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This is a list of famous people who died in 1667 . The entries are made alphabetically within the individual data. Animals can be found in the necrology for animals .


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
January 3rd Gottschalk from Wickede Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck 69
January 4th Johann Andreas von Rosenberg Carinthian nobleman 66
11th January Detlev von Ahlefeldt German Canon of Lübeck and bailiff of Gottorf 33
January 12th Bernardo da Corleone Sicilian Capuchin, saint 61
January 17th Joseph Furttenbach German architect, mathematician, mechanic and chronicler 75
January 18th Frederick of Bawyr Elector of Brandenburg General
22nd of January Jacob Duck Dutch painter
January 23 Hieronymus Bauhin Swiss doctor, professor of anatomy and botany 29
January 27th Grégoire de Saint-Vincent Flemish mathematician and Jesuit 82
January 28th Aegid von Waldkirch Swiss Benedictines, abbot of the Muri monastery
January Christoph Ehrenreich Geyer from Edelbach Lower Austrian sub-marshal


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
February 1st Johann Cyriacus Höfer German Protestant pastor and theological writer
3 February Michael Wilhelm Kobolt from Tambach Military commander and Drost von Fürstenau
February 10th Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo Spanish portrait and landscape painter
February 16 Vincenzo Maculani Italian cardinal of the Catholic Church 88
February 16 Thomas Reinesius German physician, educator and politician 79
19th of February Justus Oldekop Lawyer and diplomat, active opponent of the witch trials of his time
20. February Zachariáš Tsarevutius Slovak composer
27th of February Remigius Faesch Swiss lawyer and art collector 71
27th of February Stanisław "Rewera" Potocki Polish statesman and military leader


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
4th of March Walter Leslie Scottish nobleman, imperial count, colonel sergeant in Wallenstein's army
March 22 Francis Godolphin of Godolphin English aristocrat and royalist
March 24th Jürgen Schrötteringk German businessman and senior citizen of Hamburg 51
25th March Wulf Gotze German master carpenter
27th of March David von Schweinitz German author of the Baroque era, Governor of Wohlau 66
27th of March Franz Wesselényi Hungarian palatine and one of the ringleaders of the magnate conspiracy
March 29 Elisabeth Louise Juliane of Pfalz-Zweibrücken Princess Abbess of Herford Abbey 53


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
April 5th Reinhold von Derschau German lawyer 67
April 6th Margaret I of Dassel Abbess in the Medingen Monastery 60
7th of April Barthold Moller German lawyer, senator and mayor of Hamburg 61
10th of April Johannes Marcus Marci Doctor, philosopher and scientist 71
April 13th Carlo Martino Carlone Italian builder, working in Austria
April 25 Peter of Betancurt Missionary and saint
26th of April Cyriacus Wilche German composer of the baroque
April, 30th Georg Hermann von Schweinitz German military 65


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
2.May George Wither English poet 78
May 3rd Balthasar Timaeus von Güldenklee German doctor, mayor of Kolberg
May 7th Johann Jakob Froberger German composer and organist of the Baroque 50
May 9 Martin Heins Protestant theologian and historian 56
10th of May Luisa Maria Gonzaga Queen of Poland 55
May 11th Jonas Casimir von Eulenburg Prussian major general, secret war councilor and district administrator 53
May 14th Georges de Scudéry French author 65
May 16 Samuel Bochart French orientalist 67
May 22 Alexander VII Pope (1655–1667) 68
May 22 Melchior Schildt German composer and organist of the north German organ school


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
June 5th Johann Heinrich Hottinger the Elder Swiss orientalist and theologian 47
June 5th Francesco Maria Sforza Pallavicino Italian theologian and cardinal 59
June 11th Peter Julius Coyet Swedish diplomat 49
June 13th Konrad repeated German commander in the Thirty Years War
18th of June Luise Henriette of Orange Wife of the Great Elector 39
June 19th Heinrich Dücker Benedictine abbot of Werden
June 19th Anton Günther German nobleman, Count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst 83
20th June Joachim Ramdohr Client and member of the city council of Aschersleben 79
June 22 Daniel Berckringer German philosopher and rhetorician 69
June 26th Johann Zeisold German physicist 67


