Peruvian national soccer team

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Republic of Peru
República del Perú
Fed perou.svg
Nickname (s) La Blanquirroja
La Rojiblanca
Association Federación Peruana de Fútbol
confederacy CONMEBOL
Technical sponsor Marathon sports
Head coach ArgentinaArgentina Ricardo Gareca (since 2015)
captain Paolo Guerrero
Record scorer Paolo Guerrero (36)
Record player Roberto Palacios (128)
Home stadium Estadio Nacional (Lima)
FIFA code BY
FIFA rank 21. (1544 points)
(as of July 16, 2020)
First jersey
Second jersey
First international game Peru 0-4 Uruguay ( Lima , Peru ; November 1, 1927)
Peru 1825Peru UruguayUruguay
Biggest victory Peru 9-1 Ecuador ( Bogotá , Colombia ; August 11, 1938)
Peru 1825Peru EcuadorEcuador
Biggest defeat Brazil 7-0 Peru ( La Paz , Bolivia ; June 26, 1997)
BrazilBrazil PeruPeru
Successes in tournaments
World Championship
Participation in the finals 5 ( first : 1930 )
Best results Quarterfinals 1970
South American Championship
Participation in the finals 29 ( first : 1927 )
Best results Winner 1939 , 1975
North and Central American Championship
Participation in the finals 1
Best results Semifinals 2000
(As of November 21, 2018)

The Peruvian national football team is the selection team of the Peruvian Football Association (FPF) and represents Peru on an international level. The national team has so far participated in five soccer world championships ( 1930 , 1970 , 1978 , 1982 , 2018 ). While they failed in the preliminary round in 1930, 1982 and 2018, they reached the quarter-finals and the intermediate round in 1970 and 1978. In 1927 Peru first took part in the Copa América , which the country hosted. The first game at the Copa was also the first international match. In 1939 and 1975 Peru won the Copa America. In the last few years the quarter-finals were mostly over, but it wasn't until 2011 that the semi-finals could be reached again, in which they lost 2-0 to Uruguay . In the ensuing game for third place, Peru beat Venezuela 4-1, with Paolo Guerrero scoring three goals. Peru repeated this success at the 2015 Copa America after beating the same opponent 2-0. In 2019 , the team came back to the final of the Copa America for the first time in over forty years, which they finished as a losing team.

Peruvian footballers had their greatest period in the 1970s. The star of this team was the striker Teófilo Cubillas , who scored ten times in 13 World Cup games. Peru achieved the best placement in the FIFA world rankings, which has been held since 1993, in October 2017 after qualifying for the 2018 World Cup , after which Peru made the top ten for the first time.


Peru participated in five world championships. Peru delivered a special game on June 21, 1978 at the World Cup in Argentina. Peru had moved into a second final group with three other teams. After the first two games, Peru had no chance of reaching the game for third place or the final. The Argentinians and Brazilians had a tie. Brazil had already played their games and Argentina not only had to defeat Peru to reach the finals, they had to win big. Peru lost 6-0. For a long time there was suspicion that the Argentine military junta bought the victory with grain deliveries to the Peruvian state. In the book "We Were World Champions" by Ricardo Gotta , Peruvian national players report calls from their head of state and visits by dictator Jorge Videla and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to their cabin. Defender José Velazquez found it "pretty strange, there was pressure". Goalkeeper Ramón Quiroga , a native of Argentina, didn't have a good day at 6-0 and later said he was “sure that some people have taken something. We saw strange things ”. Years later, Peruvian Senator Genaro Ledesma confessed that Argentina had bought the game. In March 2007, the former 52-time national player Julio César Uribe took over as coach from Francisco Maturana . However, Uribe resigned in July 2007. His successor was José del Solar . From July 2010 to February 2014, the Uruguayan Sergio Markarián was the national coach of Peru. He was followed in March 2014 by his assistant Pablo Bengoechea . After Ricardo Gareca took over the national team in 2015, her qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia marked her first participation in the World Cup in 36 years. At the Copa America 2019 , Peru reached a final of an international tournament for the first time in 44 years. There they lost to Brazil 1: 3.

International competitions

Peru at the Olympics

1900 - 1928 not participated
1936 in Berlin Quarter finals

After 1936, the senior national team no longer took part in the Olympic Games. The Olympic team only took part in 1960 , where they were eliminated in the preliminary round.

