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Wuppenau coat of arms
Country: SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Canton : Thurgau (TG)
District : Weinfelden
Postal code : 9514
BFS no. : 4791 (Political Community)
former BFS no .: 4793 (local parish )
Coordinates : 725850  /  262075
Height : 615 m above sea level M.
Area : 12.12 km²  (Polish municipality)
8.97 km² (local municipality)
Residents: 1111 (December 31, 2018)
Population density : 92 inhabitants per km²
Website: www.www.wuppenau.ch


Untersee (Bodensee) Bommer Weier Emerzer Weier Biessenhofer Weier Hauptwiler Weier Hoorbacher Weier Rüütiweier Horberweier Bodensee Kanton St. Gallen Kanton St. Gallen Bezirk Arbon Bezirk Frauenfeld Bezirk Kreuzlingen Bezirk Münchwilen Affeltrangen Amlikon-Bissegg Berg TG Birwinken Bischofszell Bürglen TG Bussnang Erlen TG Hauptwil-Gottshaus Hohentannen Kradolf-Schönenberg Märstetten Schönholzerswilen Sulgen TG Weinfelden Wigoltingen Wuppenau Zihlschlacht-SitterdorfMap of Wuppenau
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Wuppenau is a municipality and a town in the district of Weinfelden the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland . The parish village on Nollen consists of many hamlets .

From 1803 to 1970, formed local churches Wuppenau, Heiligkreuz TG and Hosenruck the Munizipalgemeinde in District Münchwilen .


Wuppenau is embedded in a hilly landscape and has a low population density. In addition to the villages of Wuppenau, Heiligkreuz and Hosenruck , the municipality also has numerous hamlets : Welfensberg , Gabris, Oberheimen, Leuberg, Waldwies, Grub, Mörenau, Gärtensberg, Almensberg, Greutensberg, Secki and Remensberg .

Because of the lookout point Nollen , a former triangulation point with a view of Lake Constance, as well as a wide alpine panorama, the community has a certain supra-regional tourism. The Heiligkreuz and Welfensberg churches as well as the Gärtensberg chapel are also popular for weddings.


Wuppenau was first mentioned in 820 as Wabbinauwa . As early as the 9th century, the St. Gallen monastery in Wuppenau owned goods. Wuppenau belonged to the mountain court until 1798 , whereby numerous farms, u. a. in Welfensberg, part of the Thurlinden free court . From 1396 to 1809 at the latest, the Tobel Commandery owned the collature of the church mentioned in 1275. After the Reformation in 1530, Wuppenau was gradually re-Catholicized; the Reformed were in church from 1564 to Neukirch an der Thur and from 1714 to Schönholzerswilen . The church of St. Martin, built between 1890 and 1897, contains parts of the furnishings of the previous church.

In Wuppenau, meadows, arable fields and fruit were grown and the forest was cultivated, and a cheese dairy opened around 1860. There were seven embroidery works from 1878 to 1914, one knitting mill from 1892 to 1997 and a ship embroidery from 1907 to 1911.

In 1971, as part of a community reorganization, the local communities of Wuppenau, Heiligkreuz and Hosenruck and the municipal community of Wuppenau merged to form the unitary community of Wuppenau, which has been in the Weinfelden district since 2011. Around 2000 a single-family house quarter was built.

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coat of arms


Blazon : In red on yellow floating Nine mountain one border to the left white bear .

The bear comes from the St. Gallen monastery , since Wuppenau belonged to the st. Gallic mountain court. The colors are those of the Lords of Leuberg, whose ancestral castle was on the territory of the municipality.

The local community of Wuppenau has had the coat of arms since 1953. After the formation of the unified community, the coat of arms was continued by the new community.


Population development in the municipality of Wuppenau
Population of the political community
1990 2000 2010 2018
Unified Church 1002 1001 1035 1111
Population development until 1970
1850 1900 1950 1970
Municipal parish 1381 932 932 900
Local parish 927 597 596 551

Of the total of 1,111 inhabitants in the municipality of Wuppenau in 2018, 72 or 6.5% were foreign nationals. 368 (55.1%) were Roman Catholic and 153 (22.9%) Protestant Reformed. The village of Wuppenau had 668 residents at that time.


In 2016, Wuppenau offered work for 302 people (converted to full-time positions). Of these, 31.9% worked in agriculture and forestry, 29.7% in industry, trade and construction and 38.4% in the service sector.


Heiligkreuz is listed in the inventory of places worth protecting in Switzerland .


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