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Television series
Original title Dittsche - Really Real Life
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 2004
length 30 minutes
Episodes 254+ in 29 seasons
genre Comedy , improvisation
Theme music Credits : Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man
Credits (from season 26): Franz Jarnach - Blueberry Hill ( Fats Domino Cover)
idea Olli Dittrich
production Pleasant entertainment company mbH
First broadcast February 29, 2004 on WDR television

from left to right: Jon Flemming Olsen, Olli Dittrich as Dittsche, Knut Hartmann and Franz Jarnach (2012)

Dittsche - The Untold Life (short Dittsche ) is the German Television Award excellent improvisational comedy broadcast of WDR television with Olli Dittrich , Jon Flemming Olsen and, until his death in January 2017 Franz Jarnach .

Olli Dittrich plays the unemployed Dittsche , who ponders life and current events at the bar of a Hamburg snack bar . Other main actors are Jon Flemming Olsen as snack bar owner Ingo and Franz Jarnach as regular guest Turtle up to season 25 and Jens Lindschau as toad son Jens from season 26 . In addition, guest stars play in many episodes. The program does not require a script and, with two exceptions so far, is broadcast from a snack bar, the Eppendorfer Grill-Station in Eppendorfer Weg 172 in Hamburg.

The show has been running since 2004. The 28th season was broadcast from May 19, 2019 to July 21, 2019. The 29th season was suspended after the third episode aired on March 15, 2020 due to the corona pandemic .

History of origin

After giving up his job at the Polydor record company in 1985 and a subsequent period of unemployment, Olli Dittrich produced regularly changing, radio-play-like recordings that he recorded on his answering machine and distributed via it. Among the characters developed for this was one who "simply told what was going on around her" - the origin of the character Dittsche . Dittrich says that at that time he experienced times when things were bad for him and he had to get by with little money, he felt “a great deal of closeness to this milieu of the failed”. These experiences and people he saw in Hamburg during this time inspired him to create the character Dittsche and other characters featured in the program. Olli Dittrich is particularly happy about the success of the show because of these parallels.

Dittrich presented his Dittsche for the first time on Thomas Hermanns ' stage show Quatsch Comedy Club , created in Hamburg in the early 1990s , when he first appeared as "the man in the bathrobe". He later appeared as Dittsche on Gottschalk Late Night . The ZDF broadcast Olli, Tiere, Sensationen contained a miniseries in 2000/2001 with the title The Really Real Life with Dittsche as a guest and the then still called Rudi snack bar.

For two years Olli Dittrich asked various broadcasters whether they wanted to produce the show; only the WDR television was ready for it.


main characters

The location, the Eppendorfer grill station in Hamburg (exterior view)

Dittsche is with blue and white striped bathrobe , sweatpants and flip-flops ( "Schumi Latvians") clad unemployed. He speaks with the Hamburg dialect and essentially draws his knowledge from television and the Bild newspaper . Dittsche is a supporter of Hamburger SV . Olli Dittrich describes his character as a “classic loser who doesn't necessarily have to be stupid. A type of person, as also occurs in real life: on the one hand, he has completely forgotten to take care of who he is, on the other hand, he is quite intelligent. Dittsche finds his social environment in a world in which the interlocutors cannot defend themselves. ”Dittsche had started an apprenticeship at Petersen-Maschinenbau in Harburg in his youth, but did not complete it because he was fired. His son, Volker-Juanito, German-Argentinian, works as an engineer at Airbus in Hamburg. Volker-Juanito broke off contact with his father, but is still paying his rent. In his stories, Dittsche repeatedly brings neighbors and acquaintances to conversation, with whom he sometimes clumsily clumsily despite his goodwill. His neighbors, Mr Karger (who works as a hairdresser in Großhansdorf ) and his wife, with whom Dittsche is often together against her husband's wishes , are mentioned very often . Other contact persons are Mr. and Mrs. Westphal, the greengrocer Giovanni with his allotment garden in Hamburg-Langenhorn and Mr. and Mrs. Jensen. Furthermore, various people named Onuseit appear.

