Germany is looking for the superstar / Season 15

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Season 15 of Germany is looking for the superstar
Episodes 19th
Country of production GermanyGermany Germany
Manufacturing company UFA Show & Factual GmbH
First broadcast January 3, 2018 - May 5, 2018 on RTL
regularity Saturdays (starting on Wednesdays)
Moderation Oliver Geissen
other contributors jury
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Marie Wegener , winner of season 15

The fifteenth season of the German singing casting show Deutschland sucht den Superstar was broadcast from January 3 to May 5, 2018 on the RTL television program. At the side of Dieter Bohlen acted the new jurors Carolin Niemczyk (singer of the band Glasperlenspiel ), Mousse T. and Ella Endlich . As in the previous year, the motto was “No Limits”; This allowed musicians to take part in the casting without stylistic restrictions, but the age limit of 30 years was reintroduced. The winning bonus has been reduced from 500,000 euros to 100,000 euros.


The casting effort was the largest of the previous 15 seasons: from the end of August 2017, four casting trucks were on the move all over Germany looking for candidates and stopped in almost 60 cities.

After eleven casting episodes, 120 candidates went into Germany recall. They initially appeared in groups of 10, those who progressed from them then in pairs to four. 20 of them - plus the four winners of the Golden Jury CDs - made it into the international recall. Former candidates Juliette Schoppmann and Philippe Bühler accompanied the recalls as vocal coaches . As a major innovation, eight duels took place at the end of the international recall. From the last 16 candidates, the eight winners should fight for the final in just three motto shows.

South Africa recall

Two episodes were filmed in Pilanesberg National Park , the third episode in Sun City . Toranj Jafari, who was eliminated in the Germany recall, replaced the sick, 18-year-old Jessica Martins Reis from Osnabrück . Instead of the anticipated eight, ten candidates were sent to the theme shows.

Candidate, dude place of residence Notes, profession Retired in
Marie Wegener 16 Duisburg Winner of the relay , participant in The Voice Kids 2013 , student -
Ella Sailer 18th AustriaAustria innsbruck Student Episode 15
Michel Truog 26th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Neftenbach Golden CD from Dieter Bohlen, trainee (bricklayer) final
Sven Lüchtenborg 21st Trebur - Astheim Participant in the convention for Our Song 2017 , Student (BWL) Episode 15
Michael Rauscher 20th augsburg Tiler final
Lukas Otte 20th Koblenz Student (pedagogy) Mottoshow 3
Janina el Arguioui 30th Kaarst Participant in The Voice of Germany 2014 , German- Moroccan , organizer of children's events final
Emilija Mihailova 29 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Rorschacherberg Parents from Macedonia , dental secretary in a dental practice and model Mottoshow 1
Mia Gucek 25th Duisburg Slovenian , waitress Mottoshow 3
Michèle Wegmann 23 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Zurich Computer scientist Episode 15
Giulio Arancio 25th Cologne Participants in The Biggest Loser 2015 , Italians, electronics technicians Mottoshow 2
Santo Rotolo 21st kassel Golden CD from Mousse T., Italo-Spanier, freight forwarder Episode 15
Mario Turtak 25th Stuttgart Grandparents from Slovakia , waiter and music producer Mottoshow 2
Farid el Hassass 27 NetherlandsNetherlands Enschede Singer Episode 15
Isa Martino 30th Hengersberg Hispano- Turk, musician Mottoshow 1
Marc Imam 21st Tübingen Parents from Nigeria (German grandmother), student (musicology and philosophy) Episode 15
Matty Faal 17th AustriaAustria Vienna pupil Episode 14
Diego 20th Dusseldorf Brazilians, permanently committed to a psychiatric prison by the Düsseldorf regional court in December 2018.
Chantal Stachowiak 16 Untereisesheim Golden CD from Carolin Niemczyk, a native Jamaican student Episode 13
Lucas Magalhaes 17th Warrior Brazilians, students
Mitch Lodewick 18th NetherlandsNetherlands Aalten Golden CD from Ella Endlich, high school graduate
Salvatore Puleo 29 Stuttgart Italian, branch manager at a shoe retail chain
Toranj Jafari 20th Waiblingen Substitute candidate, Iranian , student (tourism)
Vera Teubert 27 Langwedel Horse hostess
 Won the duel against the candidate one line below
 Both participants in a duel reached the motto shows

