Alpine Ski World Cup 1970/71

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Alpine skiing

Alpine Ski World Cup 1970/71

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Men's Ladies
total ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll
Departure SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll
Giant slalom FranceFrance Patrick Russel Gustav Thöni
AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll
slalom FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford Britt Lafforgue
Nations Cup FranceFrance France
Nations Cup FranceFrance France FranceFrance France
Venues 13 14th
Individual competitions 24 23

The 1970/71 season of the Alpine Ski World Cup organized by the FIS began on December 13, 1970 in Sestriere (men) and in Bardonecchia (women) and ended on March 14, 1971 in Åre . There were 24 races for men (7  downhill runs , 8  giant slaloms , 9  slaloms ). There were 23 races for women (6 downhill runs, 8 giant slaloms, 9 slaloms).

For the overall ranking of the World Cup, the three best results from each discipline were used, and the three best results for the discipline ratings. This season was an interim year without a World Cup or Olympic Winter Games.

World Cup ratings


rank athlete Points
1 ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni 155
2 FranceFrance Henri Duvillard 135
3 FranceFrance Patrick Russel 125
4th FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert 107
5 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi 95
6th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann 94
7th AustriaAustria David Zwilling 86
8th Germany BRBR Germany Christian Neureuther 66
9 FranceFrance Bernard Orcel 63
10 United StatesUnited States Tyler Palmer 60
11 AustriaAustria Karl Schranz 57
12 AustriaAustria Karl Cordin 56
13 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Walter Tresch 52
14th FranceFrance Alain Penz 51
15th AustriaAustria Harald Rofner 50
16 Germany BRBR Germany Sepp Heckelmiller 46
17th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Jean-Daniel Datwyler 44
18th Poland 1944Poland Andrzej Bachleda 41
19th ItalyItaly Stefano Anzi 40
20th AustriaAustria Josef Loidl 34
rank Athlete Points
1 AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll 210
2 FranceFrance Michèle Jacot 177
3 FranceFrance Isabelle Mir 133
4th AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel 124
5 FranceFrance Françoise Macchi 122
6th FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue 112
7th FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier 101
8th United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran 90
9 AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl 87
10 CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford 76
11 United StatesUnited States Marilyn Cochran 74
12 AustriaAustria Bernadette Rauter 63
13 FranceFrance Florence Steurer 61
14th Germany BRBR Germany Rosi Mittermaier 59
15th FranceFrance Annie Famose 45
16 FranceFrance Jocelyn Périllat 38
17th United StatesUnited States Karen Budge 34
18th FranceFrance Danièle Debernard 33
19th AustriaAustria Monika Kaserer 30th
20th Spain 1945Spain Conchita Puig 27


rank athlete Points
1 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi 70
2 FranceFrance Bernard Orcel 60
3 AustriaAustria Karl Cordin 56
4th FranceFrance Henri Duvillard 53
5 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Walter Tresch 46
6th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Jean-Daniel Datwyler 44
7th ItalyItaly Stefano Anzi 40
8th AustriaAustria Karl Schranz 38
9 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Andreas spokesman 25th
Germany BRBR Germany Franz Vogler
rank Athlete Points
1 AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll 70
2 AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel 60
3 FranceFrance Françoise Macchi 56
4th FranceFrance Isabelle Mir 55
FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier
6th FranceFrance Michèle Jacot 51
7th FranceFrance Annie Famose 29
8th United KingdomUnited Kingdom Divina Galica 11
9 Germany BRBR Germany Margret Harbor 9
FranceFrance Florence Steurer

Giant slalom

rank athlete Points
1 FranceFrance Patrick Russel 70
ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni
3 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann 65
4th FranceFrance Henri Duvillard 60
5 AustriaAustria David Zwilling 51
6th Germany BRBR Germany Sepp Heckelmiller 46
7th FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert 32
8th AustriaAustria Werner Bleiner 25th
Germany BRBR Germany Christian Neureuther
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi
rank Athlete Points
1 AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll 75
2 FranceFrance Michèle Jacot 70
3 FranceFrance Françoise Macchi 60
4th AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl 50
5 FranceFrance Isabelle Mir 48
6th FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue 42
FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier
8th United StatesUnited States Marilyn Cochran 34
9 Germany BRBR Germany Rosi Mittermaier 29
10 United StatesUnited States Karen Budge 28


