Rijksweg 2

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Autosnelweg A2 / Autoweg N2 in the Netherlands
Rijksweg 2Rijksweg 2
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Course of the AN2
Basic data
Operator: Rijkswaterstaat
Overall length: 217 km

Provinces :

Requirement for use: Toll free
Development condition: 2 × 2, 2 × 3, 2 × 4, 2 × 5 lanes + emergency lanes,
Course of the road
Further on S110
node Knooppunt Amstel A10 E35
Junction (1)  Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
node Knooppunt Holendrecht A9
Junction (2)  Academic Medical Center S111
flow Holendrecht
Junction (3)  Abcoude
Junction (4)  Vinkeveen N201
Gas station Ruwiel Symbol: Up
Junction (5)  Breukelen
Gas station Haarrijn Symbol: Down
Junction (6)  Maarssen
Start of the Utrecht motorway ring
Junction (7)  Location pasture
tunnel Leidsche Rijn tunnel
flow Leidse Rijn
Junction (8th)  Utrecht CenterN198
End of the Utrecht motorway ring
node Knooppunt Oudenrijn A12 E25 E30 E35
Gas station IJsselstein Symbol: Down
Junction (9)  Nieuwegein N210
flow Hollandse IJssel
Gas station Jutphaas Symbol: Up
Junction (10)  Nieuwegein- Zuid
bridge Jan Blankenbrug
flow Lek
Junction (11)  Vianen
flow Merwede Canal
node Knooppunt Everdingen A27 E311
Junction (12)  Everdingen N484
Junction (13)  Culemborg N320
Gas station Bisde Symbol: Down
Gas station Lingehorst Symbol: Up
Junction (14)  Beesd
flow Linge
Junction (15)  Geldermalsen N327
node Knooppunt Deil A15 E31
Junction (16)  Waardenburg
bridge Martinus Nijhoff Bridge
flow Waal
Junction (17)  Zaltbommel N322
Gas station Rest stop De Lucht-West Symbol: Down
Gas station De Lucht-Oost Symbol: Up
Junction (19)  Kerkdriel N831
bridge Maas bridge near Empel
flow Meuse
node Knooppunt Empel A59
Begin motorway ring 's-Hertogenbosch
Junction (20)  Rose painting
node Knooppunt Hintham A59
Junction (21)  Veghel N279
flow Zuid-Willemsvaart
Junction (22)  's-Hertogenbosch- ZuidN617
flow Dommel
node Knooppunt Vught A65
Junction (23)  Vught Center
End of the 's-Hertogenbosch motorway ring
Junction (24)  Vught
Junction (25)  Boxtel -Noord
Junction (26)  Boxtel
Gas station Velder Symbol: Down
Gas station Ooiendonk Symbol: Up
bridge Groene Woud natural bridge
Junction (27)  Best -WestN619
Junction (28)  Best
bridge Airborne Bridge
flow Wilhelminakanal
node Knooppunt Ekkersweijer A50
node Knooppunt Batadorp A58 E312
Main motorway A2, all exits from N2 running parallelN2
Junction (29)  Eindhoven Airport Symbol: Airport
Junction (30)  Eindhoven CenterSymbol: Up
Junction (30a)  Meerhoven-Zuid
flow Beatrix Canal
Junction (31)  Veldhoven
Junction (32)  Veldhoven-Zuid
flow Dommel
node Knooppunt De Hogt A67 E34
Joint route with A67
Junction (32a)  High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Junction (33)  Waalre N69
End of joint route with A67
node Knooppunt Leenderheide A67 E34
End of parallel N2
Junction (34)  Valkenswaard N396
Junction (35)  Leende
Gas station Rest stop Groote Bleek Symbol: Up
Gas station 't Haasje Symbol: Down
Junction (36)  Maarheeze
Junction (37)  Budel N611
Junction (38)  Weert -Noord
Junction (39)  Nederweert N266
flow Zuid-Willemsvaart
Rest stop Roevenpeel Symbol: Down
Gas station Rest stop Meiberg Symbol: Up
Junction (40)  Kelpen-Oler N280
Gas station Ellerbrug Symbol: Down
Junction (41)  Grathem N273
Junction (42)  Whom Symbol: Down
flow Meuse
Junction (43)  Maasbracht Symbol: Up
Junction (44)  Sint Joost
node Knooppunt Het Vonderen A73 Symbol: Up
Gas station Bosserhof Symbol: Up
Junction (45)  Really
Junction (46)  Roosteren N296
Gas station Het anchor Symbol: Down
Junction (47)  Born N297 /B56
Gas station Swentibold Symbol: Up
Junction (48)  Primeval moon N294
node Knooppunt Kerensheide A76 E314
Junction (49)  Elsloo
Gas station Vossedal Symbol: Down
Junction (50)  Maastricht Aachen Airport Symbol: Airport
Gas station Kruisberg Symbol: Up
Junction (51)  Meerssen Symbol: Up
Gas station Meerssen Symbol: Up
flow Geul
Junction (52)  Maastricht -NoordSymbol: Down
node Knooppunt Kruisdonk A79
lower tube main motorway A2,
upper tube N2, all exits from N2
Junction (53)  Maastricht-Center Noord (Geusselt) N590
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist De Geusselt Stadium
tunnel King Willem Alexander tunnel
Junction (54)  Maastricht Center Zuid (Europaplein) N278
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Symbol: tourist MECC
Junction (55)  Maastricht-Zuid Symbol: Down
Junction (56)  Gronsveld
Junction (57)  East Maarland Symbol: Up
Gas station Knuvelkes Symbol: Down
Gas station Patiel Symbol: Up
Junction (58)  Eijsden Symbol: Down
EU border crossing Eijsden border crossing
Belgium Further on A25 E25

The A2 is a Rijksweg and a Dutch motorway . The motorway begins in Amsterdam at the Amstel junction and runs via Utrecht , 's-Hertogenbosch , Eindhoven and Maastricht to the Belgian border near Eijsden . From there, the route continues as the A25 to Liège in Wallonia .

