Time tunnel

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Television series
German title Time tunnel
Original title The Time Tunnel
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1966-1967
length 48 minutes
Episodes 30th
genre Sci Fi
idea Irwin Allen
music John Williams
First broadcast September 9, 1966 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
June 19, 1971 on German television

Time Tunnel (original title The Time Tunnel ) is an American science fiction - series , emerged from the years 1966/67 a total of 30 episodes with a length of 48 minutes. From 1971 to 1972 13 episodes of the series were broadcast on ARD . From 1996 to 1997, SAT.1 showed all 30 episodes in a completely re-dubbed version.

The series first aired on ABC on September 9, 1966 .


In a secret research facility under the desert, the Americans are working on the development of a time machine that will allow them to travel both into the past and into the future. When the funds are to be canceled for the "Time Tunnel" project due to insufficient progress, the scientist Tony Newman ( James Darren ) undertakes a self-experiment and gets on board the Titanic . He is followed by his colleague Doug Phillips ( Robert Colbert ) to support him . Although the two scientists succeeded in getting them off board at the last moment, a return to the present does not seem to be possible.

In each episode, Doug and Tony therefore find themselves in a different time period and mostly in the middle of a real historical event , for example the British-American War , the French Revolution , the volcanic eruption on Krakatau , the landing of the Allies or the Dreyfus Affair . However, you will also encounter fictional situations (flight to Mars), mythical figures ( Robin Hood , Merlin ) and aliens . The two time-traveling scientists try to warn people of impending disasters and help them, but cannot change the historical events.

At the present time, the team of the time tunnel project around General Kirk is trying to help the time travelers in dangerous situations or to transfer them to another, albeit indeterminable, time.

