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Coat of arms of Kassel
district of Kassel
Location of Harleshausen in Kassel
Coordinates 51 ° 20 '12 "  N , 9 ° 26' 18"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 20 '12 "  N , 9 ° 26' 18"  E
height approx. 215  m above sea level NHN (172.5– 535  m above sea level )
surface 14.18 km² (2/23)
Residents 12,933 (Dec. 31, 2019) (4/23)
Population density 912 inhabitants / km² (20/23)
Proportion of foreigners 8.2% (Dec. 31, 2019) (20/23)
Incorporation Jun 1, 1936
Start-up 1074
Post Code 34128
prefix 0561
Website Harleshausen
Mayor Reinhard Wintersperger ( SPD )
Allocation of seats (local advisory board)
Local Advisory Board Harleshausen 2016.svg
  • SPD : 4 seats
  • Greens : 2 seats
  • FW : 1 seat
  • FDP : 1 seat
  • CDU : 3 seats
  • Transport links
    Federal road B251
    railroad Kassel – Warburg railway line
    Train RegioTram Kassel : RT1 , RT4
    Low-floor bus KVG : Lines 10, 11, 14
    Source: Kassel Statistical Atlas
    View over Kassel-Harleshausen to the Hohen Habichtswald with Hercules , from the northeast (2003)
    House on the sharp bend in Wolfhager Strasse ( B 251 ) with Ossenkobb hanging under the balcony

    Harleshausen is the most northwestern part of the north Hessian city ​​of Kassel ( Germany ).


    Location in Kassel

    In the northeast, Harleshausen borders on the Jungfernkopf district of Kassel , to which the Geilebach partly forms the natural border. In the east - beyond the Kassel DB - there is a repair shop with an attached DB marshalling yard  - Kassel- Rothenditmold . In the southeast and south the districts bordering Harleshausen Kirchditmold and in the south and southwest - within the popularly (only) Habichtswald called High Habichtswald  - Bad Wilhelmshöhe .

    Neighboring communities

    Clockwise starting in the west abut Harleshausen: in the outer western district adjacent above the upper reaches of the ancestor and related to this stream and to Ahnatal - Weimar belonging restaurant Ahnetal to the community Habichtswald . This border is to the west of the Triffelsbühl elevation in the Habichtswald ; it leads into the area of ​​the Habichtswald district of Dörnberg . The former gravel works located there on Bundesstraße 251 , the site of the former Igelsburg and the Silbersee open- cast mine above it already belong to the municipality of Habichtswald. At the northern border of the northeastern outlet of the Habichtswald, for example between the elevations Triffelsbühl , Firnskuppe and Lambert , the northwest and north of the district meet the municipality of Ahnatal with the boundaries of its two districts Weimar and Heckershausen . In the north Harleshausen borders on the eastern side of Lambert , inter alia, along the Waidmannsweg to a few hundred meters in length to the area of the town Vellmar with the district of the district Obervellmar where the Harleshäuser development in the Vellmar Osterberg ( 258.2  m standing) water tanks in Vellmarer arable land passes over.


    The largest part of the Harleshausen area is taken up by extensive and densely wooded areas of the Habichtswald; thus Harleshausen has a small share in the Habichtswald Nature Park . The actual (eastern) part of the Kassel district is mostly densely built, but there are also numerous meadows and arable land between parts of the residential area (e.g. the field camp ).

    Mountains, elevations and elevation

    These mountains belonging to Harleshausen are located within the Habichtswald - sorted by height in meters (m) above mean sea level (NHN):

    • Elf beeches ( ; approx. 535 m), on the border to Kassel- Bad Wilhelmshöhe , with trees towering over Elf beeches tower ( AT ; platform height: 551.3 m)
    • Hühnerberg ( ; 496.0 m), north of Elfbuchen
    • Wurmberg ( ; approx. 485 m), east of Elfbuchen or Wurmbergsattel (474.0 m)
    • Triffelsbühl ( ; approx. 400 m), in the far west of the area belonging to Harleshausen (near the B 251 )
    • Firn dome ( ; 313.9 m), basalt dome between Rasenallee and Harleshausen swimming pool (outdoor pool)
    • Lambert ( ; approx.  295  m ), east-southeast of the Firnskuppe , at the Ahnataler Hof Mondschirm
    • Kanzelküppel ( ; approx.  290  m ), south of the Firnkuppe
    • Fuchsküppel ( ; approx.  285  m ), between the Kanzelküppel and the swimming pool
    • Daspel ( ; 255 to 260  m ), southeast foothills of the Fuchsküppel near the swimming pool; with Daspel-Stube (club house; soccer field), Daspelhütte (refuge) and fireplace ( Easter bonfires organized every year )

