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Sven Gerhardt (* 1968 in Homberg (Efze) ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Education and private matters

Gerhardt completed his acting training from 1992 to 1996 at the University of Music, Theater and Media (HMTMH) in Hanover . Gerhardt has lived in Berlin since 1999 .

Cinema and television films

Since 1995 he has been working as an actor for film and television. He has had roles in feature films and television films, as well as recurring series roles and various episode roles in almost all series formats of public television and private television.

In the ZDF television thriller Who saves Dina Foxx? (First broadcast: 2011) he played the lawyer Dr. Bernd Pitz. In the movie we wanted to sea (2012) he played an employee of the German Democratic Republic - Ministry of State Security . He was also seen in small roles in the television film Elly Beinhorn - Solo Flight (2014; as a newspaper journalist) and in the ZDF crime series Kommissarin Heller: Querschläger (2015). In the ZDF crime series Ein stark Team he was seen in a supporting role in the film Poisoned (first broadcast: January 2017); he played Olaf Bredendiek, the sous-chef of the Berlin star chef Immo Haferkamp ( Thomas Heinze ).

Episode roles in series formats

Gerhardt's main focus as a television actor is the portrayal of episode roles, mostly in crime series, where he often embodied dubious characters and figures with a criminal background.

He was seen several times in the ZDF crime series SOKO Leipzig and Die Rosenheim-Cops . He also had individual series appearances a. a. in Edel & Starck (2002; as Willi car dealer), SOKO Rhein-Main (2007; as ex-partner and ransom racket Dragan Tanicic), KDD - permanent criminal service (2010; as advertising specialist Mr. Gräter), coast guard (2011; as ship broker Thorben Tissmer) , Der Alte (2012; as a man who stalked his ex-girlfriend), SOKO Wismar (2012; as a suspect, alongside Julia Stinshoff and Judy Winter ), Der Kriminalist (2014; as a family man and husband under financial pressure) and The Specialists - On behalf of the victims (2016; ex-boyfriend of the murder victim wrongly convicted of murder).

He also starred in doctor and family series such as All Friendship (2002; as a patient and fiancé suffering from osteoporosis and incapable of childbearing), Stefanie for all cases (2003; as a motorcyclist Gregor) and White-Blue Stories (2014; as a husband on erotic erotic paths).

In March 2017 he was in the 6th season of the ZDF series last trace Berlin alongside Jasmin Tabatabai and Stipe Erceg in a double episode as businessman and pimp Zlatko Kranjic. Gerhardt was a successful hunting writer , archer and single father in the ZDF series SOKO Stuttgart (first broadcast: November 2017) . In the TV series Die Heiland - Wir sind Anwalt , which was newly broadcast on Das Erste in September / October 2018 , Gerhardt, alongside Sebastian Kaufmane as partner, took on one of the main episode roles as SEK leader and police instructor , who became one of his male police students in love. In the 13th season of the ZDF crime series Der Kriminalist (2018), he also played one of the main roles in the episode, as a family man who begins to prostitute himself on the "tranny line". In the opening episode of the 14th season of the ZDF series Notruf Hafenkante (September 2019), he played the mentally ill and violent ex-boyfriend and stalker of the series main character Dr. Jasmin Jonas ( Gerit Kling ).

Speaking / dubbing

In addition to his work as an actor, Gerhardt works as a spokesperson for audio books , computer games and in advertising . He also works extensively as a voice actor. He has now taken on over 400 synchronous roles. He lent his voice u. a. Matt Battaglia , Raphael Sbarge , Josh Hartnett , Antonio Sabato junior , Ian Tracey , David Duchovny (as Agent Fox Mulder on season 10 of the X-Files series , 2016), Windell Middlebrooks , Kevin Sorbo and Ian Ziering .

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