Episode overview

No. Original title US premiere on ABC ARD title /
SAT.1 title
First broadcast:
ARD version /
SAT.1 version
Director script Arrival of the time traveler /
place of arrival /
historical reference
01. Rendezvous with Yesterday Sep 9 1966 Reunion with the past
Rendezvous with the past
Jun 19, 1971
Nov 23, 1996
Irwin Allen Harold Jack Bloom & Shimon Wincelberg
Idea: Irwin Allen, Shimon Wincelberg & Harold Jack Bloom
Apr. 14, 1912
RMS Titanic
sinking of the Titanic
02. One way to the moon 16 Sep 1966 Death is waiting in
space One way to the moon
Sep 11 1971
Dec. 7, 1996
Harry Harris William Welch 1978 (SAT.1 version: 1998)
Spaceship to Mars , moon
03. End of the world 23 Sep 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The end of the world
Nov. 30, 1996
Sobey Martin Peter Germano & William Welch
Idea: William Welch
May 21, 1910 Halley Comet
04. The Day the Sky Fell In Sep 30 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The day the sky discharged
Dec. 27, 1996
William Hale Ellis St. Joseph Dec. 6, 1941
Honolulu , Hawaii
Attack on Pearl Harbor
05. The Last Patrol Oct 7, 1966 (not broadcast by ARD)
The last patrol
Dec. 28, 1996
Sobey Martin Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan Jan. 6, 1815
at New Orleans , Louisiana
Battle of New Orleans
06. Crack of Doom Oct 14, 1966 Nine hour deadline
The day of perdition
Jul 31, 1971
Dec. 30, 1996
William Hale William Welch 27 Aug 1883
Krakatau , Dutch East Indies
Destruction of Krakatau
07. Revenge of the Gods Oct 21, 1966 The Trojan Horse
The vengeance of the gods
Jul 17, 1971
Dec 14, 1996
Nathan Juran & Sobey Martin Allan Balter & William Read Woodfield Apr 23, 1184 BC Chr.
Near Troy , Anatolia
Trojan War
08. Massacre Oct 28, 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The massacre
Jan. 4, 1997
Murray Golden Carey Wilber 24./25. Jun. 1876
Big Horn County , Montana
Battle of Little Bighorn
09 Devil's Island Nov 11, 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The Devil's Island
Jan. 18, 1997
Jerry Hopper Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan 14 Mar 1895
Devil's Island , French Guiana
The Dreyfus Affair
10. Reign of Terror Nov 18, 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
Under the rule of terror
Jan. 25, 1997
Sobey Martin William Welch Oct 8, 1793
Paris , France
The French Revolution
11. Secret weapon Nov 25, 1966 Secret weapon A-13
The secret weapon
Aug 14, 1971
Dec 21, 1996
Sobey Martin Theodore Apstein June 16, 1956
Southeastern Europe
12. The Death Trap Dec 2, 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The death trap
Feb. 1, 1997
William Hale Leonard Stadd Feb. 21, 1861
Baltimore , Maryland
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
13. The Alamo Dec 9, 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
Fort El Alamo
Feb. 8, 1997
Sobey Martin Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan 6th Mar 1836
Alamo , Texas
Battle of the Alamo
14th Night of the Long Knives Dec 16, 1966 The night of the long knives
The night of the long knives
Aug 28, 1971
Feb 15, 1997
Paul Stanley William Welch Mid-May 1886
Thar Desert , India
Rudyard Kipling
15th invasion 23 Dec 1966 (not broadcast on ARD)
The invasion
Feb. 22, 1997
Sobey Martin Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan Jun 4, 1944
Cherbourg , France
16. The Revenge of Robin Hood Dec 30, 1966 Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Dec 11, 1971
Mar 1 1997
William Hale Leonard Stadd Jun 14, 1215
King John's Castle, England
Magna Carta
17th Kill Two by Two Jan. 6, 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
The Kamikaze plane
16. Mar. 1997
Herschel Daugherty Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan Feb. 17, 1945
Minami-Iwojima , Japan
Battle of Iwojima
18th Visitors from Beyond the Stars Jan. 13, 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
The extraterrestrials
8. Mar. 1997
Sobey Martin Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan 1885
in space over the Arizona Territory
19th The Ghost of Nero Jan. 20, 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
Emperor Nero's ghost
22 Mar 1997
Sobey Martin Leonard Stadd 23 Oct 1915
Alps , Northern Italy
Mountain War 1915–1918
20th The Walls of Jericho Jan. 27, 1967 The walls of Jericho
The walls of Jericho
Dec. 4, 1971
Apr. 5, 1997
Nathan Juran Ellis St. Joseph late bronze age
near Jericho
The biblical fall of Jericho
21st Idol of Death Feb. 3, 1967 (not broadcast by ARD)
The gold mask of the Aztecs
Apr. 12, 1997
Sobey Martin Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan October 12, 1519
near Veracruz , Mexico
Hernán Cortés with the Aztecs
22nd Billy the Kid Feb 10, 1967 Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Oct. 2, 1971
Apr. 19, 1997
Nathan Juran William Welch Apr 23, 1881
Lincoln, New Mexico
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
23. Pirates of Deadman's Island Feb. 17, 1967 The pirates of the island of the dead
The pirates of the barbarian coast
Nov 6, 1971
Jan 11, 1997
Sobey Martin Barney Slater Apr. 9, 1805
Barbarian Coast , North Africa
American Tripolitan War
24. Chase Through Time Feb. 24, 1967 The Hunt Through Time
Hunt Through The Times
Jan 8, 1972
Apr 26, 1997
Sobey Martin Carey Wilber 1547 - Grand Canyon
1 million AD - City of the future
1 million BC BC - rainforest
25th The Death Merchant 3rd Mar 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
Dealer of Death
May 3, 1997
Nathan Juran Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan Jul 2, 1863
Adams County , Pennsylvania
Battle of Gettysburg
26th Attack of the Barbarians 10 Mar 1967 The attack of the Mongols
The heirs of Genghis Khan
Nov 27, 1971
May 10, 1997
Sobey Martin Robert Hamner 1287
East Asia
encounter with Marco Polo
27. Merlin the Magician 17th Mar 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
The magician Merlin
May 24, 1997
Harry Harris William Welch 544
Cornwall , England
Encounter with King Arthur
28. The kidnappers 24 Mar 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
Die Entseelten
May 17, 1997
Sobey Martin William Welch 8433
Planet in orbit of Canopus
29 Raiders from Outer Space 31 Mar 1967 (not broadcast on ARD)
The destruction of the world
May 31, 1997
Nathan Juran Wanda Duncan & Bob Duncan Nov. 2, 1883
near Khartoum , Sudan
Siege of Khartoum
30th Town of Terror Apr 7, 1967   City of Terror
City of Terror
Oct 16, 1971
Jun 7, 1997
Herschel Daugherty Carey Wilber Sep 10 1978
fictional town of Cliffport, Maine


  1. The data given are the Germany-wide first broadcast of the new synchronization on SAT.1. This version was shown for the first time on TV Munich in 1993/94 ; but only in the greater Munich area .

Television films

No. English title Episodes
1. Raiders from Outer Space Episode 1 Rendezvous with Yesterday , Episode 28 The Kidnappers and Episode 2 One Way to the Moon
2. Aliens from Another Planet Episode 1 Rendezvous with Yesterday , Episode 24 Chase Through Time and Episode 18 Visitors from Beyond the Stars
3. Old Legends Never Die Episode 1 Rendezvous with Yesterday , Episode 27 Merlin the Magician and Episode 16 The Revenge of Robin Hood
4th Revenge of the Gods Episode 1 Rendezvous with Yesterday , Episode 7 Revenge of the Gods and Episode 20 The Walls of Jericho
5. Kill or Be Killed Episode 1 Rendezvous with Yesterday , Episode 17 Kill Two by Two and Episode 4 The Day the Sky Fell In

In 1981, similar to Moon Base Alpha 1 and UFO , several episodes were cut into feature films (see compilation film ). A German version of these films does not exist.


