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Administrative headquarters of the Université du Québec in Québec (city)

The Université du Québec is an association of 10 state universities in the province of Québec ( Canada ).

The Université du Québec was founded in 1968 during the Révolution tranquille (the silent revolution) by a law of the National Assembly . The main reasons for its creation were the desire for a French-speaking, non-church-affiliated public university, and the recognition that the economically weaker regions of the province needed universities to combat population emigration.

In 2005, the association offered over 300 study programs. 76,000 students were taught by 2,300 professors and around 3,500 lecturers. The administrative headquarters are in the city of Québec .


The University of Québec as a network consists of 10 sub-institutions:

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