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Hessen in the 19th century

The Lindenfels district was a district in the Grand Duchy of Hesse in the Starkenburg province until July 1, 1874 . It existed from May 12, 1852 to July 1, 1874. The county seat was Lindenfels .

Classification of the district in the Grand Duchy of Hesse

Together with the districts of Bensheim , Darmstadt , Dieburg , Erbach , Groß-Gerau , Heppenheim , Neustadt , Offenbach and Wimpfen , the district of Lindenfels formed the province of Starkenburg , which in turn, together with the provinces of Upper Hesse and Rhenish Hesse, represented the Grand Duchy of Hesse .


After the proclamation of the constitution of the Grand Duchy of Hesse on December 17, 1820, a comprehensive administrative reform followed on July 14, 1821. Instead of the district bailiffs, district councils were now established. These were the precursors of the circles. In the area of ​​today's Bergstrasse district , the districts of Heppenheim , Bensheim , Lindenfels and Hirschhorn were formed.

The Lindenfels district was founded on August 20, 1832 from the Hirschhorn and Lindenfels districts.
As early as September 21, 1832, it was renamed the Heppenheim district . After the reorganization announced on August 20, 1832, there should be only the districts in Süd-Starkenburg in future, not districts, Bensheim and Lindenfels. Heppenheim was intended to be incorporated into the Bensheim district, and its district administration should essentially fall to the Lindenfels district. Even before the ordinance came into force on October 15, 1832, it was revised to the effect that instead of the Lindenfels district, the Heppenheim district was formed as a second district alongside the Bensheim district, and the city of Heppenheim was therefore not incorporated into the Bensheim district.

As a result of the March Revolution of 1848, with the "Law on the Relationships of the Classes and Noble Court Lords" of April 15, 1848, the special rights of the class were finally repealed. In addition, in the provinces, the districts and the district administration districts of the Grand Duchy were abolished on July 31, 1848 and replaced by "administrative districts", whereby the previous districts of Bensheim and Heppenheim were combined to form the administrative district of Heppenheim . Just four years later, in the course of the reaction era, they returned to the division into circles.

On May 12, 1852, the Lindenfels district was made up of the Fürth and Hirschhorn districts and parts of the Michelstadt district (Großhumpen, Kleingumpen, Oberkleingumpen, Kirchbeerfurth, Bockenrod, Obergersprenz, Untergersprenz, Niederkainsbach, Oberkainsbach, Oberostern, Unterostern, Reichelsheim, Frohnbach, , Erzbachm Winterkasten and Laudenau) newly founded.

In 1852 the district had 22,758 inhabitants.

On August 1, 1865, the towns of Hirschhorn and Neckarsteinach and the communities of Darsberg , Grein , Langenthal and Neckarhausen were reclassified from the Lindenfels district to the Heppenheim district.

In the course of the district reform carried out in the Grand Duchy of Hesse on July 1, 1874, the Lindenfels district was dissolved and divided among the neighboring districts:


The following communities belonged to the Lindenfels district:

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