Joseph Hopkins Peyton

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Joseph Hopkins Peyton (born May 20, 1808 in Gallatin , Sumner County , Tennessee , †  November 11, 1845 ibid) was an American politician . Between 1843 and 1845 he represented the state of Tennessee in the US House of Representatives .


Joseph Peyton was the younger brother of Congressman Balie Peyton (1803-1878). After elementary school, he graduated from college in 1837. After completing a medical degree and licensing as a doctor, he began to practice in his new profession. He also held various local offices in his homeland. Politically, he was a member of the Whig Party . In 1840 he was a member of the Tennessee Senate .

In the congressional election of 1842 he was elected to the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC in the eighth constituency of Tennessee , where he succeeded Meredith Poindexter Gentry on March 4, 1843 . After being re-elected, he could remain in Congress until his death on November 11, 1845 . There he saw the discussions between his party and President John Tyler until 1845 . In the year of his death in 1845, the Mexican-American War began . Joseph Peyton was buried in the family cemetery near Gallatin.

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