The A2 is considered to be the most important north-south connection in the Netherlands, especially the section from Amsterdam to Eindhoven has an immensely high volume of traffic.


The A2 has a length of 217 km. Between Amsterdam and Utrecht, the A2 follows the route of the E 35 , then the route of the E 25 .

In some parts, other motorways run along one route together with the A2:

  • the A59 between the Empel and Hintham junctions
  • the A67 between the De Hogt and Leenderheide junctions


The section between Amsterdam and Utrecht was opened in 1954 and is mistakenly often referred to as the first Dutch motorway. The first Dutch motorway section was opened in 1936 between Voorburg and Zoetermeer as part of today's A12 . Large parts of today's A4 , A12 and A44 motorways were already completed before the outbreak of World War II . The section opened in 1954, on the other hand, was the first section of the motorway to be opened after the Second World War with separate lanes.

On January 10, 2005, the Ministry of Transport began a trial of the “dynamic overtaking ban” (no overtaking for trucks during rush hour) on the A2 between Abcoude and Maarssen . At Maastricht, the A2 was a N2 car route for a few kilometers. The N2 continued through Maastricht. There were regular traffic jams and high levels of air pollution. The King Willem Alexander tunnel under the city provides a remedy today.

Dropped plans

In the 1960s, an alternative route for the motorway between 's-Hertogenbosch and Weert was planned, which should run east past Eindhoven through the Strabrechtse Heide . However, this planning was no longer pursued after 1971. The expansion of the existing western bypass of Eindhoven is still regarded as a temporary measure.

Future developments

The A2 has been a bottleneck and a source of congestion for years. The Amsterdam - Utrecht (CAU) corridor study led to a cabinet decision in the mid-1990s to extend the motorway. What was special about this study was that the increase in capacity of the motorway was also considered in connection with the transport capacities of the other traffic routes, in this case rail and waterways . The expansion work on the motorway should be completed according to plan in 2012.

On January 5, 2007 it was announced that the traffic between Breukelen and Maarssen in the direction of Utrecht and at the Everdingen junction south of Utrecht will be monitored by cameras in order to send questionnaires to particularly strong users of the A2. On these, they were asked to state whether they would be willing to use alternative means of transport (e.g. local public transport) during the construction work. The installed cameras were dismantled again in mid-March 2007.

Near Utrecht

After the expansion, the motorway in the Utrecht area will each have five directional lanes, three of which will be continuous and two more will be built as parallel lanes to separate local traffic from long-distance traffic. Over a length of 1650 meters, the motorway is run in the tunnel in order to be able to build a new district ( Leidsche Rijn ) with an estimated 80,000 inhabitants above it. During the construction of this district, temporary junctions will be built in order to keep construction site traffic as far as possible from the city streets. The A2 will then be expanded to four directional lanes between the Maarssen junction and the Holendrecht junction and then to five lanes each to the Abcoude junction.

On May 10, 2006, Minister of Transport Karla Peijs announced the ten-lane expansion between the Holendrecht and Oudenrijn junctions . The first lanes were opened to traffic on July 16, 2010, and the second section between Vinkeveen and Utrecht was opened on July 21, 2010.

As the development of traffic in the middle of the Netherlands continues with the expansion of the infrastructure, a new study was commissioned in 2006 to develop further measures.

Everdingen - 's-Hertogenbosch

In February 2006, construction work began with the extension of the A2 to three lanes each between the Everdingen and Culemborg junction. At Rosmalen and 's-Hertogenbosch, the motorway is being expanded to four lanes each, with two lanes for local and two lanes for long-distance traffic in each direction. The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch is planning to relocate a new residential and business district on the motorway as part of the A2 expansion. In the course of this planning, the A2 is being led through a tunnel north of the Hintham junction over a length of 300 meters.

's-Hertogenbosch - Eindhoven

At the end of 2011, the six-lane expansion of this 20 km long section began. October 2013 the section Vught-Knp. Ekkersweijer opened in six lanes.

Near Eindhoven

As part of a fundamental repair of the (incomplete) motorway ring, the motorway was expanded to four times two directional lanes. There is also a separation between local and long-distance traffic. Long-distance traffic is subject to a speed limit of 120 km / h, local traffic on the parallel lanes of 80 km / h. Despite these measures, this section is extremely congested. The A73 , which was completed in 2008, will also relieve the A2 and the Eindhoven conurbation.

At Maastricht

In January 2006, the parties involved signed the financing plan for the König-Willem-Alexander-Tunnel , an eight-lane tunnel under Maastricht (including distribution lanes) through the A2. The agreement stipulated a construction period from 2007 to 2012. The tunnel construction began in 2012 and was completed in 2016.

Bridge structures

As part of the expansion of the A2, a number of bridges will also be renovated or newly built:


  • A computer game called A2 Racers has been released in the Netherlands about the A2 .
  • The motorway was flooded by the Dommel in January 1995 at the Vught junction near 's-Hertogenbosch .


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