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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Bönen
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Bönen highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 36 '  N , 7 ° 46'  E

Basic data
State : North Rhine-Westphalia
Administrative region : Arnsberg
Circle : Unna
Height : 73 m above sea level NHN
Area : 38.04 km 2
Residents: 18,171 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 478 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 59199
Primaries : 0 23 83
License plate : UN, LH, LÜN
Community key : 05 9 78 008
Community structure: 6 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
At the train station 7
59199 Bönen
Website :
Mayor : Stephan Rotering ( independent )
Location of the municipality of Bönen in the Unna district
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Bönen is a municipality in the Unna district in North Rhine-Westphalia . It is located in the transition area from the Ruhr area to the Soester Börde .



Bönen is located south of the city of Hamm on the A2 motorway .

Neighboring communities

In the north and east, the independent city of Hamm borders the Bönen municipality, the southern neighboring municipality is the district town of Unna . The town of Kamen is to the west of Bönen .

Community structure

The municipality of Bönen consists of the six districts Altenbögge-Bönen , Bramey-Lenningsen , Flierich , Nordbögge , Osterbönen and Westerbönen .


According to settlement researcher Albert K. Hömberg, “Boine” was the name for an old settlement area in the pre-Carolingian era. This was divided into individual farmers in the 10th century. In old documents, Bönen is also written as “Boynen”, “Boinen” or “Boine”. This spelling goes back to the old German word Bön, Bün or Bühn and expresses an elevated position. Around the year 1032, Bönen was mentioned in the Werden register.

The place was initially only a collection of farms, to 1899 the shaft 3 (two years later Schacht 4) of the bill Königsborn drilled was. A mining community developed that had up to 20,000 inhabitants at peak times. In 1981 the mine was closed. Since then, the community has been in a process of structural change. A large industrial and commercial area with many new jobs has emerged in the north of the municipality.


Bönen, aerial photo 2009

As a consequence of the increasing interlinking of the settlement areas, the municipal merger of Bönen and Altenbögge took place on April 1, 1951 to form the municipality of Altenbögge-Bönen, which belonged to the Pelkum district.

As part of the municipal reorganization on January 1, 1968, the municipalities Altenbögge-Bönen, Nordbögge, Westerbönen and Osterbönen (all previously part of the Pelkum Office ) and Bramey- Lenningsen and Flierich (both Rhynern Office ) were merged to form the new municipality of Bönen.

Population development

date Residents Women
December 31, 2000 19,384 9,943
12/31/2003 19,014 ?
12/31/2007 18,960 9,790
December 31, 2008 18,717 9,664
December 31, 2009 18,630 ?
December 31, 2012 18,023 ?
December 31, 2013 17,980 ?
December 31, 2015 18,059 9,269
December 31, 2016 18,106 9,273


Municipal council

Since the local election on May 25, 2014 , the council of the municipality has been composed as follows:

Political party Seats G / V
SPD 15th - 6
CDU 9 + 1
The green 4th - 1
BgB 2 ± 0
FDP 1 - 1
The left 1 + 1

After internal disagreements, four members resigned from the SPD parliamentary group. The CDU parliamentary group also left a member. A member of the BgB parliamentary group joined the FDP parliamentary group.

Since summer 2016 the council of the municipality has been composed as follows:

Political party Seats
SPD 11
CDU 08th
The green 04th
FDP 02
BgB 01
The left 01
Non-party members 05

Youth organizations

The Junge Union Bönen was founded on January 31, 2016 . This is special for the community, as it is considered a stronghold of the SPD . After a few years of inactivity, Jusos In Bönen has been back again since May 2018 .

Results of the local elections from 1975

Only parties and voter communities that received at least 1.95 percent of the votes in the respective election are shown in the list.