Ingo is the snack bar host of the Eppendorfer Grill-Station. Dittsche tells him his stories, which he usually comment on perplexed, uncomprehending or amused. Ingo almost always wears the same clothes and - according to Dittsche - a “pineapple hairstyle”, also called “Nuck-Chorris-hairstyle” (like so many things, Dittsche also mispronounces the name of actor Chuck Norris ). According to the episodes of November 6, 2005 and November 6, 2011, Ingo was born on November 6, 1965. In the opening credits of the 29th season (2020), his age is given as 53 years. So he would have been born in 1966.

From seasons 1 to 25, there was a turtle at a bistro table in the snack bar, with his back to the counter . He was called that by Dittsche because he always wore the same jacket made of crocodile skin. He rarely took part in the conversations, but almost always ended his contribution in the program with the sentence: "Shut up, I'm off work!" He mostly drank a beer and in the earlier episodes he also smoked. Starting with the nationwide smoking bans in gastronomy that have been in force since 2008 , he sometimes left the snack bar for a short time at the beginning, but not in later episodes. Schildkrötes job title, which was faded in in the opening credits, read: "is in the hardware store on the saw". Turtle hasn't been there since season 26; the actor Franz Jarnach died on January 16, 2017 as a result of a heart attack. At his last appearance in 2016 (episode 218), his age was given as 63 years (in fact, he was already 73 years old). Since then, the toad's son , whose first name is Jens, is the son of Schildkröte in the series and has appeared as a guest from time to time in the previous seasons, has stood or sits at the bistro table . According to the opening credits, he is an electrician by profession. In contrast to Schildkröte, who always turned his back on what was going on around Dittsche and Ingo, the toad's son mostly looked in the direction of the counter and was actively involved in the conversations in the snack bar.


In addition to the three main actors, most of the episodes have a guest. He usually orders drinks and mostly cold dishes from Ingo, because the grill is never switched on during the broadcasts. Some guests come from Olli Dittrich's circle of friends, others are local residents. There are guests who appear repeatedly in the program, e.g. B. the deceased Rainer Heinsohn (up to season 20) and Oscar Umpierrez (up to season 5) as well as Knut Hartmann (see Franny and the Fireballs ), Thomas Fürst, Jens Lindschau (in the show Der Sohn von Schildkröte , from season 26 regular), Klaus Gerlach, Fahrrad-Michi , Peter Merz, Gerd Wetegrove, Ingrid Vetters (with dog Polli), Hans Herbert Böhrs and Clemens Sienknecht.

Every now and then celebrities play on the show. They mostly play themselves. So far there have been: Marius Müller-Westernhagen , Rudi Carrell , Moritz Bleibtreu , Hans Herbert Böhrs , Anke Engelke , Wladimir Klitschko , Uwe Seeler , Thomas Gottschalk , Detlev Buck , Harald Schmidt , Aílton , Daniel Van Buyten , Bela B , Kalle Schwensen , Tim Mälzer , Matthias Egersdörfer , Rafael van der Vaart , Sylvie Meis , Anja Kohl , Bastian Pastewka , Günther Jauch , Hugo Egon Balder , Pascal Hens , the Scorpions ( Klaus Meine , Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs ) , Jan Delay , Olaf Scholz , Arnd Zeigler , Badesalz , Michael Herbig , Klaas Heufer-Umlauf , Bjarne Mädel , David Garrett , Til Schweiger , Fahri Yardım , Howard Carpendale , Pierre M. Krause , Jürgen Vogel , Sebastian Krumbiegel , Wolfgang Stumph , HP Baxxter , Beginner (Jan Delay and Dennis Lisk ), Reinhard Mey , Enrique Ugarte , Max Mutzke , Fynn Kliemann , Jan Böhmermann , Olli Schulz , Wolfgang Niedecken , Hans Werner Olm (as Der Berndchen ), Hazel Brugger , Pierre Littbarski , Matthias Brandt , Otto Waalkes , Mike Krüger and Stephan Heller .

One of Dittrich's preferred guests is Oliver Kahn .

The snack bar is closed temporarily or all day on shooting days; this varied on the different broadcast days. Before, during and after the broadcast, passers-by are not allowed.


The camera work is characterized in that one of six cameras is automatically selected one after the other in an interval of four to six seconds. The cameras film from angles reminiscent of surveillance cameras . This is what Olli Dittrich wanted. Another alienation is the sepia- like tint of all recordings.


