Rijksweg 12

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Autosnelweg A12 in the Netherlands
Rijksweg 12
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Course of the A12
Basic data
Operator: Rijkswaterstaat
Overall length: 137 km

Provinces :

Development condition: 2 × 2 lanes + emergency lanes
The A12 shortly before its end in The Hague
Course of the road
Province of Zuid-Holland
crossing The Hague -Centrum-ZuidN44
Junction (1)  Symbol: Down The Hague-Malieveld
Junction (2)  Symbol: UpThe Hague Centraal Station
Junction (3)  Symbol: Up The Hague-Bezuidenhout
bridge under the Amsterdam – Rotterdam railway line
Locality The hague
Autobahn beginning Start of the motorway
Junction (4)  Symbol: Up Voorburg
flow Rhine-Schie Canal
node Knooppunt Prins Clausplein A4 E19 E30
Junction (5)  Nootdorp
Gas station Symbol: rightSymbol: right Verzorgingsplaats Knorrestein
Junction (6)  Symbol: Down Zoetermeer Center
Junction (7)  Zoetermeer N470
Junction (8th)  Bleiswijk N209
flow Rotte
Junction (9)  Zevenhuizen N219
node Symbol: Up Knooppunt Gouwe A20 E25
tunnel (70 m)  Gouwe-aquaduct ( Gouwe )
Junction (11)  Gouda cheese N452
Gas station Symbol: leftSymbol: left Verzorgingsplaats De Andel
Junction (12)  Reeuwijk N459
Gas station Rest stop Symbol: hotelSymbol: rightSymbol: right Verzorgingsplaats (with hotel) Bodegraven
node Symbol: Up Knooppunt Bodegraven N11
flow Grandchildren Wiericke
flow Dubbele Wiericke
Junction (13)  Nieuwerbrug
Utrecht Province
flow Linschoten
bridge via the Utrecht – Rotterdam railway line
Junction (14)  Woerden N204
Junction (14a)  Harmelen N204
Gas station Verzorgingsplaats Bijleveld / Hellevliet
Junction (15)  De seas N198 N228
node Knooppunt Oudenrijn A2 E25 E35
Begin motorway ring Utrecht
Junction (16)  Nieuwegein
bridge Galecopperbrug (via Amsterdam-Rhine Canal )
Junction (17)  Utrecht Canal Island
flow Merwede Canal
Junction (18)  Utrecht- HoogravenN408
node Knooppunt bezels A27 E30 E311
End of the Utrecht motorway ring
bridge via the Utrecht – Boxtel line
Gas station Symbol: leftSymbol: left Verzorgingsplaats De Forten
Junction (19)  Bunnik N229
flow Kromme Rijn
Junction (20)  Driebergen N225
Green bridge Ecoduct Mollebos
Junction (21)  Symbol: Down Maarn N227
Junction (22)  Maarsbergen N226
Gas station Rest stop Verzorgingsplaats Bloemheuvel / Oudenhorst
bridge under the Kesteren - Amersfoort railway line
Green bridge Ecoduct Rumelaar
flow Valleikanaal
Junction (23)  Veenendaal -WestN418
Gelderland Province
Junction (23a)  Veenendaal N233
node Knooppunt Maanderbroek A30
Junction (24)  Wageningen N781
bridge via the Amsterdam – Arnhem railway line
Gas station Symbol: leftSymbol: left Verzorgingsplaats De Buunderkamp
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right Verzorgingsplaats' t Ginkelse Zand
Green bridge Ecoduct Jac. P. Thijsse
Junction (25)  Oosterbeek N224
node Knooppunt Grijsoord A50
Common route with A50
Gas station Symbol: rightSymbol: right Verzorgingsplaats De Schaars
End of shared route with A50
node Knooppunt Waterberg A50
Junction (26)  Arnhem- NorthN784
bridge via the Arnhem – Leeuwarden railway line
node Knooppunt Velperbroek A348 N325
flow IJssel
Junction (27)  Westervoort N338
Junction (28)  Duiven
parking spot Symbol: rightSymbol: right Verzorgingsplaats Aalburgen
Gas station Symbol: leftSymbol: left Verzorgingsplaats Oudbroeken
Junction (29)  Zevenaar N336
bridge via the Winterswijk – Zevenaar railway line
node Symbol: Down Knooppunt Oud-Dijk A18
Junction (30)  Beek N812
Gas station Verzorgingsplaats Bergh
EU border crossing Border crossing Bergh Autoweg
Template: AB / Maintenance / NextDEGermany Continue on  OberhausenA3 E35

The Dutch Rijksweg 12 is a 137 km long motorway. It begins in The Hague and leads past Utrecht and Arnhem to the Zevenaar border crossing, where it merges into the German federal motorway 3 .

Between the junction (Dutch: Knooppunt ) Prins Clausplein and the junction Lunetten the A12 runs identically to the E30 , between the junction Oudenrijn and the German border it runs identically to the E35 . Between the Gouwe and Oudenrijn junctions, it is also identical to the E25 .

The A12 is one of the most popular east-west connections in the Netherlands.


The section between The Hague and the Oudenrijn junction was built between 1933 and 1940 as the first section of the A12. This makes this section one of the first motorways in the Netherlands. It was the first highway in the world to have hard shoulders.

During the war, the motorway section between the Oudenrijn and Bunnik junction was opened. The last section between Bunnik and the Zevenaar border crossing was completed between 1947 and 1963 , but could not be opened to traffic at the time. In 1965 , the A12 was connected to the German motorway network with the completion of the federal motorway 3 between Wesel and Emmerich .


The Hague - Arnhem

Coming from The Hague, Zoetermeer, Utrecht and Arnhem are indicated on the signs. After Utrecht comes the German Oberhausen . From Arnhem, Doetinchem is indicated as the destination on the A18.

Arnhem - The Hague

Coming from Germany, only Arnhem and The Hague are mentioned at first. After Arnhem, reference is made to Utrecht and Amsterdam. From Veenendaal there are signs to Rotterdam and from Gouda to Zoetermeer. From Zoetermeer onwards only The Hague is indicated on the signs.


The hague

The A12 begins in the Malieveld district of The Hague, where it branches off from the two roads “Zuid-Hollandlaan” and “Benoordenhoutseweg”. The first part, called “Utrechtsebaan”, is signposted as a motor road. That is why a maximum speed of 70 km / h applies there. Since the A12 is not a motorway in this area, it has to be managed by the city of The Hague. The official name of the A12 in the area is N12.


The ROC A12 is an amalgamation of various universities of MBO along the A12 in Ede , Veenendaal and Velp lie.


Because the A12 forms an important connection between Utrecht and Rotterdam , the motorway was expanded in the corresponding area at the beginning of 2010. Since then, the flow of traffic has gotten a lot better. Some exits have also been rebuilt, such as the Bleiswijk exit .

The construction work is currently still going on: The A12 between Gouda and Woerden, in the direction of The Hague, is being extended by another lane. In addition, a top lane is set up in the opposite direction. This means that the motorway can be expanded to four lanes at peak traffic times . To this end, the A12 between Woerden and the Oudenrijn junction will be adapted, which means that an additional fourth lane will also be created there.


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