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The City of Nuremberg Prize for Art and Science has honored people with outstanding achievements in art and science since 1952. The guidelines that apply today can be found in the Art and Science Prize statute of the City of Nuremberg from July 23, 1975.

The prizes are given to personalities who are linked to Franconia and Nuremberg through birth, life or work . The award winners can be proposed by the members of the advisory board appointed by the culture committee, the members of the city council including the professional city councilors or through suggestions from the population. The proposed candidates are assessed by the culture committee, the resolutions are then taken by the Nuremberg city ​​council .

The price is made up as follows:

  • the Great Cultural Award of the City of Nuremberg (2016 Prize of the City of Nuremberg ) award every two years, worth 10,000 euros
  • up to five cultural awards per year (two sponsorship awards until 2016 ), endowed with a total of 20,000 euros

Until 2016, several Nuremberg scholarships were also awarded annually, total prize money of 10,000 euros.

The prizes will be presented by the respective Lord Mayor and the Culture Officer of the City of Nuremberg.

Award winners

Great Culture Prize of the City of Nuremberg

Culture awards

Nuremberg scholarship

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