    The lowest point of Harleshausen is about 172.5  m high on Wolfhager Strasse under the three bridges ; Directly to the east of the bridges is - already in Rothenditmold - the branch of Angersbachstrasse at 172.2  m height. At the point where the on the boundary to the adjacent area Jungfernkopf flowing Geilebach in a tunnel under the Frasenweg and the Kassel DB - Ausbesserungswerk disappears, the neighborhood area is located at about 177  m in height; on the other side of the DB plant, the stream, now called Döllbach , leaves the tunnel in Rothenditmold at a height of around 175  m .


    Harleshausen is particularly traversed by the Geilebach (Geile) . In the outermost, wooded west of the district, the Ahne flows south of the Ahnetal restaurant in the area of ​​the Habichtswald. In this part of the forest there are two still waters : the Blue Lake and the Erlenloch ; The Kassel artist necropolis, staged by the documenta artist Harry Kramer , is located on the Blue Lake , which forms the headwaters of the Geilebach .

    Local council election

    The turnout in the 2016 local council election was 54.95%.

    Local council election Harleshausen 2016
    n. k.
    Gains and losses
    compared to 2011
     % p
    -0.79  % p
    -5.58  % p
    -4.67  % p.p.
    + 9.63  % p.p.
    + 3.74  % p.p.
    -2.35  % p

    Protected areas

    In the parts of the Harleshausen area in the west to northwest that belong to the Habichtswald , parts of the fauna-flora-habitat area Habichtswald and Seilerberg bei Ehlen (FFH no. 4622-302; 29.19  km² in size) and within the actual district are below among other things on the Geilebach and its small tributary Kubergraben, those of the landscape protection area City of Kassel ( CDDA -Nr. 378517; 1995; 1983.86 km²).


    Early history

    The history of Harleshausen begins with a Neolithic settlement In der Aue ( band ceramist ). Finds and barrows from the Bronze Age (approx.  1500 BC ) prove that the area of ​​today's Harleshausen was settled by humans at an early age. There are barrows of this type, among others, at the Fuchsküppel between the Firnskuppe and the Harleshausen swimming pool.

    middle Ages

    Harleshausen was first mentioned in a document in 1074. A man named Ruothnc gave Hasungen monastery a manse (7.5 ha). In 1125 the ministerials ( nobles ) of the Hersfeld monastery were mentioned in the churchyard castle. The nobles, who sold the rest of their property in 1399, had their own church with a priest employed by the landlord on the courtyard-like grounds in the churchyard . Later Harleshausen was assigned to the parish of Weißenstein with its seat in Kirchditmold , but remained politically in the north located Amte Uff'r Ahna . In the office Harleshausen formed a Schöppenstuhl together with Wolfsanger .

    High bunker of the Winkel type

    Modern times

    From 1600

    In 1556 it is reported that in Harleshausen “there are many goods inside, but they do not give anything” , that is, they do not give anything to the church. At the end of July 1604, the Harleshäuser slaughtered a stately aurochs belonging to Landgrave Moritz the Scholar of Hesse-Kassel. The community of Harleshausen paid a fine for 235 years, until 1839. The name of the Harleshaus comes from this time: Ossenköbbe ( ox head) or Harleshüser Ossen (Harleshaus ox). This historical event inspired the Ossen poem : “A Urochs went sparrowing from Wilhelmshöh 'to Harleshausen. And when he got into the Lückenrod, the Harleshouses beat him to death.… ” In addition to this excerpt from poetry, at a stone passage in a forest path near the Firnkuppe “ every child calls the Harleshouses 'Ossen' ” . to read.

    In 1747, when the warehouse, item and tax book was drawn up, there were 304 inhabitants in Harleshausen. In the Thirty Years 'War (1618–1648) and the Seven Years' War (1756–1763), the village suffered severe damage. Among other things, the tower of the former church in the churchyard was destroyed during the Seven Years' War. From the 18th century Harleshausen was parish off to Kirchditmold .

    From 1800

    In the 19th century the population grew considerably. Mayor Martin Homburg came into office in 1880 (until 1904) and carried out the coupling (1882–1902). He was followed by Mayor Wilhelm Führer (1904–1928), under whose direction Harleshausen got its own Protestant church. In addition, a new center was created with the construction of the new school. The townscape of Harleshausen was decisively shaped during this time.

