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Simon is a male name . The feminine form is Simone in German (in Italian, Simone is the masculine form, the feminine is Simona ). It is of both Hebrew and Greek origin and has different meanings in the respective languages.

Origin and meaning

On the one hand, Simon can be derived from the Hebrew name שִׁמְעוֹן ( Schimʿon ) and thus from the root word for "(to) hear", which is why the name is often given the meaning "God has heard", and on the other hand from the Greek adjective for "snub-nosed." “Σιμός ( simos ), with which Simon means“ the snub- nosed one ”.

The form Simeon is also found in the Bible . There are numerous people named Simon or Simeon in the Bible. In the Old Testament one of the ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel is called Simeon . In the second chapter of Luke's Gospel ( Lk 2 : 25–32  EU ) a pious Israelite who is waiting in Jerusalem for the arrival of the Messiah (here called Consolation of Israel ) and who recognizes him in the newborn Jesus bears the name Simeon . One of the twelve disciples of Jesus bears the name Simon bar Jona (later Simon Peter), another is Simon , nicknamed Zelotes (“the zealot”). According to the New Testament, Simon of Cyrene carried the cross of Jesus.

Memorial days

International spellings

Arabic - سمعان (pronounced: Sam'ân)
Armenian - Սիմոն or Սիմեոն / Սիմէօն
Chinese - 西蒙
German - Simon
English - Simon
French - Simon
Greek - Σίμων [Sˈimon]
Italian - Simone
Croatian - Šimun, Šime
Norwegian - Simen
Spanish - Simón
Portuguese - Simão, Simões
Romansh - Schamun, Schimun
Russian - Semjon (written in Cyrillic Семён)
Polish - Szymon
Ukrainian - Semen (written in Cyrillic Семен)
Bulgarian - Simeon (written in Cyrillic Симеон)
Serbian - Simeun, Simon (written in Cyrillic Симеун, Симон)
Czech - Šimon
Japanese - Shimon, Jīmon (written with katakana シ モ ン, ジ ー モ ン)


Danish: Simonsen
English: Simonson
Croatian: Šimunović, Šimunić, Šimić
Swedish: Simonsson
Russian: Semjonowitsch
Serbian: Simonović , Simeunović, Simić

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