mentioned above also exceeded the qualification distance, eleven throwers were ultimately included in the ranking of the final.

Group A

The Greek Savva Lika achieved 59.11 m as eighth in her qualifying group and was eliminated
The South African Sunette Viljoen does not reach the final with her 53.58 m

August 19, 2008, 9:00 a.m.

space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt Expanse annotation
1 Barbora Špotáková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 67.69 m - - 67.69 m
2 Steffi Nerius GermanyGermany Germany 59.15 m 59.74 m 63.94 m 63.94 m
3 Mercedes Chilla SpainSpain Spain 56.98 m 61.81 m - 61.81 m
4th Zhang Li China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 58.30 m 61.77 m - 61.77 m
5 Osleidys Menéndez CubaCuba Cuba 60.51 m x 60.41 m 60.51 m
6th Sinta Ozoliņa LatviaLatvia Latvia 60.13 m x 58.62 m 60.13 m NO
7th Urszula Piwnicka PolandPoland Poland 51.33 m 52.99 m 59.28 m 59.28 m
8th Savva Lika GreeceGreece Greece 56.44 m 58.59 m 59.11 m 59.11 m
9 Wera Rebrik UkraineUkraine Ukraine 55.77 m 57.12 m 59.05 m 59.05 m
10 Chang Chunfeng China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 58.42 m x x 58.42 m
11 Nikolett Szabó HungaryHungary Hungary 56.98 m 57.15 m x 57.15 m
12 Natallia Shymchuk BelarusBelarus Belarus 55.56 m 57.11 m x 57.11 m
13 Sílvia Cruz PortugalPortugal Portugal 54.65 m 57.06 m x 57.06 m
14th Alessandra Resende BrazilBrazil Brazil 54.05 m 56.53 m 54.32 m 56.53 m
15th Inga Stasiulionytė LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania 55.66 m x 55.34 m 55.66 m
16 Sunette Viljoen South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa 53.14 m 55.58 m 53.82 m 55.58 m
17th Anastasiya Svechnikova UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan 55.31 m x 48.71 m 55.31 m
18th Martina Ratej SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia 55.30 m 51.56 m 53.24 m 55.30 m
19th Zuleima Araméndiz ColombiaColombia Colombia 51.30 m 54.71 m x 54.71 m
20th Monica Stoian RomaniaRomania Romania x 54.56 m x 54.56 m
21st Kara Patterson United StatesUnited States United States 54.30 m 50.35 m 54.39 m 54.39 m
22nd Nadeeka Lakmali Sri LankaSri Lanka Sri Lanka x 53.48 m 54.28 m 54.28 m
23 Christina Scherwin DenmarkDenmark Denmark 53.95 m x x 53.95 m
24 Kim Kyung-ae Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea 51.46 m 48.00 m 53.13 m 53.13 m
25th María González VenezuelaVenezuela Venezuela 48.37 m 50.51 m 42.32 m 50.51 m
ogV Zahra Bani ItalyItaly Italy x x x without space
DOP Maria Abakumova RussiaRussia Russia in the final, later disqualified

Group B

The American Kim Kreiner is 55.13 m not enough for the final
48.59 m are not enough for the Icelander Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir to qualify for the final

August 19, 2008, 10:40 am

space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt Expanse annotation
1 Christina Obergföll GermanyGermany Germany 67.52 m - - 67.52 m
2 Goldie Sayers United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 60.79 m 62.99 m - 62.99 m
3 Barbara Madejczyk PolandPoland Poland 62.81 m - - 62.81 m
4th Katharina Molitor GermanyGermany Germany 55.65 m 53.50 m 60.92 m 60.92 m
5 Felicia Țilea-Moldovan RomaniaRomania Romania 53.25 m 55.89 m 60.81 m 60.81 m
6th Justine Robbeson South AfricaSouth Africa South Africa 56.75 m 54.26 m 59.63 m 59.63 m
7th Mikaela Ingberg FinlandFinland Finland 55.71 m 58.82 m 58.36 m 58.82 m
8th Yanet Cruz CubaCuba Cuba 58.06 m 57.15 m 57.03 m 58.06 m
9 Laverne Eve BahamasBahamas Bahamas 55.22 m 57.36 m 55.15 m 57.36 m
10 Jarmila Klimešová Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 52.18 m 57.25 m x 57.25 m
11 Olha Ivankova UkraineUkraine Ukraine 55.63 m 51.98 m 57.05 m 57.05 m
12 Moonika Aava EstoniaEstonia Estonia x 56.94 m x 56.94 m
13 Buoban Pamang ThailandThailand Thailand 53.69 m x 56.35 m 56.35 m
14th Lindy Leveau-Agricole SeychellesSeychelles Seychelles 56.32 m 55.90 m 50.74 m 56.32 m
15th Erma-Gene Evans Saint LuciaSt. Lucia St. Lucia 46.79 m 54.60 m 56.27 m 56.27 m
16 Maryna Nowik BelarusBelarus Belarus 56.10 m x 53.48 m 56.10 m
17th Olivia McKoy JamaicaJamaica Jamaica 55.51 m x 55.51 m 55.51 m
18th Tetjana Lyachowytsch UkraineUkraine Ukraine 55.50 m x 53.59 m 55.50 m
19th Kim Kreiner United StatesUnited States United States 55.13 m 53.81 m 53.48 m 55.13 m
20th Song Dan China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 53.11 m 54.32 m x 54.32 m
21st Alexandra Tsisiou Cyprus RepublicRepublic of Cyprus Cyprus 53.24 m x 47.18 m 53.24 m
22nd Mariya Yakovenko RussiaRussia Russia 47.90 m 51.67 m 50.49 m 51.67 m
23 Serafina Akeli SamoaSamoa Samoa 47.83 m 42.78 m 49.26 m 49.26 m
24 Ásdís Hjálmsdóttir IcelandIceland Iceland x x 48.59 m 48.59 m
25th Leryn Franco ParaguayParaguay Paraguay 45.34 m x 43.77 m 45.34 m
26th Rumiana Karapetrova BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria 40.15 m x x 40.15 m
ogV Tatyana Elaka SerbiaSerbia Serbia x x x without space