    As early as 1848 the Kassel – Warburg railway ran through what is now Harleshausen, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that a separate station building was built for the first time, so that the district got its own stopping point; the current structure dates from 1970.

    On March 15, 1908, the Church of the Redeemer ( Protestant ) built in neo-Gothic style with a 49.5 m high tower was completed; In 1958 it was supplemented by a directly attached parish hall .

    By 1930 Harleshausen had more than 4,000 inhabitants.

    1936 Harleshausen was incorporated as a district to Kassel, losing about 70  hectares surface on upper and lower Vellmar .

    In 1957 the Catholic Church of the Heart of Mary was consecrated.

    From 1979 to 1980 the Harleshausen sports hall was built on Wolfhager Strasse ( B 251 ).

    Harleshausen was redesigned within the city of Kassel in 1980 , so that the Jungfernkopf area was separated as a separate district, but Harleshausen is still one of the large Kassel districts.

    In 2014, Ossenplatz in the center of the village was inaugurated.

    Church of the Redeemer
    Elena Clinic (villa / main building)
    Clock tower : crossing Wolfhager with Harleshäuser and Helmarshäuser Straße

    Buildings, clock turrets, Ossenbrunnen


    Church buildings in Harleshausen are close to the center at the Charles hafen street standing Redeemer Church ( evangelical. , 1908), at the junction of Ahnatal road and Harleshäuser street located church Heart of Mary ( Cath. , 1957; see each Section from 1800 ) and to the Wolfhager street near the Harold Square standing Apostolic Church . Directly south of the street Blumenäckerweg , which is part of the border from Harleshausen to Kirchditmold, the Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche (evg.), Which was built between 1963 and 1965, is located in the last-mentioned part of the city , but its municipality also extends to Harleshausen.

    Half-timbered houses

    There are half-timbered houses in many places in the town center . In 1901 the half-timbered house from the 16th century in the old town of Kassel shown on the right was carefully demolished and rebuilt in Harleshausen on a massive ground floor on Ahnatalstraße. Because of this, it is the only half-timbered house in the old town that survived the air raid on Kassel on October 22, 1943 during World War II . The neighboring house to the west was probably built in the 1970s.

    Elena Clinic

    At block from Klinikstraße , a southern side street of Ahnatal road , and in Lückenrod is located at the corner of the street at the Rehwiesen since 1937 to the Paracelsus clinics belonging Elena Clinic . Its main building was built in 1910/1911 according to plans by Hermann Muthesius in an English country house style with a park-like garden; originally it was not a clinic building, but the Villa Strombeck of Baron Ernst von Strombeck . The clinic houses a neurological acute hospital  - center for Parkinson's syndromes and movement disorders .

    Clock tower

    In the middle of the intersection of Wolfhager Strasse and Harleshäuser Strasse - Helmarshäuser Strasse , the clock tower was built at the beginning of the 20th century . As a Harleshausen landmark, it survived both world wars. In addition to the time, it also provided information about the train schedule for the Harleshausen train station. When the intersection was rebuilt in 1959, the tower disappeared. It was lovingly recreated using existing photos and set up in 1985 on the southwest corner of the intersection. Since 2012 it has been showing the time of day as part of a small weather station, as well as temperature, humidity and air pressure.


    In 1979 the Ossenbrunnen was built in the center of the village at the junction of the street Am Kirchhof from Grebenstraße , which has the head of an ox and was made by the Vellmar stonemason Uwe Kunze. The churchyard with a chapel used to be there; The owners were the Mansen donors from Hasungen Monastery mentioned in 1074 . The chapel was destroyed in the Seven Years War, so that Harleshausen no longer had a church building.

    Traffic and walking

    Streets and squares

    Wolfhager Strasse (B 251)

    Wolfhager Strasse in particular runs through Harleshausen as part of Bundesstrasse 251 . The road that runs from Brilon through Willingen and Korbach , among others , leads to the Zierenberg junction of the federal motorway 44 to the east through the Habichtswald districts of Dörnberg and Ehlen and through the Habichtswald to Harleshausen. After crossing ( 291.6  m ) the lawn avenue and then bridging ( 230  m ) the Geilebach at the Harleshausen swimming pool, it leads diagonally in a northwest-southeast direction through the town center ( Ossenplatz ; 215  m ) and then over the bridge ( 201  m ) on Harleshausen station ( Kassel – Warburg line ); this 1969 bridge was extensively renovated from 2017 to 2019. Shortly afterwards it passes under many railway bridges ( three bridges ; 172.2  m ), on which parts of the Kassel DB marshalling yard lie and over which the high-speed line Hanover – Kassel – Würzburg leads, among other things . From then on it runs eastwards through Kassel- Rothenditmold , where it crosses the Döllbach twice ( called Geilebach in the upper reaches ), and then on to Holländischer Platz north-northeast of the city center ( Kassel-Mitte ) , where Wolfhager Straße and the B 251 opposite the university Kassel ends. From there, there is a joint section of federal highways 7 and 83 , which leads over the port bridge ( Fulda ), and partly on roads connected to it (such as Dresdener Straße ), connection to the junction Kassel-Nord of the A 7 and Kassel-Waldau of the A. 49 .