rank athlete Points
1 FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert 75
2 ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni 70
3 United StatesUnited States Tyler Palmer 60
4th FranceFrance Patrick Russel 55
5 AustriaAustria Harald Rofner 46
6th Germany BRBR Germany Christian Neureuther 41
7th FranceFrance Alain Penz 38
8th AustriaAustria David Zwilling 33
9 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann 29
10 United StatesUnited States Rick Chaffee 28
rank Athlete Points
1 CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford 70
FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue
3 United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran 65
AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll
5 FranceFrance Michèle Jacot 56
6th FranceFrance Florence Steurer 51
7th AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel 45
8th AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl 37
AustriaAustria Bernadette Rauter
10 United StatesUnited States Marilyn Cochran 33
FranceFrance Danièle Debernard

Podium placements men


date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
December 14, 1970 Sestriere ( ITA ) FranceFrance Henri Duvillard FranceFrance Bernard Orcel AustriaAustria Karl Schranz
December 20, 1970 Val d'Isère ( FRA ) AustriaAustria Karl Cordin FranceFrance Bernard Orcel AustriaAustria Karl Schranz
January 16, 1971 St. Moritz ( SUI ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Walter Tresch SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi SwitzerlandSwitzerland Andreas spokesman
01/29/1971 Megève ( FRA ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Jean-Daniel Datwyler FranceFrance Bernard Orcel SwitzerlandSwitzerland Walter Tresch
January 31, 1971 Megève ( FRA ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi Germany BRBR Germany Franz Vogler SwitzerlandSwitzerland Michel Datwyler
02/18/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi FranceFrance Henri Duvillard ItalyItaly Stefano Anzi
02/19/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) ItalyItaly Stefano Anzi AustriaAustria Karl Cordin ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni

Giant slalom

date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
December 17, 1970 Val d'Isère ( FRA ) FranceFrance Patrick Russel FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni
01/05/1971 Berchtesgaden ( FRG ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann FranceFrance Patrick Russel AustriaAustria David Zwilling
01/09/1971 Madonna di Campiglio ( ITA ) FranceFrance Henri Duvillard FranceFrance Patrick Russel ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni
January 18, 1971 Adelboden ( SUI ) FranceFrance Patrick Russel ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni FranceFrance Henri Duvillard
02/13/1971 Mont Sainte-Anne ( CAN ) SwitzerlandSwitzerland Bernhard Russi SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann AustriaAustria Werner Bleiner
02/21/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann FranceFrance Henri Duvillard
02/27/1971 Heavenly Valley ( USA ) ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni FranceFrance Henri Duvillard Germany BRBR Germany Sepp Heckelmiller
March 13, 1971 Åre ( SWE ) AustriaAustria David Zwilling Germany BRBR Germany Sepp Heckelmiller FranceFrance Patrick Russel


date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
01/06/1971 Berchtesgaden ( FRG ) FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert AustriaAustria Heinrich Messner Germany BRBR Germany Max Rieger
01/10/1971 Madonna di Campiglio ( ITA ) ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert FranceFrance Patrick Russel
January 17, 1971 St. Moritz ( SUI ) United StatesUnited States Tyler Palmer AustriaAustria Harald Rofner ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni
01/24/1971 Kitzbühel ( AUT ) FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert FranceFrance Alain Penz AustriaAustria Harald Rofner
01/30/1971 Megève ( FRA ) FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni Germany BRBR Germany Christian Neureuther
02/07/1971 Murren ( SUI ) FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert United StatesUnited States Tyler Palmer FranceFrance Patrick Russel
02/14/1971 Mont Sainte-Anne ( CAN ) FranceFrance Patrick Russel ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni FranceFrance Alain Penz
02/25/1971 Heavenly Valley ( USA ) ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni Germany BRBR Germany Christian Neureuther United StatesUnited States Tyler Palmer
03/14/1971 Åre ( SWE ) FranceFrance Jean-Noël Augert ItalyItaly Gustav Thöni SwitzerlandSwitzerland Edmund Bruggmann

Podium placements women


date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
12/12/1970 Bardonecchia ( ITA ) FranceFrance Françoise Macchi AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Isabelle Mir
December 19, 1970 Val d'Isère ( FRA ) FranceFrance Isabelle Mir AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel FranceFrance Michèle Jacot
01/20/1971 Schruns ( AUT ) FranceFrance Michèle Jacot FranceFrance Françoise Macchi AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel
01/28/1971 Pra-Loup ( FRA ) AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier
02/18/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier FranceFrance Isabelle Mir
02/19/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier FranceFrance Annie Famose

