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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Jonsdorf
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Jonsdorf highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 51 '  N , 14 ° 42'  E

Basic data
State : Saxony
County : Goerlitz
Management Community : Olbersdorf
Height : 442 m above sea level NHN
Area : 9.03 km 2
Residents: 1548 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 171 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 02796
Area code : 035844
License plate : GR, LÖB, NOL, NY, WSW, ZI
Community key : 14 6 26 210
Address of the
municipal administration:
Auf der Heide 1
02796 Jonsdorf health resort
Website :
Mayor : Kati Wenzel (Free Voters Citizens' Forum Jonsdorf eV)
Location of the community of Jonsdorf in the district of Görlitz
Bärwalder See Berzdorfer See Talsperre Quitzdorf Talsperre Quitzdorf Polen Tschechien Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge Bad Muskau Beiersdorf Bernstadt a. d. Eigen Herrnhut Bertsdorf-Hörnitz Boxberg/O.L. Boxberg/O.L. Dürrhennersdorf Ebersbach-Neugersdorf Kottmar (Gemeinde) Gablenz (Oberlausitz) Görlitz Görlitz Groß Düben Groß Düben Großschönau (Sachsen) Großschweidnitz Hähnichen Hainewalde Herrnhut Hohendubrau Horka Jonsdorf Kodersdorf Königshain Krauschwitz (Sachsen) Kreba-Neudorf Lawalde Leutersdorf (Oberlausitz) Löbau Markersdorf (Sachsen) Markersdorf (Sachsen) Mittelherwigsdorf Mücka Mücka Neißeaue Neusalza-Spremberg Kottmar (Gemeinde) Niesky Kottmar (Gemeinde) Oderwitz Olbersdorf Oppach Ostritz Oybin Quitzdorf am See Reichenbach/O.L. Rietschen Rosenbach Rothenburg/Oberlausitz Schleife (Ort) Schönau-Berzdorf auf dem Eigen Schönbach (Sachsen) Schöpstal Seifhennersdorf Reichenbach/O.L. Trebendorf Trebendorf Vierkirchen (Oberlausitz) Waldhufen Weißkeißel Weißwasser/Oberlausitz Zittau Zittau Landkreis Bautzen Brandenburgmap
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Jonsdorf is a state-approved climatic health resort in the Zittau Mountains . The Saxon community in the district of Görlitz belongs to the administrative community of Olbersdorf .


Jonsdorf from Nonnenfelsen seen from

Jonsdorf lies in the basins of the Grundbach and the Pochebach in the Zittau Mountains, right on the border with Northern Bohemia ( Czech Republic ). The place is framed by several mountains such as the Buchberg and the Jonsberg . In the southeast is the protected Jonsdorf rock town and the Nonnenfelsen rock chain.


Millstone factory in Jonsdorf near Zittau 1856

Jonsdorf was first mentioned in a document in 1539. The Cölestin monastery in Oybin sold properties to ten settlers. In 1574, Maximilian II sold the Oybiner property to the city of Zittau and Jonsdorf became a council village. After the sons of the local judge Hans Richter had discovered in 1560 that the sandstone found south of the village was suitable for the production of millstones , Hieronymus Richter leased the first quarry from the city of Zittau in 1580. In 1667, the city council of Zittau am Pochebach decided to designate further building sites between Jonsdorf and Waltersdorf , which resulted in Neu-Jonsdorf. In 1731, the heather between Alt- and Neu-Jonsdorf was cut down and the area built on, so that both villages grew together. In the same year, after a year of construction, the church in Alt-Jonsdorf was completed.

In the second half of the 18th century, linen weaving was of great economic importance in Jonsdorf.

Map of Oberreit with Jonsdorf and the Jonsdorf rock town around 1845

From 1840 the structural design of the village began to change. Instead of the previous framework construction , the houses were built as solid structures. Villa-like buildings were also built as country residences for urban citizens.

In 1841 the tourist development of the village began. Karl Linke opened a cold water sanatorium . The beginning of the spa business promoted tourism . In 1890 the Zittau narrow-gauge railway to Jonsdorf was inaugurated .

After more than 300 years, the quarrying of millstones in Jonsdorf ended in 1917.

At the end of the Second World War , Jonsdorf took in many refugees who had been driven from their homeland, especially from the neighboring Bohemian villages.

In 1952 and 1953, the national construction organization (NAW) created the ice rink and the forest stage. In 1956 the Bertsdorf district of Hänischmühe Jonsdorf was incorporated. A new school was built at the Hieronymus Stone in 1984.

The Arena leisure and ice sports center was inaugurated in 1996. In the same year, work began on redesigning the spa park, which continued until 1997. The butterfly house opened in 2004 .

Population development

year Residents
1553 22 gardeners
1777 25 gardeners,
81 cottagers,
3 devastation
1834 1688
1871 1539
1890 1545
1910 1426
1925 1717
1939 1857
1946 2247
1950 2335
1964 2327
1990 1857
2000 2026
2007 1814
2009 1782
2012 1655
2013 1639

Place name forms

1539: Yansdorff, 1553: Yansdorff, 1565: Janßdorff, 1721: Jonnßdorff, 1791: Johnsdorf, Alt-, 1875: Johnsdorf b. Zittau (old and new)


City council election 2019
Turnout: 74.9%
BF a
EV b
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
a citizens' forum
b Individual proposals

Municipal council

Since the municipal council election on May 26, 2019 , the 12 seats of the municipal council have been distributed among the individual groups as follows:

  • Citizens' Forum Free Voters Jonsdorf eV (BF): 12 seats

Administrative affiliation

1777: Görlitzer Kreis, 1843: Regional Court District Löbau, 1856: Judicial Office Zittau, 1875: Amtshauptmannschaft Zittau, 1952: District Zittau, 1994: District Löbau-Zittau, 2008: District Görlitz

Culture and sights

Jonsdorf Church
Jonsdorf Church
Jonsdorf Church

The cultural monuments are recorded in the list of cultural monuments in Jonsdorf .

Natural monuments

Small organ in the mill stone quarries
Jonsdorf rock town


  • Leisure and ice sports center (Sparkassen Arena)
  • Mountain bath

In Jonsdorf played the ice hockey club EHC Jonsdorfer Falken , whose first team participated in the league until 2013/14 .


Jonsdorf is away from the major roads. The place has a railway connection with the Zittau narrow-gauge railway, which is used almost exclusively for tourism. The former train station was converted into a restaurant and guesthouse. The place has two border crossings open to the Czech Republic for pedestrians and cyclists, one of them to Mařenice - Dolní Světlá (Großmergthal - Niederlichtenwalde). Since December 20, 2011, after the expansion of the K 8651 road, a car border crossing into the Bohemian Valy has been available.


Sons and daughters of the church


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