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
July 4th Christiaen Gillisz. van Couwenbergh Dutch painter
July 4th Johann VI. Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst 46
7th of July Nicolas Sanson French cartographer 66
8th of July Zacharias Lund German-speaking poet 59
July 12 Moses ter Borch Dutch painter and draftsman 22nd
July 23 Justus Henricus Heidfeldt German educator and diplomat 61
July 28th Abraham Cowley English poet


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
August 1st Paulus Voet Dutch philosopher and legal scholar 48
August 2nd Francesco Borromini Italian architect 67
August 2nd Ludwig von Hörnigk German doctor, lawyer and author 67
12. August Johann Georg Dietmayr Austrian judge and mayor of Vienna
12. August Cornelis van Poelenburgh Dutch painter
13 August Margarete Elisabeth of Leiningen-Westerburg Regent of Hessen-Homburg 63
August 28th Jai Singh I. Raja from Amber 56
August 31 Johann Rist German poet and Lutheran preacher 60


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
September 3 Alonso Cano Spanish painter, sculptor and architect 66
September 4th Melchiorre Cafà Maltese sculptor
September 10 Christian Brehme German poet, librarian and mayor of Dresden 54
September 24th Michael Franck German hymn poet 58
September 27th Aegidius Gutbier German theologian, orientalist and high school teacher 50
September 28th Jacobus Golius Dutch orientalist and mathematician
September Francesco Manelli Italian singer, conductor and composer


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
5th October Robert Maxwell, 2nd Earl of Nithsdale Scottish nobleman 47
October 10th Samuel Lange German Lutheran theologian 49
October 18 Fasilides Negus (Emperor) of Ethiopia 63
October 22nd Albrecht II. Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach 47
October 24th Gabriel Metsu Dutch painter 38
October 24th Godefroy Wendelin Belgian astronomer 87
October 25 Ernst Adalbert von Harrach Archbishop of Prague, Bishop of Trento and Cardinal 68
October Antonio Abati Italian poet


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
November 3rd Johann Georg of Tübingen last male descendant of the Count Palatine of Tübingen
November 5th Franz Tunder German composer and organist
November 6th Théodore Moret Belgian mathematician, physicist and astronomer and was a member of the Jesuit order 65
November 16 Nathanael Schnittelbach German composer and violinist 34
November 19th Barthold Hartwig von Bülow Swedish general 56
22nd of November Gaspard Nemius Roman Catholic theologian, bishop and university professor 80
November 24th Wolfgang Conrad from Thumbshirn German nobleman, Saxon-Altenburg chancellor and co-signer of the Peace of Westphalia 63
November 28th Jean de Thévenot French traveler to Asia, linguist, natural scientist and botanist 34
November 29th Johannes Michaelis German physician and chemist 61


Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
3rd of December Johann Friedrich von Winterfeld Heir to Dallmin and cathedral dean in the Lübeck bishopric 58
December 8th Reinhold von Rosen French lieutenant general
10th of December Hans Friedrich von Hessler German colonel and owner of the Burgheßler and Balgstädt manors 57
21st December Hans Ernst from the Winckel Member of the Fruitful Society
December 31 Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirski Polish Szlachcic, magnate, politician and military leader 51

Date unknown

Day Surname Profession known as Age receipt
Johann Boehme German sculptor
Reinhold Curicke Danzig lawyer and historiographer
David ben Samuel ha-Levi Jewish scholar
Joachim von Glasenapp spiritual poet
François l'Olonnais French pirate
Caspar price German chronicler
Nicolas Régnier Flemish painter
Johann Moritz Richter Thuringian architect and eraser
Alphonse Antonio de Sarasa Flemish Jesuit and mathematician
Johann Schop German composer
Adriaan Vlacq Dutch publisher and mathematician
Maximilian Willibald von Waldburg-Wolfegg German prince, governor, soldier and diplomat

Individual evidence

  1. ↑ Head of the monastery and (imperial) abbots of Werden