Typical process

The filming location, the Eppendorfer grill station in Hamburg (interior view).

As a rule, the programs begin with Ingo Dittsche coming in through the door, murmuring “Ahh, chief visit!” And Dittsche greeting Ingo with a “meal!”. Dittsche gives Ingo empty beer bottles he has brought in an Aldi plastic bag to take new beer back with him. However, Dittsche always has the slip written on and never pays in cash. Beginning with the words “Make me a slicer” and “It's sparkling again today!” He checks the quality of the beer with a finger plop and involves Ingo and his guests drinking beer in discussions about the latest in politics, sport, science and Society based on the principle of half-knowledge . Dittsche only ever knows enough about a subject to bring it up and impose his own twisted logic on it. He often develops absurd theories, while Ingo tries - mostly in vain - to bring him to reason. Dittsche regularly brings up neighbors and acquaintances, above all Mr. Karger, with whom Dittsche keeps messing up.

To Ingo's displeasure, Dittsche regularly unintentionally lets his beer overflow, Dittsche calls it "beaded over". In his conversations with Ingo, Dittsche repeatedly criticized the lack of hygiene in the snack bar in his opinion. Dittsche regularly talks about his experiments or presents his inventions. He sometimes suggests ideas to Ingo on how he could improve the snack bar. Furthermore, many small things are repeated, for example Dittsche wants to put his “Schumiletten” (flip-flops) on the counter or he hesitates for a long time to say “Please” to get a beer.

Towards the end of the program, a guest, whom Dittsche immediately sees as a conversation partner, usually enters the snack bar for a few minutes. Shortly before the end, Dittsche always wanted to get Schildkrötes opinion on the previous conversation with Ingo or gave him interesting news. “Tortoise” then usually said nothing more than just “Shut up, I'm off work!”. After the death of the actor Franz Jarnach on January 16, 2017, Jens, Schildkrötes son and therefore nicknamed Toad Son , has been sitting in his place for the 26th season . Jens participates actively in the conversations and events in the snack bar. The tradition that Dittsche Schildkröte only spoke at the end of the program was not adopted.

A rough concept for each program is drawn up three hours in advance in a brainstorming session by Olli Dittrich, Marcus Weimer (see Rattelschneck ), Dietmar Burdinski († 2010) and Albrecht Koch. Jon Flemming Olsen is not present during these preparations in order to be able to react more spontaneously to Dittsche. Franz Jarnach also did not take part in these preparations during his time as a turtle .

Extraordinary events

season 1

Rudi Carrell appears once in the first season .

In the eighth episode of this season, Marius Müller-Westernhagen comes to the snack bar.

season 2

The first five minutes of the first episode of the second season show how the snack bar was rebuilt in August 2004.

At the end of the last episode of the second season, the Dittsche team gradually comes to the snack bar. Anke Engelke is the last to enter , says “Real life is taking a break” and switches the picture to black and white.

season 3

At the beginning of the first episode of season three, Ingo Wladimir Klitschko explains the route to the motorway on a map. In the end, he returns to pick up his forgotten gloves. In this episode, you can see Dittsche waiting for his performance in front of the snack bar twice.

In the seventh episode of this season, Uwe Seeler sits the whole program on Schildkrötes Platz at the bistro table. He ends the broadcast with his master record.

Season 4

In the third episode of the fourth season, Thomas Gottschalk enters the shop and brings clean glasses wearing an apron.

Season 5

At the beginning of season five, Dittsche, to his surprise, meets Harald Schmidt behind the counter . He reports that Ingo was at a family celebration in Munich and could not fly back because of the snowstorm. The broadcaster therefore asked him to take over the representation. Ingo arrives later in the episode.

In the twelfth episode of the fifth season, Dittsche is led out of the diner by the police and questioned because he and Giovanni shot a man disguised as a hamster with a flare. They had thought it was the brown bear Bruno - who became known as the problem bear - and that they would have to take a "deterrent" measure , as described in the Bild newspaper . This is also one of the few times in which Schildkröte adds significantly more than his final sentence: While Dittsche is being questioned by the police outside, he is talking to Ingo.