Social Democratic Party of Germany, logo around 2000.svg Cdu-logo.svg Alliance 90 - The Greens Logo.svg BgB Boenen Logo.jpg Free Democratic Party (Logo, 2001-2013) .svg
year SPD CDU Green 1 BgB FDP The left
1975 62.6% 26.2% 11.2%
1979 63.5% 26.8% 09.6%
1984 62.4% 23.9% 07.3% 06.4%
1989 67.5% 23.8% 08.7%
21994 2nd 56.0% 22.3% 09.1% 6.3% 03.5%
1999 48.5% 32.4% 10.9% 8.2%
2004 56.1% 28.3% 09.5% 6.2%
2009 54.9% 21.6% 12.8% 4.5% 6.2%
2014 44.3% 28.1% 13.0% 3.7% 6.6% 4.4%


1 Greens: 1984: Greens, from 1994: B'90 / Greens
2 1994: additionally: REP: 2.7%


In September 2015, the treasurer from Welver , Stephan Rotering (independent), was elected full-time mayor with 64.8% in the first ballot. Rotering is the first mayor in Bönen who is not a member of the SPD . Before the election, the opposition parties CDU , Greens, FDP and BgB formed an alliance and nominated Rotering as a common candidate for the mayoral election. The so-called “Zweckbündnis für Bönen” had already caused a stir in 2014 when it advertised the applicant position for the mayor's office on the Internet. 32 applications were received at the time.

Coat of arms of the Lords of Boenen

coat of arms

The coat of arms of Bönen shows a red ankle cuff for horses, the so-called "Haile", common in the Middle Ages, on a white background. The associated municipal flag is red and white covered with the coat of arms.

It is derived from the coat of arms of the Lords of Boenen , which shows a red chain of five links in silver, the upper and lower open to the outside.

Town twinning

Culture and sights


In addition to music and theater performances, changing exhibitions of works by mostly regionally known artists take place in the Alte Mühle cultural center .

The cities of Unna , Kamen and Hamm offer numerous cultural offers in the closer regional area of ​​the community . Münster , Soest , Dortmund and the adjacent Ruhr area are also cultural attractions. With the light art work “Yellow marker” by Mischa Kuball, Bönen is represented in the culture project Hellweg - a light path .

See also: List of museums in the Unna district

Art in public space

See: List of works of art in public space in Bönen


The Bönen windmill
Headframe of the former Königsborn colliery, shaft III / IV

The oldest preserved building in the municipality of Bönen is the steeple of the old church on the hill of Bönens , built around the middle of the 12th century . In the late Middle Ages it may have served as a retreat and defense structure. The nave itself was not built until the middle of the 19th century when the dilapidated early Gothic church had to be demolished.

Another attraction of Bönens is the center of Flierich . The center of Flierich is the evangelical village church, built in the late 12th century from soft Anröchter sandstone and consecrated to Saint Michael, surrounded by half-timbered circular buildings typical of the Middle Ages. Inside the church there is a hanging, octagonal pulpit with a sound cover from 1750. On the church square, which served as a burial place until 1826, there is a war memorial for the Flierich victims of the Prussian-Austrian War (1866) and the French War (1870) -1871). On the neighboring village square is the Fliericher Backhaus, a half-timbered building that not only houses the bakery but also a small local museum. Flierich's medieval appearance is completed, for example, by a half- timbered bus stop at the bus stop and the numerous cottage gardens.

In 1860 a tower windmill was built in Bönen , which is now a listed building. In 1969 it was expanded to become a cultural center. In addition to the art exhibitions and small events that regularly take place there, the old mill in the tower houses the civil wedding room.

The only structure that has survived from the shaft of the Königsborn III / IV colliery after its closure in 1981 is the winding tower built by the architect Alfred Fischer in 1929 and listed as a historical monument . With a height of more than 60 meters, it is a landmark of the municipality of Bönen that can be seen from afar . On August 7, 1999, Mischa Kuball presented the light art he had planned, “Yellow Marker”, in which two opposite corners of the tower are illuminated at night with yellow fluorescent tubes. The headframe in Bönen forms the east pole and the equally illuminated headframe of the Rossenray mine in Kamp-Lintfort, 80 km away, forms the west pole, which enclose the cultural and industrial region of the Ruhr area . A development association, later a community foundation (founded on September 14, 2003), pursues the goal of redesigning the old mining tower as a place for larger events in and around the winding tower.

