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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the community of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf
Map of Germany, position of the community Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 30 '  N , 13 ° 46'  E

Basic data
State : Brandenburg
County : Märkisch-Oderland
Height : 50 m above sea level NHN
Area : 16.42 km 2
Residents: 14,109 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 859 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 15370
Area code : 033439
License plate : MOL, FRW, SEE, SRB
Community key : 12 0 64 136
Community structure: 3 districts
Address of the
municipal administration:
Lindenallee 3
15370 Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf
Website :
Mayor : Thomas Krieger ( CDU )
Location of the community Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf in the district of Märkisch-Oderland
Altlandsberg Alt Tucheband Bad Freienwalde Beiersdorf-Freudenberg Bleyen-Genschmar Bliesdorf Buckow Falkenberg Falkenhagen Fichtenhöhe Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf Garzau-Garzin Golzow Gusow-Platkow Heckelberg-Brunow Höhenland Hoppegarten Küstriner Vorland Lebus Letschin Lietzen Lindendorf Märkische Höhe Müncheberg Neuenhagen bei Berlin Neuhardenberg Neulewin Neutrebbin Oberbarnim Oderaue Petershagen/Eggersdorf Podelzig Prötzel Rehfelde Reichenow-Möglin Reitwein Rüdersdorf bei Berlin Seelow Strausberg Treplin Vierlinden Waldsieversdorf Wriezen Zechin Zeschdorf Brandenburgmap
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Vogelsdorf village church

Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf is a municipality in the Märkisch-Oderland district in Brandenburg . It emerged in 1993 from the formerly independent communities of Fredersdorf and Vogelsdorf .

Community structure

Three districts are identified for the community of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf:

  • Fredersdorf North
  • Fredersdorf South
  • Vogelsdorf

In addition, there is the living space at the Fredersdorf colony.

The Fredersdorfer Mühlenfließ separates Fredersdorf Süd from Vogelsdorf. Fredersdorf Nord is separated from Fredersdorf Süd by the Ostbahn .


In 1376 the villages of Fredersdorf and Vogelsdorf were first mentioned in the land register of Emperor Charles IV . The few rural residents were plagued by wars and diseases several times between the 15th and 17th centuries, and their houses and churches were destroyed. In 1710 and 1714 the villagers rebuilt their stone churches. In 1712, Siegmund von Görtzke had a manor with a manor ("Fredersdorf Castle") built. The von Görtzke , von Podewils , Henry , Torganey , Verdrieß, von Bothe and Bohm families appeared as landowners in the two villages .

In 1835 Carl Gottlob Bohm acquired the Fredersdorfer Mühle. From around 1840 onwards, he continued to expand his business in Fredersdorf, an iron foundry and a machine factory were built next to the mill. In his factory he built machines for smoothing marble or for mining. The best known was the participation in the construction of the Berlin Victory Column . Bohm later switched his company to manufacturing equipment for making spirits. He accelerated the development of the place. He bequeathed the factory to his sons Paul Bohm (Schloss-Bohm) and Otto Bohm (Fabrik-Bohm). After the Second World War , the castle and estate owner Paul Bohm and the factory owner Otto Bohm were expropriated. The castle was used by Soviet troops for military exercises until 1962 and was demolished in 1990. Today the senior citizens' home "Katharinenhof im Schloßgarten" is located here.

In 1867 the Eastern Railway was completed. On September 15, 1872, the Petershagen station (renamed Fredersdorf in 1875 ) opened, which also gave Fredersdorf and Vogelsdorf a connection to the German railway network and began industrial and economic growth. Fredersdorf built a new town hall for his local government in 1937.

In 1957 a small area of Altlandsberg (Altlandsberg-Süd) was included in the community of Fredersdorf. In 1993 the previously independent villages merged to form the community of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf with a total population of around 7,000. Since then, the population has grown by around 85 percent.

Fredersdorf and Vogelsdorf belonged to the Niederbarnim district in the province of Brandenburg since 1816 and to the Strausberg district from 1952 (until 1990 in the GDR district of Frankfurt (Oder) , 1990–1993 in the state of Brandenburg ). Since the district reform in 1993 , the community has been in the Märkisch-Oderland district .