Season 7

In the tenth episode of the seventh season, Dittsche accidentally destroys the counter window with the same after he unsuccessfully tried to “jack up” the turtle with a jack, and Ingo throws him out. Therefore, the eleventh episode does not take place in the Eppendorfer grill station, but in the Greek restaurant Athena Stuben opposite. Ingo and Dittsche make peace again, however, so that the following final season episode plays again in the usual place.

On June 24, 2007, at the end of Sabine Christiansen's last talk show , Das Erste showed a several-minute clip from the snack bar in which Dittsche told Ingo that he had reenacted the show Sabine Christiansen together with Ms. Karger and other acquaintances . In the course of the short conversation, you can see Günther Jauch in the background , knocking on the window pane to ask for admission. Ingo explains to the astonished Dittsche that “the nutcase” is banned from his house, which is to be understood as an allusion to his rejection of Christiansen's successor.

Seasons 8 and 9

In the last episode of the eighth season, Dittsche is provisionally arrested by the police for counterfeiting money or placing counterfeit money on the market . Following on from this, the first episode of the ninth season does not take place in the Eppendorfer grill station as usual, but in a prison cell. In the cell there is a fellow prisoner ( Matthias Egersdörfer ) who is talking to Dittsche, similar to Ingo, about current events. Instead of beer, Dittsche drinks apple spritzer from a plastic bottle. In the seventh episode of the ninth season (six weeks later) the fellow prisoner appears in the snack bar to tell the perplexed Ingo - who was told by Dittsche about his long absence that he was on vacation - amused about Dittsche's stay in prison.

In the last episode of the ninth season, Dittsche says towards the end that he dreamed his most beautiful dream of all time. In this dream he was in the snack bar, whereupon the most beautiful woman in the world came in and a man who had offered him a job with a payment of one million euros. Shortly after Dittsche said this, Sylvie and Rafael van der Vaart enter the snack bar with which he leaves the snack bar because he is supposed to be a striker at Hamburger SV.

Season 10

In the fifth episode of the tenth season, Dittsche tries to call Uri Geller Live: UFOs and Aliens , because he believes he will have received signals from aliens with the help of an apparatus he has constructed (which essentially consists of an old radio) but not put through. In this episode one also learns that Dittsche's family name is Dittschmann .

Season 11

In the seventh episode of season 11, Dittsche brings some of his household items to the diner. He explains that after an experiment (building a "sprinkling system" for the floor to prevent a "slumber fire" through his self-made "carpet heating") in his apartment he was thrown out of the same and stayed for a day on a playground. Ingo Dittsche predicted this event a long time ago, as Dittsche repeatedly reports on experiments that are obviously absurd and dangerous for Ingo and the audience.

In the following episode, it is not Dittsche who comes to the snack bar as usual, but Mr. Karger - played by Olli Dittrich himself. Mr Karger tells that he is looking for Dittsche because he probably disappeared with his wife after secret renovations on Karger's car and other things. It is noticeable that Mr Karger speaks almost the same way as Dittsche, drinks a lot of alcohol and leaves the snack bar drunk towards the end. He is also presented as a failed person at the bottom of society.

Season 12

In the fourth episode of the twelfth season, the Scorpions ( Klaus Meine , Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs ) come to the snack bar and play Wind of Change without comment . This appearance was deliberately put on the broadcast date (November 8th, 2009), as the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall was celebrated on this weekend and especially on November 9th, 2009 .

In the fifth episode of the twelfth season, Dittsche is already in the snack bar at the beginning of the show and is silent, like Ingo and the turtle. After a minute, Dittsche says, “He was a Titan. He was a pure Titan. ”And the three toast with their beer. This is due to the fact that the goalkeeper of Hannover 96 , Robert Enke , committed suicide on November 10, 2009 . The program was broadcast on the day of his funeral , November 15, 2009.

In the last episode of the twelfth season, Olli Dittrich also appears in the role of Mike Hansen, a fictional character from Hamburg's red-light district. Olli Dittrich played the character earlier on RTL Saturday Night and Olli, Animals, Sensations . She is one of his more famous characters.

