Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

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Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Paul McCartney's studio album


September 12, 2005

Label (s)

Format (s)

LP , CD , download

Genre (s)

Rock , pop

Title (number)

13 (+1 bonus title)

running time

46 min 53 s

  • Jason Falkner - guitar
  • James Gadson - drums
  • Joey Waronker - percussion
  • Brian Ray - acoustic guitar
  • The Los Angeles Music Players - string instruments


Nigel Godrich

Studio (s)

Twin Freaks
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard Ecce Cor Meum

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard ( English Chaos and Creation in the Backyard ) is the 14th solo album by Paul McCartney . Including the Wings albums, Fireman albums, classic albums, live albums and compilation albums , it is Paul McCartney's 38th album after the Beatles split up . It was released on September 12, 2005 in the UK and USA .


Since his last studio album Driving Rain , Paul McCartney has released various songs, some with other artists. On the album Together by Lulu , released in May 2002, is the duet Inside Thing (Let 'Em In). A new recording by Calico Skies was released in April 2003 on the compilation album Warchild Album for the Children . On the soundtrack album Music from the Motion Picture The In-Laws , which was released in June 2003, there is a new version of Live and Let Die as well as the previously unreleased track A Love for You, which comes from the recording sessions for the album Ram . On the Brian Wilson album Gettin 'in Over My Head , released in June 2004, is the duet with Paul McCartney A Friend Like You .

On September 20, 2004, McCartney's single Tropical Island Hum / We All Stand Together was released in Great Britain as a yellow 7 "vinyl single and CD single, which reached number 21 in the charts. The recordings were made in December 1987 with George Martin as producer.

On September 27th the DVD The Music and Animation Collection was released, which contains the animated films by Paul McCartney and the songs Tropical Hum and We All Stand Together . We All Stand Together was originally released as single A-side in November 1984.

The joint composition Whole Life by Paul McCartney and David A. Stewart was recorded in October 2003 in Abbey Road Studios by the band of Paul McCartney and the two composers of the song. It was released as a download in January 2005 and on the compilation album One Year On 46664 in March 2005.

On July 2, 2005, Paul McCartney and U2 , among others, appeared during the Live 8 concert and played the song Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band , which was released as a download single on the same day and ranked 48th in US reached the American Billboard charts .

Preparations for the new album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard took place in the summer of 2003 at Abbey Road Studios , where McCartney recorded nine demos with David Kahne, the producer of Driving Rain . While recording, Paul McCartney asked George Martin for suggestions for another producer. Martin suggested Nigel Godrich , who also worked with Radiohead and Beck .

The first recordings began in September 2003. After the song Follow Me was recorded with the band of Paul McCartney, Godrich McCartney convinced that there should be no band for further recordings of the album. This was followed by the recording of This Never Happened Before and Comfort of Love (later single B-side of Fine Line ) in the RAK studios in London. In October 2003 Paul McCartney was no longer satisfied with his decision to have chosen Nigel Godrich as producer and temporarily ended the collaboration. In February 2004 he started working on the next studio album Memory Almost Full with David Kahne .

In March / April 2004 Paul McCartney decided to continue working on Chaos and Creation in the Backyard with Nigel Godrich in Los Angeles . Godrich also hired the guitarist Jason Falkner and the drummer James Gadson, with whom and optionally other session musicians the songs A Certain Softness , Growing Up Falling Down (later single B-side of Fine Line ), At the Mercy , I Want to Fly (later single B-side by Jenny Wren ), Riding to Vanity Fair and This Loving Game (later single B-side by Jenny Wren ) were recorded at Ocean Way Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

Work on the album continued in September 2004 at AIR Studios in London , where work was done on the songs Fine Line and Too Much Rain . During this and the following recordings, which took place again in the Ocean Way Recording Studios in October and November 2004, McCartney played almost all instruments alone, including bass, guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, recorder, harmonium and flugelhorn. The songs in these sessions are: Jenny Wren , English Tea , Promise to You Girl, Anyway and She Is So Beautiful (later Japanese album bonus track).

The last recordings took place in April 2005 again at AIR Studios in London, where the tracks How Kind of You , Friends to Go , I've Got Only Two Hands and Summer of '59 (later 7 ″ single B-side by Jenny Wren ) were recorded by Paul McCartney. After the recordings, all the songs were revised.

On September 12, 2005, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard was released.

Since Paul McCartney recorded the album essentially on his own, it ties in with the McCartney and McCartney II albums from the early solo years. But it's also McCartney's first studio album since 1984's Give My Regards to Broad Street , which he wasn't directly involved in production.

McCartney's reviews attested that after successive albums Flaming Pie , Run Devil Run, and Driving Rain , Chaos and Creation in the Backyard reached a high point of creativity in his late career. The album was nominated for three Grammy awards in 2006, in the coveted "Album of the Year" category, "Best Male Vocal Performance" (for Fine Line ) and "Best Vocal Album". In 2007, another Grammy nomination followed in the category "Best Male Vocal Performance" for the piece Jenny Wren.

Overall, the musical direction of the album was much less rocky and rough than the previous album Driving Rain and sometimes contains thoughtful and philosophical lyrics.

To promote the album, a concert was held at Abbey Road Studios under the name Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road . This concert was broadcast on British television; During the television special, the hitherto unreleased song That's All for Now was played in the credits .

The album was commercially successful in Great Britain (23rd Top Ten album), the USA (16th Top Ten album) and Germany (9th Top Ten album).

From September 16 to November 30, 2005 Paul McCartney embarked on a US tour with 37 concerts, which was documented on the DVD The Space within US , which was released in November 2006.

