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The administrative district of Liegnitz was an administrative district in the Prussian province of Silesia . It existed from 1815 to 1945 and covered the north-western part of Silesia.

The administrative district of Liegnitz became known colloquially as Lower Silesia .


As original components of the administrative district 1815 in the were regulation division of the Prussian state to its new limit the circles Bunzlau , Frey city , Glogau , Goldberg , Grunberg , Liegnitz , Lowenberg , Lüben , Sagan and Sprottau and Prussian share of the Oberlausitz with the exception of Hoyerswerda reign established.

In 1816 the three new districts of Görlitz , Lauban and Rothenburg were established in Upper Lusatia . In 1820 the administrative district was enlarged to include the districts of Bolkenhain , Hirschberg , Jauer , Landeshut and Schönau from the dissolved administrative district Reichenbach and in 1825 the district of Hoyerswerda moved from the province of Brandenburg to the administrative district of Liegnitz.

The administrative seat was in the city of Liegnitz . Other important cities in the administrative district were Görlitz , Grünberg , Glogau , Bunzlau , Hoyerswerda (since 1825) and Hirschberg .

The eastern part of Lower Silesia belonged to the Wroclaw administrative district . In the northeast the area bordered the province of Posen , from 1919 on Poland , in the northwest on the province of Brandenburg , in the west on Saxony and in the south on the Austrian crown land of Bohemia , from 1919 on Czechoslovakia . 1919–1938 and from 1941 Silesia was divided into two provinces, the administrative district Liegnitz then belonged to the province of Lower Silesia .

Administrative division

Administrative division of Silesia (1905): Liegnitz administrative district

The administrative district comprised the following urban and rural districts:

City districts


District President

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