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Command is the designation for a command post in military formations such as the military, police or fire brigade.


armed forces

In the German Federal Armed Forces , command is the name given to various military departments that have the status of a (higher) command authority .

The higher command authorities of the armed forces and military organizational areas of the Bundeswehr are:

In addition, the following active military agencies have the word "command" in their name:

Historically, the Bundeswehr had the following commands:

The corps troops included:


Federal Army

According to its name, the Austrian Armed Forces have the Armed Forces Command , to which the land and air forces are subordinate, the operational support command, which primarily has to carry out logistical activities, and the military commands set up for each federal state .


In the Federal Police in the districts which consist district police command posts and in the larger cities, the city police command posts . The previously existing state police commandos were merged with the federal police headquarters and security departments to form state police headquarters in 2012 .

Until the dissolution of the federal police in July 2005, also passed in the districts in which the gendarmerie was responsible, District Gendarmerie Commands . These were the for each state except Vienna furnished country Gendarmerie Commands and turn these to the Gendarmerie Central Command subordinate.


The European Air Transport Command exists at the European level .

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