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Karin Prien (born June 26, 1965 in Amsterdam ) is a German politician ( CDU ) and was a member of the Hamburg Parliament . Since June 28, 2017, she has been Minister for Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein in Günther's cabinet .


Karin Prien is of Jewish origin and grew up in the Netherlands, where her maternal grandparents fled in the early 1930s before the emergence of National Socialism in Germany. She later moved to Germany.

After graduating from high school in Rhineland-Palatinate in 1984, Prien studied law and political science in Bonn. From 1986 to 1989 she was a student assistant to Friedbert Pflüger (CDU), the press spokesman for the then Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker (CDU). The 1st state examination in 1989 was followed by the LL.M. in 1991 after postgraduate studies in Amsterdam. and in 1994 the 2nd state examination in Celle. Since 1994 she has been an independent lawyer specializing in commercial and insolvency law in Hanover, Leipzig and Hamburg. She has been a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law since 2008, and a mediator since 2011 .

Karin Prien is married to the lawyer Jochen Prien and has three children.


Political party

Karin Prien became a member of the CDU in 1981. From 2004 to April 2012 she was deputy CDU local chair in Blankenese , since 2006 deputy district chair in the Altona-Elbvororte district association and since 2010 a member of the CDU regional executive committee. Karin Prien has been the local chairman of the CDU Blankenese since January 21, 2014, and after moving to Schleswig-Holstein she passed this position on to Johann Riekers. Prien is also the chairwoman of the CDU's Jewish Forum. Since 17 November 2018 it is one of four deputy chairman of the CDU Schleswig-Holstein and follows on State Justice Minister Sabine Sütterlin Waack who did not compete again. She is one of the co-initiators of the “ Union of the Middle ” founded by Stephan Bloch ( CSU ) in Munich, which is considered the counterpart of the right-wing conservative “ Union of Values ”. In September 2019, however, she ended her membership in the Union der Mitte on the grounds that she wanted to prevent the formation of wings in the CDU.

Member of Parliament (2011-2017)

As a candidate for the CDU in her constituency of Blankenese , she was elected for the first time in the Hamburg citizenship in 2011 . She was school policy spokeswoman for the CDU parliamentary group and a member of the parliamentary committee.

In the 2015 mayor elections , she again won a direct mandate in the Blankenese constituency with 11.5 percent of the vote. In the citizenry she belonged to the Budget Committee, the Constitutional and District Committee, the School Committee and the Committee on Social Affairs, Labor and Integration. She was deputy parliamentary group leader and specialist spokesperson for schools and the constitution of the CDU. In the course of her move to the state government of Schleswig-Holstein, she resigned from citizenship in June 2017; Wolfhard Ploog took over her parliamentary mandate .

Education Minister in Schleswig-Holstein (since 2017)

After the formation of a Jamaica coalition of CDU, FDP and Greens in the wake of the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein in 2017 , Karin Prien was appointed Minister for Education, Science and Culture of Schleswig-Holstein on June 28, 2017 and is part of the state government of Günther . As part of her work, she is also responsible for handing over the regional prizes in the Jugend forscht project . On March 24, 2020, she called for the Abitur exams in Schleswig-Holstein to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

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