At the former Lenningsen train station , a rose bed with "Elisabeth roses" has been a reminder since 1995 of the overnight stay of the British Queen Elisabeth II in the royal special train on May 25, 1965 during her first visit to Germany. Since the roses did not survive the winter of 2009/2010, the bed was leveled in spring 2010. In autumn 2011, the Lenningsen interest group planted a new bed of hybrid tea "The Queen Elizabeth Rose".


In 1992 a pond with a children's playground was built in the newly designed community center. In 2004 a boules field was also created.

A network of hiking trails and a large pond are located south of the Bönen district, in the Südholz forest . The former "fitness trail" in this forest was dismantled in 2005 due to ongoing damage from vandalism.

Natural monuments

Nature reserves in Bönen

There are four nature reserves with a total area of ​​132 hectares in the Bönen municipality . From west to east these are the areas Lettenbruch , Holzplatz , Sandbachtal and Horster Mühle . The Seseke nature reserve (in the area of ​​the independent city of Hamm ) borders directly on the Bönen municipality border in the east.

Bönen's largest forest area is Lettenbruch , which has been partially declared a nature reserve . The A2 federal motorway runs right through this mixed forest .

Heiliger Eichsberg : On the eastern edge of the village there was a Germanic cult site, here sacrifices were made on a stone under a "holy oak" and pagan gods were worshiped. This oak is said to have survived for more than a millennium. The corridor, which is still so named today, is located on Herrenweg and is better known today as "Hexenberg".

To the east of the Bönen district is the Sandbachtal nature reserve . Here, where the bed of the Sandbach runs through a strip of forest on the southern slope of the Röhrberg, one has a wide view of the Haarstrang , which forms the natural border between the flat Münsterland and the low mountain range of the Sauerland .

Stumbling blocks

See: List of stumbling blocks in Bönen

Economy and Infrastructure

The municipality of Bönen has one of the lower average primary incomes per inhabitant in the district of Unna. In a national comparison, it was ranked 373 among the 396 municipalities of North Rhine-Westphalia in terms of average disposable income in 2016. This means that Bönen is one of the lowest-income communities in the state.


View from the headframe towards Hamm

In addition to the Bönen train station on the Hagen – Hamm connection , the Nordbögge district also has a stop on the Dortmund – Hamm line . Both stations are served by regional trains at least once an hour in all directions during rush hour.

The “Am Mersch” industrial and commercial area also has a rail connection for freight traffic.

Since 1995, Bönen has also had a motorway junction on the A 2 . Due to the immediate proximity to the Kamener Kreuz of the A 1 and A 2) motorways , Bönen is conveniently located on an important north-south and west-east axis.

The following state roads (L) lead through Bönen :

  • The L 663 runs from Dortmund via the Kamen districts of Südkamen and Heeren-Werve through the Bönen districts of Bramey-Lenningsen and Flierich to Hamm -Osterflierich ( B 63 ).
  • The L 665 leads from the B 61 in the Hammer district of Pelkum via the Bönen districts of Nordbögge and Altenbögge, the Kamen district of Heeren-Werve to Unna to the former B 233 , the current L 678.
  • The L 667 leads from the L 665 in Altenbögge via Bönen-Mitte, Osterbönen and the Hammer districts of Rhynern and Uentrop to the L 822 in the municipality of Lippetal .
  • The L 881 leads from Kamener Straße (L 667) through the district Bramey-Lenningsen and the Unna district Westhemmerde to the L 673 in the Fröndenberg district Frohnhausen.

The nearest airport is Dortmund Airport, approx. 20 km away .

Bus transport

The connection of the districts to the local public transport is guaranteed by bus lines or taxi buses.

In Bönen there is a city line (C91) that connects different parts of the city of Bönen:

  • The C91 line connects Bönen with many Bön districts and ends in Kamen Heeren. It runs every 30 minutes on weekdays.