Giant slalom

date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
01/05/1971 Maribor ( YUG ) FranceFrance Françoise Macchi AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll
01/08/1971 Oberstaufen ( FRG ) FranceFrance Michèle Jacot FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue FranceFrance Jocelyn Périllat
02/12/1971 Mont Sainte-Anne ( CAN ) FranceFrance Isabelle Mir FranceFrance Jacqueline Rouvier FranceFrance Françoise Macchi
02/20/1971 Sugarloaf ( USA ) FranceFrance Michèle Jacot AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll Germany BRBR Germany Rosi Mittermaier
02/26/1971 Heavenly Valley ( USA ) United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran United StatesUnited States Karen Budge FranceFrance Isabelle Mir
03/10/1971 Abetone ( ITA ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Michèle Jacot FranceFrance Françoise Macchi
03/11/1971 Abetone ( ITA ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll FranceFrance Françoise Macchi AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl
03/14/1971 Åre ( SWE ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll United StatesUnited States Marilyn Cochran AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl


date place 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
December 16, 1970 Val d'Isère ( FRA ) CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford FranceFrance Florence Steurer AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel
01/04/1971 Maribor ( YUG ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll AustriaAustria Bernadette Rauter United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran
01/09/1971 Oberstaufen ( FRG ) FranceFrance Michèle Jacot AustriaAustria Gertrud Gabl FranceFrance Jocelyn Périllat
01/14/1971 Grindelwald ( SUI ) FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue FranceFrance Michèle Jacot FranceFrance Danièle Debernard
01/21/1971 Schruns ( AUT ) CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel
01/29/1971 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains ( FRA ) AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran Germany BRBR Germany Rosi Mittermaier
02/04/1971 Murren ( SUI ) FranceFrance Britt Lafforgue FranceFrance Florence Steurer FranceFrance Danièle Debernard
02/13/1971 Mont Sainte-Anne ( CAN ) United StatesUnited States Marilyn Cochran United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran AustriaAustria Wiltrud Drexel
02/24/1971 Heavenly Valley ( USA ) United StatesUnited States Barbara Ann Cochran CanadaCanada Betsy Clifford AustriaAustria Annemarie Pröll

Nations Cup

Overall rating
rank country Points
1 FranceFrance France 1333
2 AustriaAustria Austria 892
3 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 396
4th United StatesUnited States United States 373
5 Germany BRBR Germany BR Germany 241
6th ItalyItaly Italy 226
7th CanadaCanada Canada 99
8th Spain 1945Spain Spain 42
9 Poland 1944Poland Poland 41
10 United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 22nd
11 AustraliaAustralia Australia 4th
12 NorwayNorway Norway 4th
rank country Points
1 FranceFrance France 505
2 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 388
3 AustriaAustria Austria 361
4th ItalyItaly Italy 223
5 Germany BRBR Germany BR Germany 171
6th United StatesUnited States United States 128
7th Poland 1944Poland Poland 41
8th Spain 1945Spain Spain 15th
9 AustraliaAustralia Australia 7th
10 NorwayNorway Norway 4th
11 CanadaCanada Canada 2
rank country Points
1 FranceFrance France 828
2 AustriaAustria Austria 531
3 United StatesUnited States United States 245
4th CanadaCanada Canada 97
5 Germany BRBR Germany BR Germany 70
6th Spain 1945Spain Spain 27
7th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 22nd
8th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 8th
9 ItalyItaly Italy 3


These statistics include the podium placements by nation in the respective disciplines.