Season 13

In the eighth episode of season 13, smoke emerges in the snack bar towards the end. Dittsche is of the opinion that this comes from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which erupted in April 2010. After Schildkröte and his son had left the snack bar shortly beforehand, Ingo and Dittsche followed shortly afterwards after a call to the fire department. At the end the shop was completely smoky and the smoke alarm went on.

In the ninth episode of the 13th season, the snack bar is in a state of renovation due to the previous events. Ingo explains that a smoldering fire on the chicken grill caused the smoke. In another room in the background, Jan Delay is working on a snack machine. Turtle only enters the snack bar later.

Season 14

In the seventh episode of season 14, Dittsche comes to the diner without his plastic bag and with a black eye. He says that his friend Giovanni gave him this and took the bag away from him. Towards the end, Dittsche is arrested again by the police for having attached an alleged explosive device in a train toilet. He thinks that this is intended as a present for Mrs. Karger, who is currently not in Hamburg.

Season 15

In the eighth and final episode of the 15th season, Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz enters the snack bar for a few minutes when Dittsche is talking about the ease of the mayor's duties. At the end of the show, Dittsche mocked Ingo about the savings in small TV productions, whereupon the picture suddenly disappears and the credits are shown without Dittsche, as usual, addressing Turtle.

Season 16

In the first episode of season 16, Arnd Zeigler sits in the back room of Ingo's snack bar. When Dittsche asked what he was doing there, Ingo said that he would like to broadcast his show, Zeigler's wonderful world of football , to various locations in Germany from now on, and that he would like to start it in the snack bar. A little later, Dittsche pulls a cable, damaging one of Zeigler's transmission devices and thus preventing the broadcast of the program that follows (Zeigler's wonderful world of football). Zeigler leaves the snack bar shortly before the end of the episode, obviously in a bad mood.

The first episode of the 16th season was also the prelude to a theme night lasting several hours ( Long Dittsche Night , see also broadcasting on television ). In the uninterrupted 60-minute home game that follows on from the episode , Dittsche is shown for the first time on his way home and in his apartment. Dittsche's sister Püppi (played by Susanne Lothar ) and Dittsche's new neighbor Sandro Fritzsche ( Stefan Zahlbaum ) are shown. Like Dittsche, the show was improvised and filmed live.

Season 17

In the fifth episode of the 17th season, Dittsche is already involved in a conversation with a guest (Gerd Wetegrove) at the beginning of the broadcast. As usual, it is not shown how only Ingo and the turtle are present and then Dittsche enters.

Season 18

In the fourth episode of the 18th season, Bjarne Mädel enters the snack bar in his role as "Schotty" from the TV series Der Tatortreiniger after a strenuous cleaning process. Apparently, Schotty and Ingo have known each other for a long time. As it is the guest's birthday, Ingo also has a beer for a change.

In the fifth episode of season 18, Dittsche enters the snack bar with a violin case, which he took in a tumult. At the end of the episode, David Garrett picks up his suitcase.

Season 19

In the fourth episode of the 19th season, Til Schweiger and Fahri Yardım , the new Hamburg Tatort commissioners, appear as guests.

In the fifth episode of the 19th season, Dittsche turns to Turtle as usual, but he first says, "Go away!", Whereupon Dittsche complains that he is being insulted. Turtle then ended the program as usual with the sentence "Shut up, I'm off work!"

Seasons 20 and 21

In the fifth and final episode of season 20, Dittsche tells that Ms. Karger threw her husband out of the apartment after Dittsche caught him with another woman. In the 21st season, the unexplained whereabouts of Mr. Karger and the intermittent life of Mrs. Karger are ongoing issues. In the sixth and last episode of the 21st season, Dittsche tells how he heard strange noises when he tried to break into Karger's garage and, after a locksmith called out, found a hypothermic Mr. Karger who could not come out of the garage by himself after a fall. At the end of the episode, the locksmith (played by Jürgen Vogel ) comes to the snack bar and asks Dittsche to pay the outstanding amount for opening the garage, because Dittsche did the job, but then with Mr. Karger in the ambulance without paying has ridden.

Season 22

In the sixth episode of the 22nd season, Dittsche appears at the snack bar with a pony, which he claims to have run into him at the Christmas market. Later the owner (played by Olli Schulz ) appears and makes it clear that Dittsche stole it when he was gone for a short time.