August 21, 2008, 7:20 pm

Eleven athletes had qualified for the final, seven of them by qualifying distance and another four by their placements. Three Germans and one participant each from China, Great Britain, Cuba, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic were represented. There was also the Russian Marija Abakumova, whose result was canceled in 2016 for doping abuse . Their performance is not taken into account in the following description of the final sequence.

There were four athletes who had stood out at the major championships in recent years and who were also the main favorites here in Beijing . These were the 2004 Olympic champion and 2005 world champion Osleidys Menéndez from Cuba, who also held the world record , the Czech Barbora Špotáková as world champion from 2007 and vice European champion from 2006 and the two German Steffi Nerius as Olympic runner-up from 2004 / European champion from 2006 / World Cup - third from 2005/2007 and Christina Obergföll as vice world champion from 2005/2007 / EM - fourth from 2006.

In the final, Špotáková achieved an excellent 69.22 m in her first attempt, which she clearly led. Obergföll was second with 66.13 m in front of the British Goldie Sayers - 65.75 m, Nerius - 64.05 m - and Menéndez - 63.35 m. The women's javelin was thus at a good level from the start, and Sayers had even set a British national record. There were no changes until the last round, although Špotáková again managed a very long throw with 67.04 m. Also in the sixth lap there were no more position shifts. But two athletes improved their widths again. Nerius threw the spear at 65.29 m and front runner Špotáková put the crown on this competition with 71.42 m. With that she achieved a new European record and missed Menéndez's world record by only 28 centimeters.

Barbora Špotáková was Olympic champion, Christina Obergföll won silver and thus the only medal for the German athletics team at these games. Goldie Sayers was awarded bronze for her national record. Fourth place went to Steffi Nerius in front of the not so strong Osleidys Menéndez. The Polish Barbara Madejczyk came in sixth, the third German thrower Katharina Molitor came in seventh ahead of the Spanish Mercedes Chilla.

Barbora Špotáková won the first gold medal for the Czech Republic in the women's javelin. Dana Zátopková that in 1952 in Helsinki gold and 1960 in Rome had won bronze, was launched even for Czechoslovakia.

space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt 4th attempt 5th attempt 6th attempt Bottom line annotation
1 Barbora Špotáková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 69.62 m 67.04 m x 64.92 m x 71.42 m 71.42 m HE
2 Christina Obergföll GermanyGermany Germany 66.13 m x 63.34 m x x x 66.13 m
3 Goldie Sayers United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 65.75 m 59.40 m 62.92 m 59.72 m 65.03 m 56.83 m 65.75 m NO
4th Steffi Nerius GermanyGermany Germany 64.05 m 62.25 m 59.97 m x x 65.29 m 65.29 m
5 Osleidys Menéndez CubaCuba Cuba 63.35 m x x x x x 63.35 m
6th Barbara Madejczyk PolandPoland Poland 58.74 m 59.16 m 58.67 m x 58.21 m 62.02 m 62.02 m
7th Katharina Molitor GermanyGermany Germany 53.19 m 57.37 m 59.64 m 58.81 m 56.72 m 57.00 m 59.64 m
8th Mercedes Chilla SpainSpain Spain x 57.94 m 58.13 m not in the final of the
eight best throwers
58.13 m actually qualified for the final of the top 8
9 Zhang Li China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 54.69 m x 56.14 m 56.14 m
10 Sinta Ozoliņa LatviaLatvia Latvia 50.67 m 53.38 m 52.23 m 53.38 m
11 Felicia Țilea-Moldovan RomaniaRomania Romania 53.04 m x 52.80 m 53.04 m
DOP Maria Abakumova RussiaRussia Russia disqualified after eight years

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