The other lines that are not operated directly by the VKU are lines 192, 194 and 195:

  • Line 192 connects Bönen with the Bön districts of Lenningsen, Bramey and Flierich
  • Line 194 connects Bönen with Unna Königsborn
  • Line 195 connects Bönen with Unna Königsborn

As a result, there is still a taxi bus line, which is also operated by the VKU. The line only runs if ordered in advance from VKU:

  • The T93 line connects Osterbönen with Bönen

Established businesses

  • The retail chain Woolworth built a warehouse in 1992 in the industrial and commercial area on the Mersch , its so-called "Distribution Center", for the central logistics and supply of goods in Germany and Austria. Since the bankruptcy of Woolworth Germany in 2009 the warehouse has been empty.
  • In 2001, the textile retail chain KiK opened a logistics center and its European headquarters in the industrial area on Mersch in Siemensstrasse and thus also relocated its company headquarters to Bönen. All KiK branches in Germany are supplied with goods from the KiK central warehouse in Bönen.
  • On July 1, 2001, the production plant of the feed manufacturer Ahrhoff was inaugurated in the industrial area Robert-Bosch-Straße .
  • On November 1, 2005, the "Bio-Security" competence center for improving food quality and food safety was moved into the Mersch industrial estate.
  • In November 2006, the Hellweg hardware store chain opened its central warehouse in the Rudolf-Diesel-Straße industrial area.
  • In addition to the agricultural engineering company GEA Farm Technologies , other medium-sized companies use the conglomeration advantage .
  • The record label Équinoxe Records, which has been in existence since 1998 and specializes in the gothic, wave and independent scenes, is based in Bönen.
  • In the GWA, the recycling center in the industrial area on the motorway, on the morning of June 30, 2018, a fire broke out in a pile of plastic scraps due to exposure to the sun, which initially could not be brought under control and developed into a major fire. Four of the five halls were on fire. The neighboring A2 motorway had to be completely closed for almost 20 hours. The black smoke of the fire could be seen in the entire area of the Unna district and, when the wind was blowing from the northeast, it moved essentially to the southwest to Kamen and Unna . The residents were asked to stay in the houses and close the windows.
  • In 2001 Welser Profile opened its third production facility in the industrial park (850 employees).


The local daily newspaper is the Westfälische Anzeiger . The local radio stations Antenne Unna and Radio Lippewelle Hamm can be received in Bönen .

Public facilities

  • Community library in Bönen
  • Go In youth center in the Bönen district


Cultural center Alte Mühle Bönen
  • Goetheschule (elementary school), Altenbögge
  • Hellwegschule (elementary school), Bönen
  • Humboldt Realschule, Bönen
  • Marie-Curie-Gymnasium, Bönen
  • Pestalozzi School (secondary school), Bönen
  • Adult Education Center , housed in the Alte Mühle cultural center , Bönen

Volunteer firefighter

The Bönen volunteer fire brigade is divided into the two fire engines

  • Fire fighting train 1 (responsible for the districts of Altenbögge-Bönen (mostly) and Nordbögge) and
  • Fire fighting train 2 (responsible for the districts of Altenbögge-Bönen (partially), Bramey-Lenningsen, Flierich, Osterbönen and Westerbönen).

It also maintains a youth fire brigade.

The Bönen fire brigade has four locations, two of which are assigned to the individual fire engines (fire engine 1: Nordbögge and Bönen Mitte, fire engine 2: Osterbönen and Lenningsen).

The Bönen fire brigade has a total of 15 vehicles (fire fighting train 1: 10 vehicles, fire fighting train 2: 5 vehicles).

The rescue service for the community of Bönen is taken over by the fire brigade Kamen.


In addition to five general practitioners and general practitioners, there are various specialist practices (ophthalmologist, gynecologist, ENT doctor, pediatrician, orthopedist, dentist) and homeopathic practices. The higher-level medical care is ensured by the hospitals in the neighboring cities of Kamen, Unna and Hamm.


Sons and daughters of the church

  • Fritz Winter (1905–1976), painter of abstract pictures
  • Hanns Nocker (1926–1992), opera singer
  • Alfred Schmiedel (1930–2002), politician (SPD), member of the state parliament
  • Arnold Esch (* 1936), historian, former director of the German Historical Institute in Rome
  • Otto Luttrop (1939–2017), football professional in the service of TSV 1860 Munich, German national B player
  • Erwin Knäpper (* 1943), politician (CDU), member of the Bremen Parliament
  • Horst Müller (1945–1999) - track and field athlete (Arminius Bönen), 1961 German three-way champion
  • Senol Cetin , IKBO world champion in kickboxing

Other Bönen personalities


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