discipline Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
7 races
04 × Switzerland 1 × Austria 1 × France 1 × ItalySwitzerlandSwitzerland 
04 × France 1 × Austria 1 × Germany 1 × SwitzerlandFranceFrance 
03 × Switzerland 2 × Austria 2 × ItalySwitzerlandSwitzerland 
9 races
06 × France 2 × Italy 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
03 × Italy 2 × Austria 2 × France 1 × Germany 1 × USAItalyItaly 
0United StatesUnited States 
03 × France 2 × Germany 1 × Austria 1 × Italy 1 × Switzerland 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
Giant slalom
8 races
03 × Switzerland 2 × Italy 2 × Switzerland 1 × AustriaSwitzerlandSwitzerland 
04 × France 2 × Switzerland 1 × Germany 1 × ItalyFranceFrance 
03 × France 2 × Austria 2 × Italy 1 × GermanyFranceFrance 
24 races in total
10 × France 6 × Switzerland 5 × Italy 2 × Austria 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
10 × France 4 × Italy 3 × Austria 3 × Germany 3 × Switzerland 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
06 × France 5 × Austria 5 × Italy 4 × Switzerland 3 × Germany 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
Overview podium places
country Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 total
FranceFrance France 10 10 6th 26th
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 6th 3 4th 13
ItalyItaly Italy 5 4th 5 14th
AustriaAustria Austria 2 3 5 10
United StatesUnited States United States 1 1 1 3
GermanyGermany Germany - 3 2 6th
discipline Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
6 races
03 × Austria 3 × FranceAustriaAustria 
03 × Austria 3 × FranceAustriaAustria 
05 × France 1 × AustriaFranceFrance 
9 races
03 × France 2 × Austria 2 × Canada 2 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
04 × France 2 × Austria 2 × USA 1 × CanadaFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
04 × Austria 3 × France 1 × Germany 1 × USAAustriaAustria 
0United StatesUnited States 
Giant slalom
8 races
04 × France 3 × Austria 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
04 × France 2 × Austria 2 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
04 × France 3 × Austria 1 × GermanyFranceFrance 
23 races in total
10 × France 8 × Austria 3 × USA 2 × CanadaFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
11 × France 7 × Austria 4 × USA 1 × CanadaFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
12 × France 8 × Austria 2 × Germany 1 × USAFranceFrance 
0United StatesUnited States 
Overview podium places
country Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 total
FranceFrance France 10 11 12 33
AustriaAustria Austria 8th 7th 8th 23
United StatesUnited States United States 3 4th 1 8th
CanadaCanada Canada 2 1 - 3
GermanyGermany Germany - - 2 2

Season course

Before the season

Gertrud Gabl, whose acclimatization phase had ended after her stay in Australia, was back on the women's team of the ÖSV, which was housed in the Bundessportheim Kitzsteinhorn, since October 12, but she injured herself during slalom training and had to travel home. The ÖSV men stayed in Kaprun. Teams from Germany, Canada and Yugoslavia also trained on the Kitzsteinhorn.

The DSV trained on the French model with a much smaller national squad, which moved to Tignes after training courses on the Stilfser Joch, but according to a message in the "Münchner Merkur" there was a material uprising. The association had forced the runners to use local equipment, but they replied that it did not meet the requirements. In addition, sports manager Heinz Krecek countered that “the boys only wanted to ski foreign skis because they were hoping for more money”

World Cup decisions

For the first time, seven downhill runs appeared in the racing program for both women and men, which was decided by the FIS at a conference in Geneva in early September. According to President Dr. Marc Hodler was caught because the slalom specialists had clearly been preferred so far. In contrast, at the aforementioned conference, an Austrian application to delete all December races from the World Cup program was rejected. The fact that “only” 6 runs were held among women was due to the “Grindelwald cancellation” (see PLEASE under “Cancellations / Postponements”). There was also a reduction in the women's slalom, because ten were planned - and the end of the season was programmed for Pra-Loup on March 21 .

In the development of the season, Gustav Thöni did not seem to be in the top ten after the Berchtesgaden Slalom with 15 points ( Jean-Noël Augert led with 68 points, Max Rieger was 10th with 19). After the Adelboden races, Gustav Thöni was the World Cup leader for the first time, and he also benefited from the fact that the competitor at the time, Patrick Russel, could hardly score any more because of the deleted results. But already after the Kitzbühel slalom (here too there was no downhill run; a slalom not counting for the World Cup was held on January 23, which was also won by Jean-Noël Augert), in which Thöni had no points, Augert sat down again ( 102 points) ahead of Henri Duvillard (95) and Thöni (90) to the top of the World Cup ranking. There was another change in leadership after the men's slalom in Mont St. Anne: Now Russel was 125 to 115 ahead of Thöni.