Season 23

In the fifth episode of the 23rd season, Dittsche includes one of his self-made inventions in the snack bar to recreate the solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 . This leads to a short circuit, whereupon it gets dark in the snack bar. After smoke was also developing, Ingo Dittsche, furious, referred to Schildkrötes Platz, so that it stood at Dittsche's regular place at the bar for some time. In addition, for the first time since the eleventh and last episode of season 1, no guest came to the snack bar in this episode.

Season 25

In the eleventh episode of season 25, Ms. Karger enters the snack bar. This is - like her husband before - played by Olli Dittrich. Mrs. Karger tells Ingo about the ups and downs of living together with Dittsche and her husband. Details come to light that surprise Ingo very much. It turns out that Dittsche has a son named Volker-Juanito, who works very successfully as an engineer at Airbus , but has turned away from his father because of his life situation. Furthermore, one learns that Dittsche has been lovingly caring for an accident dog for some time, which he called Ingo and has built him a facility that resembles the snack bar. In the following twelfth and final episode of season 25, Ingo Dittsche confronts Dittsche. Dittsche tells more about his son and why he was unable to re-establish contact with him despite seeing him a few years ago. At the end of the episode, Max Mutzke and Enrique Ugarte enter the snack bar and play one of their songs together.

Season 26

In the first episode of season 26, the death of Franz Jarnach is thematically taken up. The episode begins with Ingo, Dittsche's and Schildkrötes son Jens' way to the snack bar. Once there, you learn that Ingo and Dittsche Jens helped clear out Schildkrötes apartment. Turtle's jacket is hung up in the snack bar and Dittsche reports on the discovery of a real turtle in the garden that is said to be frozen in winter . At Dittsche's persuasion, Ingo agrees to set up a terrarium for the animal in the snack bar. Although there is a sign on the outside of the door that the snack bar is closed, a guest, played by team member Jonas Dickmeis, enters the room and orders something to drink. Unsuspecting, he sits down on Schildkrötes empty stool. Then Dittsche chased him away from the snack bar, furious, as this was a "holy place" where no one, especially no stranger, was allowed to sit. At Dittsche's request to take his father's place, Jens leaves the snack bar refusing.

The construction of the terrarium is shown in the second episode of the 26th season. The first 20 minutes of the episode therefore do not take place in the snack bar, but on Fynn Kliemann's farm . In the last 10 minutes of the episode, you see Kliemann setting up the terrarium in the snack bar and Dittsche putting the turtle, which turns out to be a plastic figure, into the terrarium. In addition, Dittsche asks Jens again by phone to take Schildkrötes old place. The terrarium is in the snack room during the 26th season and is put out of sight in the 27th season.

From the third episode, a new opening credits are used, in which the son of the toad is introduced instead of the turtle . The underlying radio broadcast with the weather forecast and the subsequent opening song Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette remained the same.

Season 27

In the ninth episode of season 27, Pierre Littbarski comes to the diner to buy a case of Kölsch .

In the tenth episode of season 27, Bjarne Mädel comes to the kiosk shortly before the end . He is dressed similarly to Dittsche and just like Dittsche swaps his empty beer bottles for new ones. In contrast to Dittsche, however, he pays this.

Season 28

In the fourth episode of season 28, Otto Waalkes comes to the snack bar and asks about an older man with whom he has arranged to meet here at this time and who wants to give him a 1 iron (a golf club). Nobody knows and after a short conversation Otto leaves the snack bar with nothing done. At first it remains unclear what this is all about. In the fifth episode, Mike Krüger enters the snack bar and also asks for a man he wanted to meet here to give him a golf club. Now it becomes clear that Otto and Krüger had made an appointment, but apparently only "Sunday" and not an exact date. Kruger also leaves after a little chat. In the sixth episode, Otto and Mike Krüger meet outside the snack window, talk to each other briefly (but cannot be heard), Krüger hands over the golf club and they both disappear again. Dittsche and Ingo watch what is happening in front of the window with interest and speechless, but then simply continue their previous conversation without going into the scene in any way.

In the last episode of the 28th season, the snack bar is festively decorated. While Ingo and Jens are busy tidying up the party that has already ended in the back room, Dittsche is alone in the front part and plays with the karaoke machine , which leads to a complaint from a neighbor ( Ulrich Bähnk ). At the end of the episode, Ingo Dittsche confesses that the celebration was the Kargers' golden wedding .