Cover design

20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool :
Paul McCartney lived here with his brother and father from 1955 to 1963

The cover shows Paul McCartney tuning a guitar and was recorded in 1962 in the back yard of the house at 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool where the family lived at the time. The photo, originally titled Paul under Washing , was taken by Paul's brother Mike McCartney and later titled Our Kid Through Mum's Net Curtain .

Track list

All tracks were composed by Paul McCartney.

  1. Fine Line - 3:05
  2. How Kind of You - 4:47
  3. Jenny Wren - 3:47
  4. At the Mercy - 2:38
  5. Friends to Go - 2:43
  6. English Tea - 2:12
  7. Too Much Rain - 3:24
  8. A Certain Softness - 2:42
  9. Riding to Vanity Fair - 5:07
  10. Follow Me - 2:31
  11. Promise to You Girl - 3:10
  12. This Never Happened Before - 3:24
  13. Anyway * - 3:50
  14. I've Only Got Two Hands - 3:15
The songAnywaycontains the instrumental pieceI've Only Got Two Hands, which begins after a pause of 20 seconds at 4:10.

Japan bonus title

  • She Is So Beautiful - 3:12

Special Edition with DVD
The album was also released as a "Special Edition". This version contains a DVD in addition to the standard CD . Another difference to the normal version is the burgundy red cardboard slipcase with a gold-colored ambigram of the name "Paul McCartney", in which the CD / DVD case is located.

The DVD has the following content:

  • Between Chaos and Creation - Documentation on the creation of the album - 31:34
  • Fine Line - video clip for the song - 3:28
  • Line Art - animated film with drawings by Brian Clarke, underlaid with instrumental versions of the pieces Riding to Vanity Fair, At the Mercy and Anyway - 11:40
  • How Kind of You - Animated menu with music - 4:48

More information on individual songs

  • The lyrics to the song Too Much Rain were inspired by the song Smile from the film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin .
  • Jenny Wren (Wren in German: ' wren ' ) was musically inspired by the Beatles song Blackbird , the name Jenny Wren comes from the Dickens story Our Mutual Friend .
  • The song Friends to Go was written in memory of George Harrison .
  • Sources mention that another four previously unreleased songs were recorded: That Seems to Make No Sense, A Modern Dance, Watching My Fish Drown, and Perfect Lover. However, it cannot be proven that these recordings exist.
  • Perfect Lover is said to be the template for the song Ever Present Past from the album Memory Almost Full .

Single releases

Fine line

On August 29, 2005, the 7 "vinyl single Fine Line / Growing Up Falling Down was released in the UK .

The CD single with the songs Fine Line , Comfort of Love and Growing Up Falling Down was released in Europe on August 29, 2005 and on August 30 in the USA.

Promotional CDs called Fine Line were also produced in Europe and the USA .

Jenny Wren

On November 29, 2005, the 7 "vinyl single Jenny Wren / Summer of '59 was released in the UK .

The CD single was released in Europe: Jenny Wren / I Want You to Fly / This Loving Game.

In Great Britain, the CD single Jenny Wren / I Want You to Fly was also released. In the United States, Jenny Wren was not sold as a single.

In Europe and the USA, promotional CDs with the title Jenny Wren were also produced, each containing an abbreviated version and the album version.

Further promotion singles

  • In August 2005, the promotional CD Too Much Rain was released in France .
  • The planned third single release should originally be the song This Never Happened Before in February 2006 . The song was used for the soundtrack of the feature film Das Haus am See and was only released as a promotional CD in the US, but it reached number 27 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts . The promotion CD contains the album and a shortened version. Another promotional CD only contained the abridged version of This Never Happened Before.

Music videos

Music videos were made for the songs Fine Line and Jenny Wren .

Promotional publications

  • In August 2005, a 54-minute promotional interview CD was produced in the UK.
  • In September 2005, Paul McCartney produced a double promotional CD at the beginning of the “US Tour” in the USA. These are the two separate CDs Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and Motor of Love, which are in a cardboard slipcase are located. The CD Motor of Love is a standalone compilation album containing ten songs: Motor Of Love , The Back Seat Of My Car , Rough Ride , Lonely Road , Helen Wheels , Backwards Traveler , Biker Like An Icon , Driving Rain , Drive My Car (live from the super bowl XXXIX halftime show) and The Long and Winding Road (live).

The live version of Drive My Car was previously unreleased.

Chart placements

year album Chart placements annotation
2005 Chaos and Creation in the Backyard 4th 13 9 10 6th
year Single release Chart placements annotation
2005 Fine Line
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
70 - - 20th -
2005 Jenny Wren
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
- - - 22nd nv

Sales figures and awards

Country / Region Award Sales
Awards for music sales
(country / region, Award, Sales)
France (SNEP) France (SNEP) Gold record icon.svg gold 100,000
Canada (MC) Canada (MC) Gold record icon.svg gold 50,000
Russia (NFPF) Russia (NFPF) Gold record icon.svg gold 10,000
United States (RIAA) United States (RIAA) Gold record icon.svg gold 500,000
United Kingdom (BPI) United Kingdom (BPI) Gold record icon.svg gold 100,000
All in all Gold record icon.svg 6 × gold


  • In May 2007 the album was released in download format.
  • On June 8, 2010, the album was re-released on the Hear Music / Universal Music Group recording company .
  • On May 18, 2018, the album, pressed on 180 gram gold-colored vinyl, was released by Capitol Records , and the CD version, which has a cardboard cover that can be opened, was also re-released.


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