After that, the South Tyrolean gained a lead thanks to his third place on February 19, 1971 in the downhill from Sugarloaf , but could theoretically have been overtaken by the penultimate race, the giant slalom on March 13, 1971 in Åre . With the victory in the giant slalom (February 27th) Thöni moved a lot closer to his first overall victory in the World Cup; only Duvillard could have endangered him, but if the Frenchman had needed at least one win and a second place in the two final races (while the South Tyrolean had no points at the same time), he should never have finished third. The stated intermediate result 155/135/125 was ultimately also the final result of the season, because no one got any point gains (also due to the "strike mode"). On March 13, the time had come for Thöni: He secured his first of three overall victories in the World Cup with 5th place (his main competitor Duvillard remained without points because of a disqualification; he had a "fan" with one in the first round of the giant slalom Goal lost 2.77 seconds on the best time achieved by Zwilling, then went all out, also achieved the best time - 0.38 seconds faster than Zwilling - but he had missed a goal). In the giant slalom discipline, Thöni and Patrick Russel won. In the slalom, which has already become insignificant for Duvillard, he finished 12th.

Already after the races in Megève, the last chances for last year's overall winner Karl Schranz , who was also slightly injured, were over. And the crisis surrounding him was also confirmed by the fact that his ski manufacturer Franz Kneissl demanded a change in the ÖSV's support team . Subsequently, Schranz (together with other colleagues) was given leave of absence for the Mürren slalom.

In the downhill classification after the two races in Megève, Bernard Orcel led with 60 points ahead of Russi (56) and Cordin (42), but the Frenchman was only able to achieve a maximum of 70 points, while besides Russi and Cordin also Tresch, Duvillard and Datwyler still had the theoretical chance at the maximum. Orcel missed the chance in the second Sugarloaf descent, at least ex aequo with Russi, to win the ranking with only 24. Defending champion Cordin only came third thanks to his second place in the second Sugarloaf descent. He was right at the start of the season Forest fell after a triple somersault, he also fell on the second Megève descent, but was already about 2 seconds behind in this race

After the Maribor weekend with victory and third place, Annemarie Pröll took the lead in the World Cup for the first time, but defending champion Michèle Jacot proved to be stronger in the other races and initially gained a clear lead. On February 12th, thanks to 4th place (11 points), Pröll overtook Jacot by one point in the giant slalom in Mont Sainte-Anne , which was only 10th. In the slalom, too, Pröll came fourth, while Jacot, as the leader, fell after the first run, and after that she never gave up the lead. The next preliminary decisions were made in Heavenly Valley : In the women's giant slalom (February 26th), Pröll could have finally won the World Cup with 3rd place, but she (and Jacot) were eliminated.

With her victory in the second Sugarloaf downhill run (February 19), Pröll won the discipline World Cup. Already in the third last race - with her victory in the first giant slalom in Abetone on March 10, 1971 - she gave me start no. 10 - Pröll was unassailable in the overall World Cup (Jacot and Mir had 177 and 133 points respectively). Pröll, who had previously become two-time national champion (slalom, giant slalom), won the final with her three victories (moreover clear in each case; of which in the second Abetone race with a 2.96 second lead; it was the largest lead ever in the World Cup History in such women's giant slalom, which were only driven in one run) to a late form. With 195 points, she beat Nancy Greene's previous record by four points.

The giant slalom world cup was only decided in Åre; Of the French women, only Jacot and Macchi, who were eligible for this rating, were at the start, who took full risk and dropped out due to falls.

While the men's team in Switzerland had a very positive balance, the women stayed ( Vreni Inäbit achieved 3 points with her 8th place in the downhill in Pra-Loup on January 28th, Rita Good was 7th in the last two giant slaloms and get 10 five points) far below expectations.

Premier victories


  • Walter Tresch in the descent on January 16, 1971 in St. Moritz .
  • Stefano Anzi , whose win in Sugarloaf on February 19, 1971 was to be his only one.
  • St. Moritz (January 19) was also good ground for Tyler Palmer , as he won his first race there with the slalom.
  • David Zwilling was able to win the final giant slalom in Åre on March 13, 1971 with two fastest times. Please refer to the source under the title “Giant Slalom: Finally Twins” in the article about the “World Cup decisions”.


  • Marilyn Cochran was the only one who managed a maiden win, u. between February 13, 1971 at Slalom in Mont Sainte-Anne.


