Rijksweg 50

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Autosnelweg A50 / Autoweg N50 in the Netherlands
Rijksweg 50Rijksweg 50
Course of the AN50
Basic data
Operator: Rijkswaterstaat
Overall length: 151 km

Provinces :

Eilandbrücke near Kampen
Course of the road
node Knooppunt Ekkersweijer A2 E25
Junction (6)  Bedrijventerrein Ekkersrijt
Junction (7)  Eindhoven Center
flow Wilhelminakanal
Junction (8th)  Son en Breugel N620
Gas station Sonse Heide Symbol: Up
Junction (9)  Sint-Oedenrode N637
Junction (10)  Eerde N622
bridge Julian J. Ewellbrug
flow Zuid-Willemsvaart
Junction (11)  Veghel N279
Junction (12)  Veghel- North
Junction (13)  People N264
Junction (14)  Zeeland
Junction (15)  Nistelrode
Junction (16)  Oss- OostN324 N329
node Knooppunt Paalgraven A59
Gas station De Gagel Symbol: Down
Gas station Wholeveen Symbol: Up
Junction (17)  Ravenstein N277
bridge Maasbrug near Ravenstein
flow Meuse
node Knooppunt Bankhoef A326
node Knooppunt Ewijk A73 E31 N322
bridge Tacitus Bridge
flow Waal
node Knooppunt Valburg A15 E31
parking spot Milands Symbol: Down
Gas station Weerbroek Symbol: Up
Junction (18)  Heterosexuals
bridge Rijnbrug bij Heteren
flow Nederrijn
Junction (19)  Renkum N225
parking spot Cod Symbol: Up
Gas station De Slenk Symbol: Down
node Knooppunt Grijsoord A12 E35
Common route with A12
Gas station De Schaars Symbol: Up
End of shared route with A12
node Knooppunt Waterberg A12 E35
Junction (20)  Arnhem CenterN784
Junction (21)  Schaarsbergen N311
Junction (22)  Hoenderloo N788
Junction (23)  Loen N786
Gas station Rest stop De Somp Symbol: Down
Gas station Rest stop De Brink Symbol: Up
node Knooppunt Beekbergen A1 E30
Junction (24)  Apeldoorn N345
Junction (25)  Apeldoorn -Noord
Junction (26)  Vaassen N792
Junction (27)  Epe N309
Junction (28)  Heerde- ZuidN794
Gas station Kolthoorn Symbol: Down
Gas station Het Veen Symbol: Up
Junction (29)  Herd
Junction (30)  Hattem
node Knooppunt Hattemerbroek A28 E232
Autobahn end Start of the road End of the N50 motorway
Gas station Rest stop Zalkerbroek
Motorway junction Kampen- ZuidN764
Motorway junction Kampen N307
bridge Eilandbrug
flow IJssel
bridge Ramspolbrug
flow Ramsdiep
crossing Ens N352
node Knooppunt Emmeloord A6

The Rijksweg 50 (abbreviation: RW 50 ) - Short form: Autosnelweg 50 (abbreviation: A50 ) / autoroute 50 (abbreviation: N50 ) - is a Dutch motorway . The motorway begins in Eindhoven in the east of the province of Noord-Brabant and runs via Arnhem in the province of Gelderland and Apeldoorn to Emmeloord in the north of the province of Flevoland .

Rijksweg 50 originally ran from the Hintham ( A2 ) interchange , a district of 's-Hertogenbosch , to the Joure interchange ( A7 ) in the Dutch province of Friesland . The part between the Emmeloord interchange and the Joure interchange is now part of the A6 , while the section between the Hintham interchange and the Paalgraven interchange is now part of the A59 .

Four green bridges span the A50 . Two are between Arnhem and Apeldoorn ( Woeste Hoeve and Terlet ), two more on the section between Oss and Eindhoven, near Uden and Son en Breugel .

Green bridge Woeste Hoeve over the A50

N50 Oss - 's-Hertogenbosch

The N50 between Oss and 's-Hertogenbosch was originally part of Rijksweg 50. However, since the route of the A50 was laid out from Oss in the direction of Eindhoven, the section between Oss and' s-Hertogenbosch was given its name after conversion and expansion A59.

Motorway A50 Eindhoven - Oss

Before the A50 was built, Eindhoven was connected to Oss by the N265, which ran through the town centers of Son, Veghel and Mariaheide . By completing the last section of the A50 between Eindhoven and Oss, the connection between the two cities has been improved and the traffic nuisance in the affected areas has been significantly reduced.

In 2001, work began to complete the section between Eindhoven and Uden. This section was opened to traffic in 2004. In October 2005 the section between Uden and Oss was also completed. On July 8, 2006, construction work on the Paalgraven interchange was completed. This motorway junction connects the A50 with the A59, although traffic to and from 's-Hertogenbosch has to leave the motorway briefly.

The connection of the A50 to the motorways around Eindhoven was made possible until March 2010 through road crossings ( same-plan junctions ) and traffic lights . In the course of the renovation and expansion of the motorway ring around Eindhoven ( A58 , A2 , A67 ) from four to eight lanes , the Ekkersrijt / Bokt motorway junction was expanded into a fully-fledged motorway junction with connecting ramps . When the work is completed in spring 2010, the southern part of the A50 will also be fully connected to the motorway network.

The section between Eindhoven and Oss is 35 km long, with the surface layer being made from a continuous piece of concrete . This type of top layer was used here on a large scale for the first time in the Netherlands.

Open-pored asphalt was used as the top layer in order to keep the nuisance caused by traffic noise as low as possible for those living in the immediate vicinity of the A50 .

Motorway A50 Oss - Hattemerbroek

The A50 and A12 share a route between the Grijsoord interchange and the Waterberg interchange . For this reason, this section has been expanded to six lanes.

Car route N50 Hattemerbroek - Emmeloord

From the Hattemerbroek motorway junction to the Emmeloord junction, Rijksweg 50 is not designed as a motorway, but as an autoweg ( motor road ). The section from Hattemmerbroek to Kampen- Zuid was extended by a third lane (2 + 1 extension) and opened to traffic in 2006. As early as 2003, a new route was laid for the section between Kampen and Ens using the Eiland Bridge west of Kampen. Due to the increasing number of fatal traffic accidents, however, there are plans to expand this route to the motorway.

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