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A confectionery product , including candy is a solid or semi-solid foods having a high content of sugar contains. It is not a staple food . Sweets are usually of confectioners made desserts on the other hand by chefs or by a pastry chef .

Confectionery includes sugar confectionery such as candies , cotton candy , Lokum and Halva , cocoa products such as chocolate , fruits preserved with sugar such as candied fruits , gummy bears and other fruit gums, many long- life baked goods , nut-based specialties such as nougat and marzipan and, last but not least, ice cream . Honey, jams, sweet milk products, lemonades and similar foods do not belong to the confectionery category despite their sweet taste.

The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry divides confectionery into the following categories, with the minimum requirements for each product being regulated by food law:

History and dissemination


Until around the 16th century, confectionery was a luxury item in Europe that only the nobility could afford.

By now they have found their way fully into European and American food culture. In Asia, desserts have long been part of the usual food repertoire. In Germany, men consume an average of 55 g of sweets per day, while women consume an average of 48 g.

In 2010, 3.7 million tons of sweets were produced in Germany. The advertising budget was 790 million euros with a turnover of 12 billion euros.

Certain sweets are as typical " Quengelware well placed" often in the checkout area of retail trade, where the whining can cause children spontaneous purchasing decisions of parents. Quengelware is under discussion , especially because of the increasing number of overweight children. Individual supermarkets have introduced designated "candy-free cash registers".

Confectionery that is thrown into the public at festivals such as carnival is called camels in many regions of Germany . In Switzerland, the sweets that are thrown at weddings are called flints .


Confectionery consists mainly of sugar ( carbohydrates ), etc. U. fats and flavorings - as well as colorings .

  • The sugar can be derived from monosaccharides (such as glucose , i.e. grape sugar) or from disaccharides (such as the usual granulated sugar ). In addition to sugar , glucose syrup is increasingly being used as a base, especially for sticky sweets such as “ foam kisses ”.
  • The use of fructose as an alternative to " table sugar" (granulated sugar) especially for diabetics is assessed differently in terms of health effects.
  • Sweeteners are also used as a substitute for sugar ; these have a lower energy content.
  • Special aromatic substances, such as those found in cocoa , stimulate the human body to produce messenger substances that make it feel good.

Consequences of the high sugar content

Tooth man from the campaign tooth-friendly identifies tooth-friendly sweets

Because of their high sugar content, confectionery can be partly responsible for obesity . It also endangers dental health by promoting the development of tooth decay .

In 1983 the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended encouraging the consumption of non-cariogenic confectionery. So-called tooth - friendly sweets do not contain any tooth-damaging substances such as acids or sugar, but sugar substitutes or sugar substitutes and sweeteners, which can have a laxative effect when consumed in excess.

The 10 best-selling confectionery manufacturers in Germany

rank Companies country Sales 2011
in million euros
1 Ferrero ItalyItaly 1740 * Duplo , Ferrero kisses , Ferrero Rocher , Giotto , hanuta , children Chocolate , Kinder Surprise , Kinder Maxi King , children pingui , Kinder Happy Hippo , milk cuts , Mon Chéri , Raffaello , Tic Tac , Yogurette , Pocket Coffee
2 Mars Incorporated (with Wrigley ) United StatesUnited States 864 Amicelli, Balisto , Bounty , Celebrations, Malteser, Mars , Milky Way , M & M’s , Snickers , Twix , 5 Gum , Airwaves, Big Red, Hubba Bubba , Juicy Fruit, Orbit, Skittles
3 August Storck GermanyGermany 730 * Bendick's, Campino, Dickmann’s , Euka, Knoppers , Lachgummi , Merci , Mamba, nimm2 , Rachengold, Riesen, Toffifee , Werther's Original ; Moser-Roth and other brands
4th Intersnack GermanyGermany 600 * Chio, funny-fresh (crisps fresh, kettle chips, riffles etc.), goldfischli, pom-bears, Soletti , as well as trademarks
5 Haribo GermanyGermany 580 * Haribo, Maoam
6th Kraft Foods / Mondelēz United StatesUnited States 509 BelVita, Cadbury , Carambar , Chocolat Tobler , Côte d'Or , Daim , Lu, Marabou , Milka , Mirabell , Oreo , Ritz Crackers, Stimorol , Toblerone , Trident, Wunderbar
7th Lambertz Group GermanyGermany 431 * Haeberlein , Kinkartz , Lambertz, butchers, white and trademarks
8th Barony BelgiumBelgium 420 * Alpia , Alprose , Eszet , Sarotti , Stollwerck , Sprengel and trademarks
9 Lindt & Sprüngli SwitzerlandSwitzerland 351 * Lindt
10 Nestlé SwitzerlandSwitzerland 324 After Eight , Caramac , Choclait Chips, Choco Crossies , Chunky, Kitkat , Lion , Nuts , Rolo , Smarties , Yes Torty

* estimated dates


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