  • Even before the first race, there were several serious falls during downhill training in Bardonecchia (Sestriere) on December 10, 1970 , which also affected slalom world champions Ingrid Lafforgue and Claudio de Tassis , who broke their shins, which meant they were canceled for the season.
  • Kurt Schnider (SUI, born April 14, 1946) tore his kidney in the giant slalom in Berchtesgaden (January 5) after hitting two goal posts with full force. He was operated on that evening in the Berchtesgaden hospital, during which the injured kidney had to be removed, which ended Schnider's racing career.
  • Annie Famose suffered a broken leg after she broke her leg in Schruns in 1969 and a year later at the Universiade in Finland. She suffered another bone tear - again the right fibula was affected. This time it happened in training for the national championships in La Plagne.

Cancellations / postponements

  • In January there were also various cancellations due to lack of snow: the women's downhill in Grindelwald was canceled (a second slalom not counting for the World Cup was held on January 12; winner Françoise Macchi ). The Lauberhorn races were held in St. Moritz, with the slalom scheduled so early on January 17th (9.30am / 11.30am) to bring the runners in time for the giant slalom that will take place in Adelboden on January 18th.
  • The Kitzbühel downhill run (as mentioned elsewhere) was replaced by a slalom that was not part of the World Cup, and the race itself was rescheduled in Megève on January 29th .
  • There were further cancellations for the Kandahar races in Mürren (February 4th to 7th) regarding the runs; For the time being, the organizer decided not to hold the men's downhill run, then the women's downhill run planned for February 5 was also canceled. In Crans-Montana there was a giant slalom on 5th / 6th for the purpose of the Kandahar combination for the men. February (not counting for the World Cup); Winner Duvillard and combi winner Patrick Russel (after both Thöni and Duvillard fell in the slalom). The Kandahar runs themselves were made up for after all, those of the men and women were ridden in Sugarloaf on February 18th.

Worth mentioning

  • IOC President Avery Brundage rode again attacks against a total of ten male alpine runners, who had worked as trainers in Mammoth Mountain in June and July, whereby they earned US $ 50 per day in addition to reimbursement of expenses and free stay and thus at the Olympic Games are not allowed to participate. FIS President Dr. Marc Hodler , referring to a regulation between the FIS and the IOC from 1949, Brundage even threatened to be disqualified against half a hundred Alpine. The French racing director Jean Béranger then stated that as soon as one of the three attacked French runners was excluded, the association would not attend the games. Béranger described Brundage's allegations as hypocrisy. Brundage stuck to his opinion and repeated his request when he arrived at the Asian Games in Bangkok .
  • Strictly speaking, the women's season opener took place in Bardonecchia, with Macchi winning 1.74 seconds ahead of Pröll, but the conditions (the route led through a forest, there were no fall areas and no finish line) were dangerous.
  • Malcolm Milne was able to prevent a bad fall on the descent in Val-d'Isère (December 20); he hadn't really caught the jump on the steep slope edge, had got into back position and only came up on one ski, had already sat on the ends of his ski - he was driving towards the trees next to the slope at 120 km / h, but he succeeded with the last of his strength to come up again and returned through the trees and the right gate post onto the slope. He only reached the finish with a stick, his time of 2: 12.90 was not enough for the top 20, but he had to be disqualified for a peat error anyway.
  • There were problems with the timekeeping on the ladies' downhill run in Val-d'Isère, the first loudspeaker announcement about the times took place after start no. 16 (Bernadette Rauter). At first it was said, Mir ahead of Jacot and Drexel, before Drexel was ranked ahead of Jacot - and Rauter's time was corrected three times and ultimately she was classified in 13th place.
  • The Berchtesgaden slalom on Jenner (January 6th) turned into a "KoSlalom". The last placed, Joze Gazvoda (YUG), was 19.58 seconds slower than the winner Augert in 139.13 seconds, but also the second, Heini Messner, lost 2.06 seconds.
  • In the five-fold victory of the French on January 8th in Oberstaufen , where Rouvier drove with No. 22 and Jocelyne Périllat with No. 38 - it could have been even more, but Macchi and Steurer were eliminated after the best and third-best intermediate times.
  • The women's slalom in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (January 29th) caused nervous tension for World Cup leader Jacot, in which the timekeeping failed in the first run; she was therefore allowed (had to) repeat.
  • From February 6th to 14th, many runners took part in the pre-Olympic competitions in Sapporo and then flew over the North Pole route to Canada to continue the World Cup series. See ao:
  • At the women's giant slalom in Mont Sainte-Anne (February 12), the first start numbers were disadvantaged due to heavy snowfall, the second start group was favored, winner Isabelle Mir wore the number 17. The next day the slalom that followed, a French victory became apparent again after the first run Jacot led the intermediate ranking in 41.83 seconds ahead of Britt Lafforgue (42.04 seconds), the Cochran siblings were 42.75 seconds (Marilyn) and 42.87 seconds (Barbara) Ranks 5 and 7. Obviously Jacot was too nervous and fell, Lafforgue was able to prevent this, but lost a lot of time so that she did not make it into the top 15.
  • In Mont Sainte-Anne, the men had the longest giant slalom in World Cup history (February 12/13), with a total time of 4: 32.18 (this was the winning time of Bernhard Russi , who started with No. 16 , who was the first Run in 2: 11.32 before Bleiner + 0.20 and Bruggmann + 0.30 won). In the second run, Russi finished fourth behind Bruggmann, Rösti 2: 30.79 and Bleiner. Before that, it was Schranz's World Championship run on 9/10 in terms of the time record. February 1970 (in 4: 19.19 seconds).
  • The men's slalom in Mont Sainte-Anne started one hour late due to heavy snowstorms, and in heavy snowfall the competition was opened by the two Swiss runners Peter Frei and Edmund Bruggmann, who came in fifth and sixth.
  • On Saturday morning, February 20, on the day of the first round of the men's RTL from Sugarloaf, all the skis (70 pairs) of the Swiss team burned in a wax and equipment shed near the finish. After a defect in the gas-operated heating, a station employee tried to get it going again and triggered the explosive fire with a match. At the request of the Swiss coach Urs Weber and with the help of the loyal and comradely acting foreign team captains, the first run was postponed to Sunday, February 21. Every Swiss runner was free to use any ski, even if it was an embarrassing solution, since careful selection and thorough break-in was not possible. Gustav Thöni therefore lent Edmund Bruggmann his replacement skis for this giant slalom. Heini Hemmi used a spare ski that had been saved from the fire and finished twelfth. Thöni got his lead (0.22 seconds) in the first run, which he drove 0.45 seconds faster than Bruggmann.