    More streets

    Ahnatalstraße to the east with the tower of the Church of the Heart of Mary

    Historically significant, but now only used to a limited extent as a transit route, are Wilhelmshöher Weg ( crossing Ahnatalstrasse from Wolfhager Strasse south of the town center , passing Hessenschanze to the east and finally leading to Bad Wilhelmshöhe ) and Eschebergstrasse (in the sharp curve of Wolfhager Strasse as a connection to the lawn avenue branching off to the west).

    At the intersection at the clock tower , the busy Harleshäuser Strasse branches off from Wolfhager Strasse to Kassel- Kirchditmold ; then the Loßbergstrasse and Heßbergstrasse merge into one another to the Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station . At Ossenplatz (opposite the former Café Bachmann ), the rather narrow, also busy Obervellmarer Straße in the center of the village branches off to Vellmar . It spans the Geilebach . The wide Ahnatalstraße , which crosses Harleshäuser Straße from Haroldplatz on the B 251 and ultimately leads steeply up to the Rasenallee, is less traveled . The latter establishes the connection from Bad Wilhelmshöhe through the community of Ahnatal to Wilhelmsthal Castle in Calden , running along the eastern slope of the Habichtswald and roughly on the building boundary of Harleshausen ; from there further roads lead to Kassel-Calden Airport .

    Since 2007, all traffic lights in Harleshausen have been renewed piece by piece and the pedestrian traffic lights are equipped with East German traffic light figures. A special form of the Ampelmännchen can be found at a set of traffic lights in Harleshäuser Straße, where the East German Ampelmännchen is shown in connection with the West German bicycle.

    Ossenplatz with the Ossendenkmal

    The Ossenplatz located on the southwest corner of the intersection (about  215  m ) of the Wolfhager road (B 251) with the Straßenzug Karl hafen road - Upper Vellmar road (L 3234). It was inaugurated as a district square on December 13, 2014. The local advisory board decided the official place name - after a survey of the Ossen Harleshäuser and at the suggestion of the Kassel magistrate - in its meeting on March 4, 2015. The place was baptized on March 20, 2015 as part of a spring festival. In the square stands the Ossendenkmal , which was designed for its initial construction and was made according to the idea of ​​the artist Karin Bohrmann-Roth. The scene depicted on the outside of the modern stele depicts the slaughter of the stately aurochs (1604) mentioned in the above section from 1600 onwards . In autumn 2015, an information board on the monument, also known as the Ossenstele , was set up on the edge of the square . A weekly market has been taking place on the square since October 2, 2015, "for the first time in Harleshausen", and a Christmas market was held there for the first time on December 18, 2015.

    Harleshausen train station on the Harleshausen curve ; View from a bridge on Wolfhager Strasse ( B 251 )

    bus and train

    On lines 10, 11 and 14 of the CCG , and the lines RT1 and RT4 of Kassel Regiotram (with the breakpoint station Harleshausen at the Harleshäuser curve ) Harleshausen is in the public transportation involved (PT). Furthermore, as part of the public transport system, there is a collective call taxi (AST) from Rasenallee to Ahnatalstrasse and the 110 bus from Wolfhagen.


    Fulda-Diemel-Weg / Alte Wolfhager Strasse in the Hohen Habichtswald

    Through the outer west of the Harleshausen area in the Habichtswald near the old restaurant Ahnetal - in the section between the Ahnataler district Weimar and the Hohen Dörnberg  - along the B 251 and crossing the byway of stages 27 to 29 of the Märchenlandweg . Between this mountain and the Hessenschanze in Kassel-Kirchditmold, the Fulda-Diemel-Weg , which passes the same restaurant and crosses the Geilebach near the source between the Erlenloch and Blauer See open- cast mining lakes, runs partly on Alte Wolfhager Strasse . There are walks in many places along this stream. There is a path for the blind near the lawn avenue .

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    Commons : Harleshausen  - Collection of images, videos and audio files