Inspired Irwin Allen through the book Time Tunnel ( companies time tunnel and the tunnel into the past ) of the science fiction writer Murray Leinster . There are also similarities to the series Doctor Who , which was seen since 1963. The series was produced by 20th Century Fox Television for the US broadcaster ABC . Since everyone could access the archive of the production company, it was possible for him to produce the series inexpensively, as he could use excerpts from old films to depict the different epochs. For example, he used scenes from the 1953 film The Fall of the Titanic for the pilot, footage and costumes from the film Endstation Mond for the second episode Easy Journey to the Moon , and the dinosaurs from the episode Hunt through Time became Allen's film Sunken World taken. The series was realized on a low budget, so that you often had to use the same props and decorations and also fell back on the fundus of the series Lost in Space , also produced by Allen . Music was also reused: large parts of the film music for the episode Emperor Nero's Spirit come from the films The Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959) and The Day on which the Earth Stood Still (1951) by Bernard Herrmann .

Everyone insisted that Time Tunnel is an action series and that lengthy, even philosophical, dialogues should be avoided. For example, he deleted a dialogue in which Doug and Tony are concerned that they must not warn Abraham Lincoln about the murder of him (Ep. 12 The Death Trap ).

The series aired on ABC from September 9, 1966. Separately, the science fiction series Spaceship Enterprise started the day before on NBC . Although a second season was planned and Time Tunnel received quite good reviews, the new management of ABC decided not to continue the time travel series. The reasons given for this are low ratings and a reorientation of the station.


From 1971 onwards, 13 episodes were dubbed on behalf of NDR in the Alster Studios in Hamburg and broadcast in the first ARD program. Most of the episodes were written by John Pauls-Harding , who also directed the dialogue . Doug Philips' first name was changed to Dan in this version. This German version was published by Studio Hamburg in a box with four DVDs.

In 1993 the series was completely re-dubbed by Studio Hamburg . The dialogue book was written by Eberhard Storeck and directed by Michael Grimm . This version ran from 1993 to 1994 on the local TV station in Munich before it was shown for the first time across Germany on SAT.1 in 1996/97. The re-synchronization appeared in four sets with two or four DVDs each by Marketing Film and Laser Paradies.

role actor Voice actor (ARD) Voice actor (SAT.1)
Tony Newman James Darren Peter Kirchberger Gernot Endemann
Doug Philips Robert Colbert Horst Stark (role name: Dan Philips) Edgar Hoppe
Heywood Kirk Whit Bissell Helmo Kindermann Harald Halgardt
Raymond Swain John Zaremba Günther Jerschke Franz Rudnick
Ann MacGregor Lee Meriwether Renate Pichler Brita Subklew
Jerry Sam Groom Christoph Bantzer Walter Wigand
Jiggs Wesley Lau Hans Daniel Joachim Richert
teller Dick Tufeld Sebastian Fischer Peter Kirchberger


In 1967 LB Abbott won an Emmy for the series' photographic special effects.

Failed reprints

Pilot (2002)

In 2002 Fox showed interest in a new "The Time Tunnel" television series. The pilot was produced by 20th Century Fox , Regency Television and Irwin Allen Properties. After the pilot, FOX did not commission the series.

Doug Phillips (David Conrad) is the main character, and Tony Newman is now Toni (Antonia) Newman, a woman. The pilot film takes place in the 21st century in a dark parallel world in which u. a. the Soviet Union carried out the first successful moon landing and New Jersey no longer belongs to the USA. A failed energy research experiment creates a time storm that threatens to spiral out of control, with grave consequences for the past, present and future. The end of the storm leads to Germany, to the time of the Second World War , where Doug and Toni also find a person from 1546. During the mission, Doug meets his grandfather, who was killed in the war.

The non-broadcast pilot film is included in the USA, England and France as bonus material on DVD for the classic "The Time Tunnel" television series. It was not published in Germany.

Second planned new edition (2005)

The Sci Fi Channel announced on April 13, 2005 a new "The Time Tunnel" television series. The television series should start in 2006/2007. Kevin Burns and Jon Jashni (two producers of the 2002 version) worked on the project with Irwin Allen's wife, Sheila. John Turman ( Hulk ) wrote the script for the new pilot. The project was then discontinued.

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  • Captain Z-RO , the first science fiction television series in the world to address the theme of time travel.

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