Season 29

The corona epidemic is a main topic in all episodes . The third episode on March 15 lasted 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes. The relay was then canceled for the time being because of the measures to contain the pandemic.


  • From the 4th to the 13th season, the fictional beer Dittschberger Pilsener was used in the show . The reason for this is the discussion about surreptitious advertising in the ARD in summer 2005. For the time being, a serviette was tied around the Jever beer used in older episodes . The reason given to the audience was that Dittsche would otherwise regularly drop beer on Ingo's counter. Bottles from the manufacturer Krombacher can be seen in the opening credits up to the 25th season .
  • Since the 14th season the beer has been called Burdinski Bräu , in memory of Dietmar Burdinski, who died in July 2010 . However, the Dittschberger lettering still adorns the drinks refrigerator .
  • In the meantime, every live production of the show has many fans in front of the snack bar, who talk to Olli Dittrich after the show. Occasionally, flashing lights can be observed in the background during the broadcast. Even on days when there is no filming, fans and interested visitors come to see the location for themselves.
  • In almost every episode the same radio program runs in the background; Among others, you can hear Dreams Are Ten a Penny by John Kincade , Let Me Be The One by Sasha , (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame by Elvis and Burning Hot Desert Sand by Freddy Quinn .
  • For World AIDS Day 2009, Olli Dittrich and Jon Flemming Olsen recorded a radio spot for the “Mach's mit” campaign by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) in which they advocated the use of condoms during sexual intercourse (Dittsche : "The best piece comes in the bag.").
  • On December 7, 2010, Axel Springer Verlag used the popular TV format to advertise the iPad application of the Bild newspaper . In the seven-minute viral spot Ingo presents the digital version of the print medium. Image editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann can also be seen with a guest appearance in which he takes back the "forgotten iPad".
  • In the third season of the television series Der Tatortreiniger , Olli Dittrich plays as Dittsche in the episode Carpe Diem in a kind of cameo . Dittsche sits in the waiting room of a Hamburg office and complains about the behavior of the crime scene cleaner Heiko "Schotty" Schotte (played by Bjarne Mädel ) when he kicks a trash can out of frustration after pulling a waiting number. He appears again in the final episode Thirty-One and complains again when "Schotty" kicks a trash can again.
  • Dittsche's bathrobe has been around since the character's early stage appearances. Although the coat is now worn through the neck, Dittrich has not yet replaced it (as of 2017).


Broadcast on television

The following table contains the broadcast times of the individual seasons.

Season consequences No. First episode Last episode First broadcast on WDR television
1 11 01-11 Feb 29, 2004 May 16, 2004 Sundays, 10:30 p.m.
2 10 12-21 Sep 12 2004 Nov 21, 2004
3 16 22-37 Feb 12, 2005 June 19, 2005
4th 9 38-46 Oct 23, 2005 Dec 18, 2005
5 12 47-58 05th Mar 2006 May 28, 2006
6th 11 59-69 Oct 22, 2006 0Jan. 7, 2007
7th 12 70-81 Feb 25, 2007 May 20, 2007
8th 8th 82-89 Oct 28, 2007 Dec 30, 2007
9 10 90-99 Feb 16, 2008 May 17, 2008 Saturdays, 10:30 p.m.
10 10 100-109 Oct 11, 2008 Dec 20, 2008
11 10 110-119 01st Mar 2009 May 10, 2009 Sundays, 11:30 p.m.
12 10 120-129 Oct 18, 2009 Dec 20, 2009 Sundays, 11:15 p.m.
13 9 130-138 Feb 21, 2010 Apr 25, 2010
14th 10 139-148 Oct 17, 2010 Dec 19, 2010
15th 8th 149-156 20 Mar 2011 May 15, 2011
16 8th 157-164 Oct 30, 2011 Dec 18, 2011
17th 5 165-169 Feb. 26, 2012 25th Mar 2012
18th 5 170-174 Nov 18, 2012 Dec 16, 2012
19th 5 175-179 Feb. 17, 2013 17th Mar 2013
20th 5 180-184 Nov 17, 2013 Dec 15, 2013
21st 6th 185-190 09 Mar 2014 Apr 13, 2014
22nd 6th 191-1196 0Nov 9, 2014 Dec 14, 2014 Sundays, 11 p.m.
23 5 197-201 Feb 22, 2015 22 Mar 2015 Sundays, 11:15 p.m.
24 5 202-206 Nov 22, 2015 Dec 20, 2015
25th 12 207-218 23 Sep 2016 0Dec 9, 2016 Fridays at 11:30 p.m.
26th 12 219-230 03rd Mar 2017 May 26, 2017
27 12 231-242 08 Apr 2018 01st July 2018 Sundays, 11:30 p.m. (episodes 1–3) and 11:15 p.m. (episodes 4–12)
28 9 243-251 19th May 2019 July 21, 2019 Sundays, 11:15 p.m.
29 252-254 01st Mar 2020 15th Mar 2020 Sundays, 11:15 p.m.
  • The 29th season was suspended after the third episode aired on March 15, 2020 due to the corona pandemic .

