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There is a greater amount of media about King Arthur , Merlin , the Court of Camelot , the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail :

Entertainment literature

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20th and 21st centuries

Film documentaries

  • 1970s: Arthur and the British (GB) - TV series with Oliver Tobias with a "realistic" picture of the time and the origin of the myths about the Celtic leader
  • 1994: The Big Riddles: The Castle of the Holy Grail (NL / D / Can) - TV documentary by Roel Oostra
  • 2000: Knight of the Round Table (D) - ZDF documentary
  • 2000: In the Sign of the Holy Blood: King Arthur and the search for the Holy Grail (D) - ZDF documentary by Jens-Peter Behrend in the Sphinx series
  • 2000: Die Kelten (GB / D) - 6-part TV documentary by Glyn Shakeshaft, especially the 4th part is about Arthur, Merlin and the Grail
  • 2005: The Holy Grail (D) - 3-part documentary DVD by Susanne Aernecke and Michael Görden
  • 2006: Myths & Heroes: King Arthur (GB) - BBC documentary with Michael Wood
  • 2008: Arthur - The Invention of a King (D) - Documentary by Wilfried Hauke ​​for ARTE

Feature film and television

Animation and comic


In addition to film music for the films mentioned above, there is other music on the topic:

Opera and classical music

Light music


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Secondary literature

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Commons : King Arthur  - Pictures and Media Files

Individual evidence

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