Theme shows


space candidate Retired on motto
1. Marie Wegener - -
2. Michel Truog May 5th
3. Michael Rauscher
4th Janina El Arguioui
5. Lukas Otte April 28 Old and new
6th Mia Gucek
7th Giulio Arancio April 21 My favourite song
8th. Mario Turtak
9. Isa Martino April 14th Discofox
10. Emilija Mihailova


Voting results of the 15th season

First motto show
April 14th
Second theme show
April 21st
My favorite song
Third theme show
April 28th,
old and new
Final May 5th (any song and final song)

1 Marie
2 Janina
3 Luke
4th Giulio
5 Michel
6th Mario
7th Michael
8th Billion
9 Isa
10 Emilija

First motto show

The first motto show was broadcast on April 14th, the motto was Discofox . The candidates Isa Martino and Emilija Mihailova had to leave the show.

Endz. Surname Age Artist, song comment placement
01 Michael Rauscher 20th Andreas Gabalier - Hulapalu further 0000000000000007.00000000007 0(5.66%)
02 Lukas Otte 20th Robin Schulz ft. James Blunt - OK further 0000000000000003.00000000003 (10.90%)
03 Mia Gucek 25th Beatrice Egli - My heart further 0000000000000008.00000000008 0(4.39%)
04 Isa Martino 30th Álvaro Soler - Sofia eliminated 0000000000000009.00000000009 0(4.19%)
05 Janina El Arguioui 30th Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive further 0000000000000002.00000000002 (16.96%)
06 Michel Truog 26th Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way further 0000000000000005.00000000005 0(9.66%)
07 Marie Wegener 16 Marianne Rosenberg - He belongs to me further 0000000000000001.00000000001 (24.27%)
08 Giulio Arancio 25th Haddaway - What Is Love further 0000000000000004.00000000004 (10.81%)
09 Emilija Mihailova 29 Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse - Katchi eliminated 000000000000010.000000000010 0(4.01%)
10 Mario Turtak 25th Kool & the Gang - Celebration further 0000000000000006.00000000006 0(9.15%)

Second motto show

The second theme show aired on April 21st. The motto was my favorite song , the group song Happy by Pharrell Williams . The candidates Mario Turtak and Giulio Arancio had to leave the show.

Endz. Surname Age Artist, song comment placement
01 Lukas Otte 20th Ronan Keating - Life Is a Rollercoaster further 05 0(7.57%)
02 Mario Turtak 25th Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely eliminated 08 0(2.57%)
03 Giulio Arancio 25th Rag 'n' Bone Man - Skin eliminated 07 0(5.26%)
04 Janina El Arguioui 30th Aretha Franklin - Respect further 02 (15.02%)
05 Michel Truog 26th Philipp Poisel - I just want further 03 (14.91%)
06 Mia Gucek 25th Loreen - Euphoria further 06 0(5.83%)
07 Michael Rauscher 20th Roger Cicero - Shoot me to the moon further 04 0(9.50%)
08 Marie Wegener 16 Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On further 01 (39.34%)

Third theme show (semifinals)

The third theme show was broadcast on April 28th. The motto was old and new . The candidates Lukas Otte and Mia Gucek had to leave the show.

Endz. Surname Age Artist, song (alto) Artist, song (new) comment placement
01 Janina El Arguioui 30th The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited James Hype feat. Kelli Leigh - More Than Friends further 04 0(9.70%)
02 Michel Truog 26th Andreas Gabalier - Amoi seg 'ma us again Wincent Weiss - fireworks further 03 (14.11%)
03 Lukas Otte 20th Munich freedom - without you Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill eliminated 05 0(6.84%)
04 Michael Rauscher 20th Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes Kaleo - Way Down We Go further 02 (15.22%)
05 Mia Gucek 25th Connie Francis - handsome strange man Helene Fischer - heart quake eliminated 06 0(5.69%)
06 Marie Wegener 16 Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody James Arthur - Naked further 01 (48.44%)


The final took place on May 5th, the group song was Wake Me Up by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc .

Endz. Surname Age 1st artist, song 2nd artist,
final song
comment placement
01 Michael Rauscher 20th George Ezra - Blame It On Me Michael Rauscher - Just as we were Third 03 (10.91%)
02 Janina el Arguioui 30th Silbermond - Yes Janina El Arguioui - Parachute Fourth 04 0(8.89%)
03 Michel Truog 26th Tim Bendzko - By a thread Michel Truog - And she runs Second 02 (15.78%)
04 Marie Wegener 16 Ariana Grande ft. Zedd - Break Free Marie Wegener - Royal Winner 01 (64.42%)

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