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Ostattika Regional Unit
Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Ανατολικής Αττικής
(Ανατολική Αττική)
File: PE Anatolikis Attikis in Greece.svg
Basic data
State : Greece
Region : Attica
Area : 1,512,993 km²
Residents : 502,348 (2011)
Population density : 332 inhabitants / km²
NUTS 3 code no. : EL305
Structure: 11 municipalities
Website: www.atticaeast.gr

The regional district of Ostattika ( Greek Periferiaki Enotita Anatolikis Attikis ) is one of the seven regional districts of the Greek region of Attica . From 1972 to 2010 the area formed one of the four prefectural districts (nomarchíes) of the prefecture and later region of Attica, which de facto resembled the other self-governing prefectures (nomí) . It was created by dividing the prefecture of Attica into four districts in 1972 and abolished with the administrative reform in 2010 . The Ostattika regional district sends eleven members to the Attic regional council, but has no further political significance.


The regional district extends east, north and south of the Greek capital Athens. It is divided into a northern and a southern half by the Pendeli mountain range ; the two halves are only connected by a narrow strip of coast near Rafina . The district now also includes parts of the urban agglomeration of Athens, which is increasingly penetrating into the surrounding area.

The southern part of Ostattikas is bounded to the west by the Ymittos and to the southwest by the coast of the Saronic Gulf , which is advertised as the Apollo coast or Attic Riviera; here you will find glamorous seaside resorts such as Vouliagmeni , Kavouri, Varkiza, Agia Marina, Lagonisi, in the further course to the southern tip of Attica at Cape Sunion the coast becomes rocky. On the bay-rich eastern coast towards the Aegean Sea there are several coastal towns with yacht harbors ( Lavrio , Porto Rafti , Rafina ; the latter is also a ferry port to the islands of the northern Cyclades ). In the interior of the country, the Mesogia ( Greek Μεσόγεια , "Mittelland"), wide olive groves can be found on fertile red soil; wine is also grown, flavored with the resin of the Aleppo pine , sold as retsina ; The center of Retsina production is Markopoulo . However, the urbanization that is advancing further and further from Athens - most recently with the construction of the Eleftherios Venizelos airport near Spata and Attiki Odos - is increasingly displacing agricultural use.

The northern part of Eaststatica includes some northern suburbs of Athens and extends from Parnitha in the west to Marathon Bay in the east and the southern Bay of Evia in the north.


View over Spata-Artemida (left) and Markopoulo Mesogeas

As of 2011, the regional district comprises the following eleven municipalities:

Ancient sites

There are a large number of ancient temples and other archaeological sites in the region.

Individual evidence

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