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Coat of arms of the local community Hausen (Wied)
Hausen (Wied)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Hausen (Wied) highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 33 '  N , 7 ° 24'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Neuwied
Association municipality : Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach
Height : 130 m above sea level NHN
Area : 7.69 km 2
Residents: 1877 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 244 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 53547
Area code : 02638
License plate : NO
Community key : 07 1 38 007
Community structure: 17 districts
Association administration address: Westerwaldstrasse 32–34
56579 Rengsdorf
Website :
Mayoress : Carmen Boden ( CDU )
Location of the local community Hausen (Wied) in the Neuwied district
Neuwied Buchholz (Westerwald) Asbach (Westerwald) Windhagen Neustadt (Wied) Rheinbreitbach Unkel Bruchhausen (Landkreis Neuwied) Erpel Vettelschoß Linz am Rhein Kasbach-Ohlenberg Ockenfels Sankt Katharinen (Landkreis Neuwied) Dattenberg Leubsdorf (am Rhein) Bad Hönningen Rheinbrohl Hammerstein (am Rhein) Leutesdorf Isenburg (Westerwald) Kleinmaischeid Großmaischeid Stebach Marienhausen Dierdorf Oberdreis Woldert Rodenbach bei Puderbach Ratzert Niederwambach Steimel Döttesfeld Puderbach Dürrholz Hanroth Raubach Harschbach Niederhofen Dernbach (Landkreis Neuwied) Urbach (Westerwald) Linkenbach Breitscheid (Westerwald) Waldbreitbach Roßbach (Wied) Hausen (Wied) Datzeroth Niederbreitbach Hümmerich Oberhonnefeld-Gierend Oberraden Straßenhaus Kurtscheid Bonefeld Ehlscheid Rengsdorf Melsbach Hardert Anhausen Rüscheid Thalhausen Meinborn Nordrhein-Westfalen Landkreis Altenkirchen (Westerwald) Landkreis Ahrweiler Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz Koblenz Marienhausen Westerwaldkreismap
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Hausen (Wied)
Solscheid, aerial photo (2016)
View of Hausen

Hausen (Wied) ( listen ? / I ) is a municipality in the Neuwied district in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate . It belongs to the community of Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach . Hausen is a state-approved health resort . Audio file / audio sample


Geographical location

The place is located on the Wied in the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park southwest of Waldbreitbach . The rural community is located about 30 km north of Koblenz and 50 km south of Cologne .


At 373  m above sea level NHN , the Malberg is the highest elevation in the municipality, as well as the municipality of Rheinbrohl and the city of Bad Hönningen . It is an extinct volcano where basalt was mined until 1932 . There is now a small lake in the resulting crater. On the eastern flank of the mountain, a no longer supervised basalt nature trail leads to the summit.

In earlier times, when the basalt dome still existed, according to traditional stories, with very good visibility from the highest point of the Malberg even the Cologne Cathedral could be seen.

Community structure

Districts and residential areas:

  • Bitches
  • Bremscheid
  • Frorath
  • Taps
  • Hausen
  • Langscheid
  • Malberghof
  • Margarethenhof
  • Marienhof
  • Muscheiderhof
  • Reuschenbach
  • Silk rooster
  • Sole
  • Solscheid
  • Stopperich
  • Wallbach Mill
  • Weissfeld
Roosters, aerial view (2019)
Bremscheid, aerial photo (2017)

Neighboring communities


Kreuzkapelle near Hausen / Wied in front of the rock of the Kapellenberg; in front of it a large linden tree (natural monument)

The current municipality of Hausen was created on October 1, 1971 by renaming the previous municipality of Bremscheid in Rhineland-Palatinate. It consists of 17 villages and hamlets, each with its own history, which were part of Kurkölns Honnschaft Bremscheid until 1803 . The name of the core town was possibly a donation of fields and forests in Husen mentioned in 1268 by a certain Mr. de Britsche. A settlement cannot be assumed at this point in time. In 1660 two farms and in 1843 143 inhabitants are documented.

The core location is also closely related to the establishment of the order of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross in 1862 by the shoemaker Peter Wirth (called Brother James ).

The nucleus of this religious order was the Kreuzkapelle am Wiedufer, built in 1694 in the municipality of Waldbreitbach, but perceived as being on the outskirts of Hausen, which was a popular place of pilgrimage in the 18th century. We are talking about a holy cross that stood in a niche in the rocky mountain that is now called Kapellenberg in the 15th century . The cross was stolen in 1659 and thrown into the Wied and miraculously found again 8 years later. The Waldbreitbacher pastor Bartholomäus Frederici built the chapel in honor of this Holy Cross in front of the cliff; the cross is still kept in the central niche of the altar. Today, however, the Wiedtalstraße cuts through the area, so that the original connection between the rock niche and the chapel is no longer recognizable for today's visitor.

Around 1700 a hermit named Hubertus Quirenbach lived in the chapel; he added a transept and the Klausen in which Rosa Flesch ( mother Rosa ) had lived with her epilepsy sister Marianne in 1851 . The founder of the Waldbreitbach Franciscan Sisters had to give way to Peter Wirth and his companion Anton Weber in 1860; she then settled on the Kapellenberg in the Waldbreitbach district of Glockscheid (today's Marienhaus monastery ).

In 1866 Peter Wirth and his congregation were able to leave the Kreuzkapelle and move into the newly built motherhouse of the order in the core town of Hausen. The monastery church was consecrated in 1906. This complex shapes the architectural form of the place today.