At an FIS meeting at the same location, it was decided that, due to the participation restriction, the ski races at the Olympic Games in Sapporo would not be part of the World Cup (which made the 1968 Olympics and the 1970 World Championships the exception).

  • In Austria, the results that remained below expectations (the Kitzbühel races were the cause) even triggered the involvement of politics by the Minister of Education, Leopold Gratz , who was responsible for sport ; On February 9th the news came about the creation of an "Austria Racing Team" and head of racing, Prof. Franz Hoppichler, described an agreement between the manufacturers as a prerequisite for his stay. (The Austrian ski pool was then founded on September 27, 1971.)
  • In the second Sugarloaf descent (February 19) David Zwilling skied practically the entire distance (2.53 km) on one ski (he had lost the other one at the start), losing 30.3 seconds to winner Stefano Anzi. The hussar piece made headlines in many newspapers for the Salzburg man, but not even a classification in the list of results, it would have been 66th, because he had to be disqualified according to the regulations.
  • After returning to Europe, the respective ski associations held their national championships.
  • From the DSV came on the weekend 6./7. March the news that the previously nationally restricted ski pool was opened for (certain) foreign products.
  • Annemarie Pröll set a record with a time difference of 2.96 seconds on Françoise Macchi on March 11th with No. 15 at the giant slalom in Abetone on the 1.6 km long course flagged with 64 goals by ÖSV women's trainer Paul Kerber , which was no longer surpassed in terms of women's giant slalom with just one round.
  • On May 17, 1971, the ÖSV Main Committee under President Heinz Klee decided to extend the contract with Hoppichler to May 31, 1972.


There were resignations from Rudolf Sailer ( Toni Sailer's brother, who was not quite nine years younger ) and Georges Mauduit and Margret Hafen .