Population development

Population development of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf from 1875 to 2017 according to the table below



1875 0 550 0 309
1890 0 677 0 307
1910 1 359 0 407
1925 1 876 0 794
1933 3 096 1,260
1939 4,063 1 489
1946 4 352 1 505
1950 4 332 1 556
1964 6 442 1 481
1971 6 558 1 478
1981 5,995 1 332
1985 5 889 1 291
1989 5 680 1 290
1990 5 568 1 297
1991 5 564 1 310
1992 5 548 1 316

1993 07 052
1994 07 261
1995 07 740
1996 08 210
1997 08 999
1998 09 885
1999 10 638
2000 11 069
2001 11 359
2002 11 672
2003 12,000
2004 12 223
2005 12 401
2006 12 549
2007 12 604
2008 12 678

2009 12 805
2010 12 801
2011 12 532
2012 12 626
2013 12 771
2014 12 879
2015 13 104
2016 13 572
2017 13 761
2018 13 873
2019 14 109

Territory of the respective year, number of inhabitants: as of December 31 (from 1991), from 2011 based on the 2011 census


Community representation

The community council consists of 22 community representatives and the full-time mayor with the following distribution of seats:

Party / group of voters Seats
AfD 3
The left 3
WE "Together for Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf" 3
Alliance 90 / The Greens 2
Citizens' Forum Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf 2
Voting group "For our villages" 1

(As of: local election on May 26, 2019)

Of the 11,877 eligible voters, 60.9% cast their votes.


  • 1993-2008: Wolfgang Thamm (CDU)
  • 2008–2015: Uwe Klett ( Die Linke )
  • since 2015: Thomas Krieger (CDU)

In the mayoral election on September 27, 2015, Krieger was elected as the new mayor for a term of eight years. He received 52.4 percent of the valid votes with a turnout of 44.3 percent. The previous incumbent Klett was voted out of office. He received 30.3 percent of the valid votes.

coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on July 21, 1994. Blazon : "In the shield, split by gold and green, a rooted oak tree with leaves and fruits in mixed up colors, covered with a red tip that has fallen and shortened, and in it a bird on a branch in gold."


There are also long-term contacts with the Polish city of Swarzędz .


In the list of monuments in Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf are the monuments entered in the list of monuments of the state of Brandenburg.

Evangelical village church Fredersdorf
Remains of the manor: pigeon tower and (in the background) the cowshed
  • Fredersdorf village church:
    The church has existed since the 15th century, but was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War . The then patron saint of the village, Hans Sigismund von Görtzke, financed the reconstruction in 1708/09. The church tower was completely renovated in 1801. In front of the south side of the church is the tombstone of Rittmeister von Walwitz, who died in 1712, and next to it is a memorial for those who fell in the First World War . In a crypt below the tower there are ten coffins with the deceased members of the Görtzke family. A carved baroque pulpit altar inside the church is remarkable .
  • Vogelsdorf village church
  • town hall
  • Fredersdorf train station (b Berlin) with pedestrian bridge (connecting Fredersdorf north and south)
  • Mausoleum of the Heinrich Graf von Podewils family
  • Pigeon tower from the time the village church was built. It was restored, got a new roof and now houses a small museum for handicraft tools
  • Memorial from 1951 for the victims of fascism on Lindenallee on Freedom Square by the sculptor Gente
  • Fredersdorf cycling track , built in 1956 and renovated in the meantime
  • Gutshof, former center of the community, is in ruins, is being restored by the citizens and the local history association on their own
  • Evangelical cemetery Fredersdorf-Süd : cemetery chapel, hereditary burial of the Bohm family and Lindenallee

Economy and Infrastructure

The multicenter in Vogelsdorf is an important retail location. Among others, branches of Möbel Kraft , Hornbach , Kaufland and Aldi Nord are located here. The two retirement homes in Fredersdorf have developed as a separate economic factor. The "Katharinenhof am Dorfanger" is a home for people with dementia and has one of five quality seals in Germany for this special care.

Fredersdorf train station (b Berlin) with pedestrian bridge that connects Fredersdorf Nord and Fredersdorf Süd
Platform of the train station Fredersdorf (b Berlin)
S-Bahn in Fredersdorf (b Berlin)


The federal highways B 1 / B 5 on the same route connect Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf to the east with Küstrin in Poland and Frankfurt (Oder) , to the west with Berlin. The state road L 30 between Altlandsberg and Rüdersdorf crosses the municipality in a north-south direction. The Berlin-Hellersdorf motorway junction of the A 10 (east Berlin ring) is about four kilometers southwest of the town center.

The Fredersdorf (b Berlin) station on the Prussian East Railway is served by the S5 line of the Berlin S-Bahn from Berlin-Spandau to Strausberg Nord . Passenger traffic on the Fredersdorf – Rüdersdorf railway line , which branches off here, has been suspended since 1965.

The Vogelsdorf district is accessed by bus route 951 operated by Busverkehr Märkisch-Oderland GmbH .



Web links

Commons : Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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