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Ina Scharrenbach (2017)

Ina Scharrenbach (born September 30, 1976 in Unna ) is a German politician ( CDU ). She was a member of the 16th state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia and has been Minister for Homeland, Local Affairs, Building and Equality for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Laschet cabinet since June 30, 2017 .


Scharrenbach graduated from the municipal high school in Kamen in 1996 . From 1996 to 1999 she completed vocational training as a bank clerk at the Städtische Sparkasse Kamen and then worked in the profession she had learned. In 2001, she started at the Fachhochschule Dortmund studying business administration with a focus on accounting , taxes and controlling , she as 2005 Diploma in Business Administration (FH) graduated. She then worked for the auditing firm Ernst & Young in Dortmund until the state elections in 2012 .


Ina Scharrenbach has been a member of the CDU since 1996. She was a member of the city council of Kamen from 1999 to 2017, and since 2011 she has been the leader of her party. Since 2011 she has been active in the NRW Women's Union as deputy state chairwoman and vice-chairwoman of the CDU in the Unna district . Since 2012 she has been deputy state chairwoman of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 2017 she has been chairwoman of the Frauen Union NRW.

Ina Scharrenbach received a mandate from the CDU state list in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012 . She was one of the secretaries in the state parliament plenary. Scharrenbach was deputy chairwoman of the committee for women, equality and emancipation and a member of the committees for family, children and youth as well as budget and finance.

In the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017 , Ina Scharrenbach was no longer able to win a state parliament mandate. She led the coalition negotiations on internal security with Peter Biesenbach and Bodo Löttgen and, after the formation of a black-yellow coalition, was appointed Minister for Home, Local Affairs, Building and Equal Opportunities for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the Laschet cabinet on June 30, 2017 .


Scharrenbach came under fire when she was presented with a long-playing record " The most beautiful German Heimat- und Vaterlandslieder " as a gift at a home congress on March 17, 2018 from the "NRW Heimatbotschafter" Heino . Several of the 24 songs on the double album have a questionable history and belonged to the usual songs of the National Socialist SS . “The piece from 1814, ' When all are unfaithful ', glorified by the SS as a 'Loyalty Song' , which was sung not only by the SS but also by the Nazi resistance , caused particular outrage .” The Ministry announced that the gift was “Was not checked under the aspect of political correctness at the time of handover”, but the Minister strictly opposed “being in any way associated with National Socialist ideology”.

Ina Scharrenbach, 2018

The ministry led by Scharrenbach had the tree houses of the demonstrators against the clearing of the Hambach Forest removed because they did not meet fire protection regulations. This justification was heavily criticized on the one hand because the summer of 2018 was extremely dry and a few days beforehand the police confiscated the existing fire extinguishers because they could have been used as weapons. On the other hand, the building ministry, as the highest building supervisory authority, felt obliged to intervene due to the fire protection regulations not being complied with. These safety concerns not only related to the lack of fire extinguishers, “the tree houses [should] have escape stairs and railings. In addition, escape routes for the fire brigade and ambulance should be available. ”A judgment by the Cologne Administrative Court confirmed the evacuation of the tree houses as legal.

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