Dittsche has been broadcast live since the second season . There was a half-hour delay in the first season to avoid any unpredictability. However, this turned out to be unnecessary. In the eighth season, the format of the program was changed from 4: 3 (1.33: 1) to 16: 9 (1.78: 1), which Dittsche alludes to in the first episode with the question of whether Ingo had converted.

The slot of the first broadcast on WDR television was changed several times. Originally, beginning with the first season, Dittsche was broadcast on Sundays at 10:30 p.m. With the beginning of the ninth season, the slot was changed to Saturday at 10:30 p.m. The broadcaster justified this with the fact that at that time there was a larger number of viewers and many viewers felt that the broadcast on Sunday was too late. Olli Dittrich said: “I just think it's a shame. Sunday was Dittsche day. ”From the eleventh season to the 24th season, Dittsche was broadcast on Sundays again, but the time changed between the seasons, so that the broadcast time was between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. (and thus usually after room available! ). The first broadcasts of the 25th and 26th seasons were moved to a completely new slot, on Fridays at 11:30 p.m. With the 27th season, the first broadcast took place on Sundays again, this time at 11:30 p.m. (first three episodes) or at 11:15 p.m. After the first broadcast, the episodes were repeated on NDR television , Erste and One .

On December 29, 2004, WDR television showed a review of the year by Dittsche and on October 22, 2005 a Long Dittsche Night with six selected episodes. Another Long Dittsche Night on October 30, 2011 began with the first episode of the 16th season, followed by the home game , a best of , a making of and five episodes previously selected on the official website.

The start of the broadcast of the 24th season was postponed by one week to November 22, 2015 due to the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015 in Paris .

DVD publications

Season Title of the DVD Publication date
01 "That pearls!" September 28, 2006
02 "Now that's pearls!" November 30, 2006
03 "Now that's really beading!" 0February 1, 2007
04th "Now that's really beading!" March 29, 2007
05 "That is now really beading, let's say!" April 24, 2008
06th "That is now really beading, let's say. Do ma '! " October 23, 2009
07th "That is now really beading, let's say. Make me another beer! " October 23, 2009
08th "That is now really beading, let's say. Make another beer! What's it called?" October 23, 2009
09 "That is now really beading, let's say. Make another beer! What's it called? Biddä! " 0March 5, 2010
10 "That is now really beading, let's say. Make another beer! What's it called? Bidda! Bidddää! " 0March 5, 2010
11 "That is now really beading, let's say. Make another beer! What's it called? Bidda! Bidddää! Biddddäää! " October 29, 2010
12 "That is now really beading, let's say. Make another beer! What's it called? Bidda! Bidddää! Biddddäää! Pure world shop! " December 10, 2010
"Dittsche Delüxe - Pure Special DVD" (includes the Dittsche special home game ) 0December 6, 2011


The show won the German Television Prize in 2004 and in 2005 Olli Dittrich was awarded the Gold Adolf Grimme Prize. Dittsche was nominated for the German Comedy Award 2005 and for the Eins Live Krone 2005. In 2009 Olli Dittrich was awarded the Golden Camera for Dittsche . In 2019 an asteroid was named after Dittsche: (283141) Dittsche .

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