Race outside the World Cup

In addition to the (partially replacement) races already mentioned under "Cancellations / Postponements", there were other races:

  • The result of an international men's downhill race on November 28th in St. Moritz, in which the first 16 places went to Switzerland (victory: Michael Dätwyler ahead of Walter Tresch ), was sensational ; however, there was no ÖSV runner at the start.
  • The first slalom of the season took place on December 13th in Bardonecchia (women) and on December 14th in Sestriere (men). There were victories for Michele Jacot ahead of Annemarie Pröll and Wiltrud Drexel (Rosi Mittermaier finished 6th) and Patrick Russel ahead of Gustav Thöni and Max Rieger.
  • The combined classification in Val-d'Isère went to Wiltrud Drexel, ahead of Florence Steurer and Betsy Clifford.
  • On December 21st, a women's giant slalom took place in Les Contamines, which Jacot won ahead of Barbara Cochran and Sandra Poulsen, but the ÖSV was only represented by one junior team.
  • The Salzach Valley Ski Week began on January 2nd in St. Johann im Pongau with the giant slalom abandoned after 43 of 127 registered runners in the first run (lack of snow; insufficiently groomed slope); it had led Josef Loidl to Reinhard Tritscher and Alfred Hagn . On January 3rd, only 17 of the 120 registered runners made it into the slalom in Schwarzach im Pongau . Here the Swede Sven Mikälson won ahead of Loidl, Zwilling, Manfred Grabler and Hagn. The competitions were concluded on January 5th and 6th with a slalom on Pass Thurn ( Passthurn ) (winner Hubert Berchtold ahead of Olle Rolen and Mikälsen) and a giant slalom in Krimml ( Josef Pechtl ahead of Helmuth Schmalzl and Karl Cordin ).
  • Henri Duvillard won the Hahnenkamm combined ranking ahead of Jean-Noël Augert and Bernard Orcel in Megéve.
  • On March 4, the Austrian ski championships began in Jochberg (Tyrol) with the women's downhill run ( Ingrid Gfölner won ahead of Dora Storm and Julia Spettel ; however, Annemarie Pröll , Monika Kaserer , Bernadette Rauter and Gertrud Gabl were missing ). On March 5th, both the men's downhill and the women's slalom were run. Karl Cordin won ahead of Kurt Engstler and Hubert Berchtold and Pröll ahead of Helene Graswander and Sigrid Eberle . On March 6th there were both giant slaloms, with David Zwilling winning ahead of Josef Pechtl and Reinhard Tritscher and Pröll ahead of Gfölner and Leibetseder. The men's slalom on March 7th brought a victory for Harald Rofner ahead of Styrian Norbert Wendner and Zwilling, with which Zwilling still won the combined title ahead of Pechtl and Tritscher. The combined victory in the women went to Gfölner ahead of Spettel and Graswander.
  • From March 5th, the Swiss held their 43rd championships in Thyon in the canton of Valais, with significant differences in quality between women (mediocrity) and men (high density at the top), especially in downhill skiing. At that time, there were large deficits in the women's sector, so that even the expression drove like beginners . The titles went to Vreni Inäbit in front of Marianne Hefti and Bernadette Zurbriggen (downhill), Rita Good in front of Marie-Theres Nadig and Inäbit (giant slalom), Zurbriggen in front of Elisabeth Ponti and Inäbit (slalom) and Zurbriggen in front of Inäbit and Marlys Beer (combination). In the men's category it was Bernhard Russi in front of Jean-Daniel Dätwyler and Andreas Sprecher and Hans Zingre in front of Walter Tresch and Russi and Peter Frei in front of Heini Hemmi and Tresch and Russi in front of Tresch and Dätwyler.
  • In the DSV title fights taking place at the same time in Hindelang, the ladies were Margret Hafen in front of Rosi Mittermaier and Traudl Treichl (downhill), Mittermaier in front of Treichl and Pamela Behr (giant slalom) and Pehr in front of Treichl and Mittermaier (slalom) and Franz Vogler in front of Gerhard Prinzing and Alfred Hagn (downhill), Max Rieger successfully ahead of Hansjörg Schlager and Sepp Heckelmiller (giant slalom) and Christian Neureuther ahead of Willi Lesch and Rieger (slalom). It was noteworthy that the men's descent was driven on a shortened route (2,200 m) due to the risk of avalanches.
  • At the French championships in La Plagne , the US runner Marilyn Cochran showed her late form and won slalom and giant slalom (plus fourth place in the downhill, which also brought the combined title). The actual national titles went to Jacqueline Rouvier (downhill winner and giant slalom third, because Karen Budge was second) and Danièle Debernard (slalom). - Patrick Russel won slalom and giant slalom, Henri Duvillard the downhill.
  • The Italian federation held its Campionati in Bressanone . The results of the giant slalom, slalom and the combination of women and the giant slalom and slalom of men with the title winners Clotilde Fasolis, Elena Matous and again Fasolis or Eberhard Schmalzl and Gustav Thöni are available.

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