Peru at world championships

year Host country Participation until ... Last opponent Result Trainer Comments and special features
1930 Uruguay Preliminary round Romania and Uruguay 000000000000010.000000000010. Francisco Bru
1934 Italy withdrawn Peru did not play for the qualifiers against Brazil .
1938 France not participated
1950 Brazil withdrawn Peru did not play for the qualifiers , so Uruguay and Paraguay qualified without a fight.
1954 Switzerland not allowed Application filed too late
1958 Sweden not qualified In the qualification of Brazil failed
1962 Chile not qualified In the qualification of Colombia failed
1966 England not qualified In the qualification of Uruguay failed
1970 Mexico Quarter finals Brazil 000000000000007.00000000007th Valdir Pereira The only game against Germany to date took place in the preliminary round .
1974 Germany not qualified In the qualification to playoff in Chile failed
1978 Argentina Intermediate round Brazil , Poland , Argentina 000000000000008.00000000008th. Marcos Calderon After the 6-0 draw against Argentina, Brazil brought allegations of bribery.
1982 Spain Preliminary round Cameroon , Italy , Poland 000000000000020.000000000020th Tim Peru's 5-1 win against Poland was the only game in this group that didn't end in a draw. As a result, Peru was eliminated as the bottom group.
1986 Mexico not qualified In the qualification of Argentina failed
1990 Italy not qualified In the qualification of Uruguay failed
1994 United States not qualified In the qualification of Argentina and Colombia failed
1998 France not qualified In the South American qualification , which was held for the first time in the league system between all South American applicants - with the exception of Brazil, which was directly qualified as world champion - Peru only finished 5th. The first four could qualify.
2002 South Korea / Japan not qualified In the South American qualification , which was held with all South American teams in the league system, Peru only finished 8th. The first four were able to qualify directly, Uruguay came fifth in the play-offs against Australia .
2006 Germany not qualified In the South American qualification , which was played in the league system between all South American teams, Peru only finished 9th. The first four were able to qualify directly, Uruguay in fifth this time failed in the play-offs against Australia .
2010 South Africa not qualified In the South American qualification , which was played in the league system between all South American teams, Peru only finished 10th and last. The first four were able to qualify directly, Uruguay came fifth in the play-offs against Costa Rica .
2014 Brazil not qualified Peru missed the qualification with a 2: 3 defeat on the third last match day against Venezuela .
2018 Russia Preliminary round Denmark , France , Australia Ricardo Gareca After two defeats against Denmark and France and one win against Australia, eliminated in third place in the group.
2022 Qatar
2026 Canada / Mexico / USA

Playing attire and jersey

The national colors of Peru are red and white. This reflects the clothing of the national team. The first jerseys were red and white with vertical stripes in the 1920s. Until 1936 this style changed several times. At the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, the association first presented its home jersey, which is still in use today. A white jersey with a red bar running from bottom left to top right became the recognition feature of the Peruvian national team. This look has so far been taken up by a wide variety of sporting goods manufacturers and also offered to the South American team. Besides Adidas, the best-known suppliers are Umbro and Diadora .

Record player

(As of November 21, 2018)

Record player
Games player Period Gates
128 Roberto Palacios 1992-2012 19th
105 Hector Chumpitaz 1965-1981 3
101 Jorge Soto 1992-2005 9
97 Juan José Jayo 1994-2008 1
95 Nolberto Solano 1994-2009 20th
91 Paolo Guerrero 2004– 36
89 Rubén Toribio Díaz 1972-1985 2
88 Jefferson Farfan 2003– 26th
85 Claudio Pizarro 1999-2016 20th
84 Juan Reynoso 1986-2000 5
83 Percy Olivares 1987-2001 1
82 José Velásquez 1972-1985 12
82 Yoshimar Yotun 2011– 2
81 Teófilo Cubillas 1968-1982 26th
76 Christian Ramos 2009– 3
76 Alberto Rodríguez 2003– 0
75 José Soto 1992-2003 3
Record goal scorers
Gates player Period Games
36 Paolo Guerrero 2004– 91
26th Teófilo Cubillas 1968-1982 81
26th Jefferson Farfan 2003– 88
24 Teodoro Fernández 1935-1947 32
20th Claudio Pizarro 1999-2016 85
20th Nolberto Solano 1994-2009 95
19th Roberto Palacios 1992-2012 128
18th Hugo Sotil 1970-1979 62
17th Oswaldo Ramírez 1969-1982 57
16 Franco Navarro 1980-1989 56
15th Pedro Pablo León 1963-1973 49
14th Oscar Gómez Sánchez 1953-1959 26th

Current squad

The table names the players who were in the squad for the Copa America 2019 .

