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Elias or Eliáš is a male given name and a family name .

Origin and meaning

Elias is a Latinization of ancient Greek Ἠλίας and Hebrew אֵלִיָּהוּ Elijahu . The name comes from the prophet Elijah from the Tanach and means "My God is YHWH ". Although there is no book of his own prophets and he is only reported in the Tanakh, Elijah is one of the greatest prophets in Judaism, since according to Jewish tradition he will herald the arrival of the Messiah, which Judaism is still waiting for. Hence there are several customs related to him. For example, an additional decorative chair is made available to him in his honor during the Brit Milah as the "Chair of the Prophet Elijah", or an additional cup of wine is poured for him during the Jewish Passover festival.


Elias was a very rare first name in Germany for a long time. During National Socialism in Germany, a list of names was published in the circular issued by the Reich Minister of the Interior on August 18, 1938, stipulating that Jews were only allowed to give their children first names from this list, including Elias. All other citizens were again forbidden to use these names. This also affected Austria and the incorporated Sudetenland and was repealed in 1945, see naming law (Germany) .

In the 2000s it became a fashion name.

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