Population development

The development of the population of the community of Hausen, the values ​​from 1871 to 1987 are based on censuses:

year Residents
1815 311
1835 558
1871 615
1905 1.405
1939 1.912
1950 1,359
year Residents
1961 1,789
1970 1,851
1987 1,588
1997 1,715
2005 1,955
2019 1,877


Municipal council

The local council in Hausen consists of 16 council members, who were elected in a personalized proportional representation in the local elections on May 26, 2019 , and the honorary local mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the municipal council:

choice SPD CDU total
2019 7th 9 16 seats
2014 9 7th 16 seats
2009 9 7th 16 seats
2004 9 7th 16 seats


Carmen Boden (CDU) became the local mayor of Hausen on July 25, 2019. In the direct election on May 26, 2019, she was able to prevail against the previous incumbent Karl-Josef Hühner (SPD), who had previously held the office for 20 years, with a share of 62.66% of the votes.

Culture and sights

Economy and Infrastructure

Wiedaue near Hausen

The POS Service Group company is located in the Solscheid district. The company specializes in cleaning and repairing upholstered furniture, taking kitchen measurements and repairing burglary damage.

The other jobs are in medical care, gastronomy and smaller service companies.

In the Hausener Wiedaue there has been a 24,000 m² industrial park since 2015, in which a discounter and a bakery have settled. There were critical voices against this settlement from the local retail trade.


Hausen (Wied) community

Hausen is in the middle of the Wiedbach valley. From the A 3 are of the departures Bad Honnef / Linz , Neustadt (Wied) or Neuwied 15 minutes up to the center. The nearest larger cities Neuwied and Koblenz can be reached by public transport. The next train station is in Bad Hönningen , the next long-distance train stations for ICE are in Koblenz , Siegburg and Montabaur .

Public institutions / medical care

The village community center in the center of the village is used for meetings of the community and is also available for private purposes. The sports center at the sports center was redesigned in 2006; there is also a multifunctional space there.

In the forest above the village is the Westerwaldklinik , a specialist clinic for neurology and neurological psychosomatics. The clinic is operated by three pension insurance companies.

On the outskirts, near the Wied, is the Margaretha-Flesch-Haus , a retirement and nursing home of the Waldbreitbach Franciscan Sisters. After completion of an extension, the house will have 80 places and two short-term care places. One focus of the house is the living area created in the new rooms for residents suffering from dementia .

The St. Josefshaus , which was looked after by the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross and restored in 1931, is also a retirement and nursing home for around 300 people with mental or neurological diseases or mental disabilities. It is attached to the monastic mother house; Behind the home there is a large park with historical trees, Lourdes grotto and Antonius fountain.

Hausen does not have its own resident doctor. Several medical practices are located in Waldbreitbach, one to two kilometers away. The nearest hospitals are in Neuwied or Linz am Rhein. There is a rescue base of the German Red Cross in the village.


Primary schools are located in Waldbreitbach and Niederbreitbach . The secondary school plus is located in Waldbreitbach and high schools are in Neuwied , Linz am Rhein or Neustadt (Wied) .

freetime and sports

The Wiedtalbad, the indoor and outdoor swimming pool of the former community of Waldbreitbach (today the community of Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach), has been in Hausen since 1971. In November 2006, a sauna area with an outdoor area and a restaurant was added to meet contemporary wellness needs.

Two tennis courts (hard court) as well as a football field and a multifunctional area are located on the outskirts between Hausen and the Reuschenbach district.

The Malberg is a popular destination in all seasons. In winter it is mainly used by tobogganists. The ski slope created in 1964 with a drag lift and snow cannons was the longest downhill slope for alpine skiing in the larger area. In the absence of snow, the facility, which was dubbed Europe's largest artificial snow slope at the time of construction, was not profitable. After the snow cannons were sold, the T-bar lift has been completely dismantled except for a lift support since 2008.

In mid-August, always on a Friday evening, VfL Waldbreitbach organizes the Malberglauf. The mountain run goes over a length of approx. 6 km with approx. 370 meters of altitude, whereby approx. 100 m must be run downhill. It starts at the sewage treatment plant in the Au. The route leads partly over the Westerwaldsteig and ends on the Malbergkopf at the Malberg ski hut. The West German Mountain Running Championships took place here in 2003 and 2008.

At the convent of the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross leads Westerwaldsteig of Waldbreitbach past Hönningen Bad.

Regular events

  • Every year on the Wednesday before Carnival Sunday, the traditional Möhne meeting takes place in the community hall.
  • On the third weekend in September in Hausen, organized by the Burschen- und Mädchenverein Hausen e. V. , the fair takes place.
  • On the third Saturday in December there is a small Christmas market on the new village square. The organizer is also the Burschen- und Mädchenverein Hausen e. V.
  • The third weekend in October is dedicated to the volunteer fire brigade . On Saturday evenings the traditional fire brigade ball (currently under the motto "Kölsche Owend") is celebrated with live music from regionally known bands and a large raffle. Sunday is celebrated as the day of the fire brigade .


  • Katharina Müller (1903-1994), better known by her religious name Sister Anselma FBMVA, was born in the Langscheid district.
  • The actress Margarita Broich spent her childhood and youth in Hausen.
  • The musician and composer Klaus Lage lived for several years in the Hausener district of Weißfeld.
  • Born in Neuwied am Rhein, the singer, composer and author Susanne Betancor grew a. a. in Hausen.


  • Albert Hardt: In the land of Neuerburg an der Wied. Second edition 1988, published by the Waldbreitbach Association.

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