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Brough Superior in the Neckarsulm two-wheeler museum
Brough Superior with pillion seat
Sport model SS100 with JAP engine, approx. 70 bhp (51 kW)
Imperial War Museum / London. The restored Brough Superior with the TE Lawrence had an accident in 1935

Brough Superior is an English motorcycle brand that produced from 1919 to 1940 in Nottingham ( England ) and from 2016 in Saint-Jean , France , 10 km from Toulouse . The company was founded and operated by the designer and racing driver George Brough . Due to the speed and reliability of the machines, the brand was also known as the "Rolls-Royce of motorcycles". The production up to 1940 amounted to approx. 3,050 copies of 19 models, of which approx. ⅓ still exist today.

2008 in acquired Austria living British entrepreneur Mark Upham the rights to Brough Superior and first built replicas of historical Brough Superior models. A few years later, the internationally known motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart introduced him to Thierry Henriette from the French company Boxer Design , who had already worked for the motorcycle manufacturer Voxan . A completely new Brough Superior SS 100 model was jointly developed and presented to the public at EICMA at the end of 2013 . Akira Technologies, based in Bayonne , developed the V2 engine that served as the drive . The company Brough Superior Motorcycles SAS, which is now based in Saint-Jean on the premises of Boxer Design , is largely owned by Managing Director Thierry Henriette. Upham, the owner of the trademark, is paid a license fee for every motorcycle sold. The delivery of the first customer machines began in February 2016.


The main models produced were the SS 80 with a certificate that the machine can travel at least 80  mph (129  km / h ), built from 1922, and the SS 100 with a certificate that the machine can travel at least 100  mph (161  km / h ) achieved - as early as 1924.

Brough often used large-volume V-twin-cylinder built-in engines from JAP , which were additionally increased in performance. The most powerful sports versions are said to have achieved over 51 kW (70 hp), which in relation to the quality of the chassis and roads at the time can be regarded as enormous and also dangerous.

From the mid-1920s until World War II, Brough motorcycles were considered the fastest and best-made machines.

In 1938, Brough developed the exclusive Brough Superior Dream model with a one-liter, four-cylinder H engine , but very few copies were made (two to six according to various sources).

SS 100 (from 2016)

The completely newly developed SS 100 is powered by a liquid-cooled two-cylinder V-engine with an 88 ° cylinder angle, DOHC valve control . The displacement is 997 cm³, resulting from a bore of 94 mm and a stroke of 71.8 mm. The homologated maximum output is approx. 73 kW (99 PS), without road approval up to approx. 97 kW (132 PS) are possible. The 6-speed transmission transmits the torque (89 Nm on the crankshaft) to the rear wheel via an O-ring chain. The rudimentary bridge frame is largely made of titanium , with the engine integrated as a load-bearing part. The chassis consists of a front from Hossack fork from an aluminum - magnesium - alloy with double longitudinal arms made of titanium. The rear wheel is guided by a light metal double swing arm. The suspension struts with a spring travel of 120 mm at the front and 130 mm at the rear come from the renowned supplier Öhlins . The wheels, which are forged from aluminum as standard, have the classic 18- inch diameter, which is rarely found on street motorcycles today, for optical reasons . Spoked wheels are optionally available. The front brake is also unusual; Here, a braking system from the French manufacturer Beringer is used, where the four-piston fixed calipers on the left and right act on two brake discs arranged in pairs next to each other and only 230 mm in diameter. The design is visually similar to internally ventilated brake discs as they are installed in automobiles. Due to the manufactory production in comparatively small numbers, Brough Superior is able to respond to individual customer requests.

Next motorcycles

  • At the EICMA 2019, a common model was Aston Martin AMB 001 presented. The AMB 001 is designed as a light, powerful sport bike, is not approved for road use and is limited to 100 copies. The heart of the AMB 001 is a 997 cm³ 88-degree V2 with liquid cooling. The first models are to be delivered at the end of 2020.

Motorcycle teams

From 1921 to 1939, Brough Superior also produced motorcycle sideboards. The sidecars had a special body, some had a spare wheel, others offered two seats for occasional use and all had good weather protection. The manufacturing quality of the sidecar met the highest standards, just like that of the motorcycles. Earlier sidecars were built according to Brough Superior's specifications, and later they were also manufactured in-house. They were unique in that the frame also contained a gas tank.


Brough Superior 4 Liter (1935)

George Brough also built automobiles between 1935 and 1939. Like motorbikes, automobiles were also in the luxury class. He built some sports cars and stocked them with Hudson - six-cylinder engines . Most of the bodies were supplied by Atcherley in Birmingham . In 1938, a V12 engine was also used for the only one model produced by the XII . Some convertibles and sedans were built in Nottingham .


model Construction period cylinder Displacement power at speed wheelbase
4 liters 1935-1936 8 row 4168 cc 125 bhp (92 kW) 4000 min −1 3048 mm
3½ liter 1936-1939 6 row 3455 cc 107–140 bhp (79–103 kW) 4000 min −1 2946-3048 mm
XII 1938 12 V 4378 cc 3264 mm

TE Lawrence

TE Lawrence

On May 13, 1935, the British colonel, spy and writer TE Lawrence had a serious accident on his Brough Superior SS100 during an evasive maneuver. Six days later, on May 19, 1935, he died as a result of the accident. He was one of Broughs' best known and best clients; Lawrence had acquired seven new Brough Superiors in twelve years. In 1932, after buying his last machine, he wrote a thank-you letter to George Brough in which he praised the excellent performance and good tuning of his machine. Lawrence was a fanatical sportsman and motorcyclist; He was known for traveling back and forth across England on his respective brough, not infrequently covering 500 miles (800 km) a day - in view of the country road conditions at that time, extraordinary achievements by man and machine. Lawrence used a Jaeger speedometer as an option on his machine, which could read up to 120  mph (193  km / h ) - which was not quite enough for the performance of his machine. Lawrence's last Brough Superior has now been restored and is on display in the museum in Beaulieu in the south of England . The motorcycle is currently on loan at the Imperial War Museum in London.



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