Autobahn 9 (Switzerland)

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Autobahn 9 in Switzerland
Autobahn 9 (Switzerland)
 Autobahn 9 (Switzerland) Autobahn 9 (Switzerland) Autobahn 9 (Switzerland)
Course of the A9
Basic data
Operator: Federal Roads Office
Start of the street: Ballaigues
( 46 ° 44 ′  N , 6 ° 24 ′  E )
End of the road: Brig-Glis
( 46 ° 19 ′  N , 8 ° 1 ′  E )
Overall length: approx. 240.9 km

Canton :

Glion vue-Chillon.JPG
Viaduct above Chillon Castle
Course of the road
Roundabout H9 E23
Start of the road Motorway A9
Motorway junction (1)  Ballaigues
Motorway junction (2)  Les Clées
End of the road End of the road
Autobahn beginning A9 motorway
Junction (3)  Orbe
branch (4)  Essert-Pittet branch A1 E25
Junction (5)  Chavornay
parking spot Bavois
Junction (6)  La Sarraz
Junction (7)  Cossonay
branch (8th)  Villars-Ste-Croix junction A1 E23 E25 E62
Junction (9)  Lausanne -Blécherette
Junction (10)  Lausanne -VennesH1
tunnel Belmont (375 m)
Junction (11)  Belmont
branch (12)  La Croix branch
Gas station Rest stop Lavaux
tunnel Chauderon (210 m)
tunnel Criblette (275 m)
tunnel Flonzaley (715 m)
Junction (13)  Chexbres
branch (14)  La Veyre branch A12 E27
Junction (15)  Vevey
Junction (15)  Montreux
parking spot Le Pertit
tunnel Glion (1345 m)
Junction (16)  Villeneuve
Gas station Rest stop Le Chablais
Junction (17)  Aigle H11
Junction (18)  Saint-Triphon
Junction (19)  Bex H21
tunnel Arzillier (410 m)
Junction (20)  Saint-Maurice H9 H21
parking spot Cime de l'Est
Gas station Rest stop Grand-St-Bernard
Junction (21)  Martigny - Fully H9
branch (22)  Grand Saint-Bernard junction A21 E27
parking spot Pierre-Avoi
Junction (23)  Saxon
Junction (24)  Riddes H9
parking spot Ardon
Junction (25)  Conthey
parking spot Aproz
Junction (26)  Sion -Ouest
tunnel Gallery de Champsec
Junction (27)  Sion -Est
parking spot Rue des Maréches
Junction (28)  Sierre -Ouest
tunnel Ancien-Sierre - Plantzette (580 m)
tunnel Géronde (370 m)
Junction (29)  Sierre -EstH9 E62
Autobahn end Motorway end
tunnel Gorwetsch (1705 m) - (2030)
tunnel Ermitage (380 m) - (2030)
tunnel Pfyngut (2115 m) - (2030)
Junction Leuk , Susten-West (2030)
tunnel Susten (2070 m) - (2030)
Autobahn beginning A9 motorway
Junction Leuk , Susten-Ost
tunnel Turtmann (1150 m)
tunnel Turtmann Airport (190 m)
Junction Steg , Gampel-West
Autobahn end Motorway end
Junction Raron (2026)
tunnel Raron (920 m) - (2026)
Junction Visp West (2024)
tunnel Schwarzer Graben / Visp (2900 m) - (2024)
Junction Vispertal
tunnel Eyholz (4255/4231 m)
Autobahn beginning A9 motorway
Junction Visp EastH9 E62
tunnel Gamsen (1021 m)
Autobahn end Motorway end
Start of the road Motorway A9
branch (34)  Brig-Glis branch H9 H19
tunnel Gstipf (215 m)
Motorway junction (35)  Brig center
Motorway junction (36)  Ried-Brig
End of the road End of the road
Switzerland Further on H9 E62
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • The Swiss autobahn 9 and autostrasse 9 , also known as the Rhone autobahn in Valais , is part of the national road  9, which leads from Ballaigues on the French border via Lausanne , Vevey , Sion , Brig over the Simplon Pass to Gondo on the Italian border.

    Course and expansion

    The A9 begins in the Jura and ends in the Alps . It begins as a car road at around 800  m above sea level. M. and leads through the valley of the Orbe in Orbe plain , where she served as motorway to the A1 meets. The motorways separate near Lausanne; the A9 runs east and north around the city. It leads high above Lake Geneva in Lavaux to Vevey, where the A12 branches off to the north. Along the mountain above Montreux it goes into the Rhone Valley , where at Villeneuve VD at around 380  m above sea level. M. is the lowest point of the route. At Saint-Maurice VS , it first crosses the Rhone and thus changes from the canton of Vaud to the canton of Valais . As the main traffic axis for road traffic in Valais, it leads the entire Rhone Valley up to shortly before Brig. From Glis the road winds as a car road over the Simplon Pass and goes up to around 900  m above sea level. M. into Hauptstrasse 9 , which from there is part of Nationalstrasse 9 ( Nationalstrasse 3rd class ).

    Numerous engineering structures had to be built along the entire route. This includes many tunnels , especially in Upper Valais and on Lake Geneva. The viaduct above Chillon Castle is characteristic of the landscape .

    Major construction site for the Visp bypass (May 2010)

    The Siders - Gamsen line , more than half of which will run underground, is still under construction. This 31-kilometer section of the route will cost 2.27 billion francs and is financed 4% by the Canton of Valais and 96% by the federal government. The entire Upper Valais section should be operational after several delays after 2030 ( Pfynwald ). It also includes the Visp southern bypass. The eastern section with the 4.2-kilometer Eyholztunnel , the longest tunnel on the A9, opened in April 2018. The western part with the Visp tunnel is to be gradually put into operation between 2022 and 2024.


    On March 13, 2012 around 9:15 p.m., a bus accident occurred in a tunnel section in Sierre , in which 28 people died, including 22 children.


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