Scratch (track cycling)

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Scratch is a track cycling discipline .

With Scratch, a larger number of drivers start together over a distance of 40 laps, for example. The winner is whoever finishes the distance first. These races are often very tactical. Here it is often of crucial importance to fight for a head start. This discipline used to be called “painting” (“painting” = finish line).

Results at UCI Track World Championships


year gold silver bronze
2002 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Franco Marvulli United KingdomUnited Kingdom Tony Gibb GermanyGermany Stefan Steinweg
2003 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Franco Marvulli FranceFrance Robert Sassone South AfricaSouth Africa Jean-Pierre van Zyl
2004 New ZealandNew Zealand Greg Henderson NetherlandsNetherlands Robert Slippens ArgentinaArgentina Walter Perez
2005 DenmarkDenmark Alex Rasmussen New ZealandNew Zealand Greg Henderson BelgiumBelgium Matthew Gilmore
2006 FranceFrance Jérôme Neuville ArgentinaArgentina Ángel Darío Colla GreeceGreece Ioannis Tamouridis
2007 Hong KongHong Kong Wong Kam Po NetherlandsNetherlands Wim Stroetinga PolandPoland Rafał Ratajczyk
2008 BelarusBelarus Aljaksandr Lissouski NetherlandsNetherlands Wim Stroetinga GermanyGermany Roger Kluge
2009 FranceFrance Morgan Kneisky ArgentinaArgentina Ángel Darío Colla AustriaAustria Andreas Mueller
2010 DenmarkDenmark Alex Rasmussen ColombiaColombia Juan Arango JapanJapan Kazuhiro Mori
2011 Hong KongHong Kong Kwok Ho Ting ItalyItaly Elia Viviani FranceFrance Morgan Kneisky
2012 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Ben Swift South AfricaSouth Africa Nolan Hoffman NetherlandsNetherlands Wim Stroetinga
2013 IrelandIreland Martyn Irvine AustriaAustria Andreas Mueller AustraliaAustralia Luke Davison
2014 RussiaRussia Ivan Kovalev IrelandIreland Martyn Irvine Hong KongHong Kong Cheung King-lok
2015 GermanyGermany Lucas Liß SpainSpain Albert Torres United StatesUnited States Bobby Lea
2016 SpainSpain Sebastián Mora MexicoMexico Ignacio Prado SwitzerlandSwitzerland Claudio Imhof
2017 PolandPoland Adrian Tekliński GermanyGermany Lucas Liß United KingdomUnited Kingdom Christopher Latham
2018 BelarusBelarus Jauhen Karaljok ItalyItaly Michele Scartezzini AustraliaAustralia Callum Scotson
2019 AustraliaAustralia Sam Welsford NetherlandsNetherlands Roy Eefting New ZealandNew Zealand Thomas Sexton
2020 BelarusBelarus Jauhen Karaljok ItalyItaly Simone Consonni SpainSpain Sebastián Mora


year gold silver bronze
2002 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Lada Kozlíková AustraliaAustralia Rochelle Gilmore RussiaRussia Olga Slyusareva
2003 RussiaRussia Olga Slyusareva AustraliaAustralia Rochelle Gilmore NetherlandsNetherlands Adrie Visser
2004 CubaCuba Yoanka González AustraliaAustralia Mandy Poitras RussiaRussia Olga Slyusareva
2005 RussiaRussia Olga Slyusareva AustraliaAustralia Katherine Bates UkraineUkraine Liudmila Vipirailo
2006 ColombiaColombia María Luisa Calle CanadaCanada Gina grain RussiaRussia Olga Slyusareva
2007 CubaCuba Yumari González ColombiaColombia María Luisa Calle NetherlandsNetherlands Adrie Visser
2008 NetherlandsNetherlands Ellen van Dijk CubaCuba Yumari González AustraliaAustralia Belinda Goss
2009 CubaCuba Yumari González United KingdomUnited Kingdom Elizabeth Armitstead AustraliaAustralia Belinda Goss
2010 FranceFrance Pascale Jeuland CubaCuba Yumari González AustraliaAustralia Belinda Goss
2011 NetherlandsNetherlands Marianne Vos AustraliaAustralia Katherine Bates United KingdomUnited Kingdom Danielle King
2012 PolandPoland Katarzyna Pawłowska AustraliaAustralia Melissa Hoskins BelgiumBelgium Kelly Druyts
2013 PolandPoland Katarzyna Pawłowska MexicoMexico Sofía Arreola RussiaRussia Yevgenia Romanjuta
2014 BelgiumBelgium Kelly Druyts PolandPoland Katarzyna Pawłowska RussiaRussia Yevgenia Romanjuta
2015 NetherlandsNetherlands Kirsten Wild AustraliaAustralia Amy Cure CanadaCanada Allison Beveridge
2016 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Laura Trott NetherlandsNetherlands Kirsten Wild CanadaCanada Stephanie Roorda
2017 ItalyItaly Rachele Barbieri United KingdomUnited Kingdom Elinor Barker BelgiumBelgium Jolien D'hoore
2018 NetherlandsNetherlands Kirsten Wild BelgiumBelgium Jolien D'hoore DenmarkDenmark Amalie Dideriksen
2019 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Elinor Barker NetherlandsNetherlands Kirsten Wild BelgiumBelgium Jolien D'hoore
2020 NetherlandsNetherlands Kirsten Wild United StatesUnited States Jennifer Valente PortugalPortugal Maria Martins