  • Performance data as of July 7, 2019 (after the encounter against Brazil)
Surname birthday Games Gates society debut
Pedro Gallese 02/23/1990 57 0 MexicoMexico Alianza Lima 2014
Carlos Cáceda 09/27/1991 6th 0 PeruPeru FBC Melgar 2016
Patricio Álvarez 2401.1994 0 0 PeruPeru Sporting Cristal 2012
Luis Advíncula 02.03.1990 85 1 MexicoMexico UANL Tigres 2010
Miguel Araujo October 24, 1994 17th 0 ArgentinaArgentina Club Atlético Talleres 2014
Aldo Corzo 05/20/1989 29 0 PeruPeru Universitario de Deportes 2009
Carlos Zambrano 07/10/1989 47 4th UkraineUkraine Dynamo Kiev 2008
Alexander Callens 05/04/1992 14th 1 United StatesUnited States New York City FC 2013
Luis Abram 02/27/1996 15th 0 ArgentinaArgentina CA Vélez Sarsfield 2016
Anderson Santamaría 01/11/1992 12 0 MexicoMexico Atlas Guadalajara 2017
Miguel Trauco 08/25/1992 47 0 BrazilBrazil Flamengo Rio de Janeiro 2014
Josepmir Ballón 03/21/1988 50 0 ChileChile CD Universidad de Concepción 2009
Christian Cueva 11/23/1991 64 10 BrazilBrazil FC Santos 2011
Renato Tapia 07/28/1995 49 3 NetherlandsNetherlands Feyenoord Rotterdam 2015
Edison Flores 05/14/1994 47 13 MexicoMexico Monarcas Morelia 2013
Yoshimar Yotun 04/07/1990 91 3 MexicoMexico CD Cruz Azul 2011
Jesús Pretell 03/26/1999 1 0 PeruPeru Sporting Cristal 2019
Christofer Gonzáles 10/12/1992 18th 1 UruguayUruguay Nacional Montevideo 2013
André Carrillo 06/14/1991 65 6th PortugalPortugal Benfica Lisbon 2011
Jefferson Farfan 10/26/1984 95 27 RussiaRussia Moscow locomotive 2003
Paolo Guerrero 01/01/1984 99 38 BrazilBrazil Flamengo Rio de Janeiro 2004
Andy Polo 09/29/1994 31 1 United StatesUnited States Portland Timbers 2016
Raúl Ruidíaz July 25, 1990 41 4th United StatesUnited States Seattle Sounders 2011



Name of the trainer Period comment
Spain 1875Spain Francisco Bru 1930 • Coach at the 1930 World Cup
EnglandEngland Jack Greenwell 1939 • Copa America winner
HungaryHungary György Orth 1957-1959
PeruPeru Marcos Calderon 1965-1967
Brazil 1968Brazil Valdir Pereira, "Didi" 1969-1970 • Coach at the 1970 World Cup
HungaryHungary Lajos Baroti 1971-1972
PeruPeru Marcos Calderon 1975-1979 • Coach at the 1978 World Cup
• 1975: Copa America winner
Brazil 1968Brazil Elba de Pádua Lima, "Tim" 1980-1983 • Coach at the 1982 World Cup
Brazil 1968Brazil José Macia, "Pepe" 1989 • Coach at the 1989 Copa America
PeruPeru Miguel Company 1991
SerbiaSerbia Vladica Popović 1992-1993
PeruPeru Miguel Company 1994-1995
PeruPeru Juan Oblitas 1996-1999
ColombiaColombia Francisco Maturana 1999-2001
PeruPeru Julio César Uribe 2001-2003
BrazilBrazil Paulo Autuori 2003-2005
PeruPeru Freddy Tenero 2005-2007
PeruPeru Franco Navarro 2006
PeruPeru Julio César Uribe 2007
PeruPeru José del Solar 2007-2009
UruguayUruguay Sergio Markarian 2010-2014
UruguayUruguay Pablo Bengoechea 2014-2015
ArgentinaArgentina Ricardo Gareca 2015– • Coach at the 2018 World Cup

International matches against German-speaking national soccer teams

date place Home team result Visiting team occasion
1. August 8, 1936 Berlin ( )German Reich NSGerman Reich (Nazi era) AustriaAustria Austria 2: 4 a.d. PeruPeru Peru Olympic Games , quarter-finals (result annulled)
2. June 10, 1970 Leon ( )MexicoMexico PeruPeru Peru 1: 3 Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany FRG World Cup preliminary round
3. 3rd June 2014 Lucerne SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland 2-0 PeruPeru Peru
4th September 9, 2018 Sinsheim GermanyGermany Germany 2: 1 PeruPeru Peru

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