Office of Aubonne

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Aubonne Castle , seat of the bailiffs in Aubonne from 1701 to 1798

The Amt Aubonne (French Bailliage d'Aubonne ) was a bailiff in the city ​​and republic of Bern in Switzerland .

The office came into being after the city of Bern had acquired the dominion of Aubonne, including the castle and all related items, on February 5, 1701 from Margrave Henri de Quesne. The latter, in turn, had bought the estate from Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in 1685 . The office included the villages of Lavigny , Étoy , Saint-Livres , Yens , Gimel , Essertines-sur-Rolle , Saint-Oyens , Féchy , Montherod , Saubraz , Longirod , Burtigny and Marchissy . Later, from 1798 to 1803, it became a Helvetic district in the canton of Léman during the Helvetic period, before becoming the Aubonne district of the canton of Vaud with the subsequent enactment of the mediation constitution .

List of governors at Aubonne

Individual evidence

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